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  1. He's Eating [email protected]#!

    J's post I think the best way is to catch them at it. :wink:
  2. Toller Time!

    I'm almost getting past the wanting to give him away for barking at the fence stage now. He's actually coming back to me, away from whatever the distraction was. It doesn't stop him barking if I'm not right there, but we're making progress. Kylie
  3. Toller Time!

    Oh they're beautiful! I just love them. The first I thought it was a feral to begin with. And the second one - don't these dogs know what the ground is? Kylie
  4. Toller Time!

    My red devil is Paladin our pharoah hound, but Hiex and Powderpuff visited with their Toller a couple of weeks ago and the two red terrors had a wonderful time together. Here is Paladin (pseudo Toller) Kylie
  5. Toller Time!

    Oh what a shame! Paladin is doing well, getting lots of socialisation with strangers coming through the house atm as our landlords have put the house up for sale. Kylie
  6. Toller Time!

    Powderpuff, wondering when we're going to see some pics of a certain Toller and Pharoah Hound being brats. Kylie
  7. Dog Sleeping In Your Bed

    I don't think it's really that big a deal. If you're happy and it's your bed, then go for it. Patrick comes up for a morning snuggle after his morning toilet stop. Paladin likes to think he can get up on the bed, but as yet only succeeds one time in three. Both ours are trained that they have to lay down on the bed or get off. There are no other options. Kylie
  8. Fleas!

    Erny, you're a Godsend! I really hate the idea of spraying that much chemical around my house. If there's a natural option I'd prefer to try it. Kylie
  9. Fleas!

    Thanks everyone! And whoever said about the Advantix, you're righ! That's what we tried on Patrick. We had the cats on Advocate. Revolution is next on the list for the cats and I have no clue where to go next with Patrick. But I'm organising a full pest control of the entire property next week (don't you hate having to work witha budget), so hopefully that will help. And not set off the asthma. Ange, I think for now I'll get a professional in to do it. Being asthmatic, the further I can stay away from where chemicals are being sprayed, the better. I wonder if I sprayed the garden with teatree oil, whether that would work. Kylie
  10. Fleas!

    Shona, there is an Advantix for cats - covers fleas and worms. I thought I'd try it because McGuiness in particular hates being wormed with tablets and can become quite vicious about it (have the scar on both sides of my finger to prove it - now use a pill popper with two adults, one to hold her and one to administer the tablet). I would never use a dog product on a cat, or vice versa. Akitaowner, what is ACV? Poodlefan, I hadn't thought about wandering animals. We frequently have stray cats come through our yard. ;) I don't think it's somewhere we're visiting because it's an ongoing thing and we don't go out regularly enough for the problem to be coming home from outings. These are not little fleas either, so not a new hatching. I really want to get a handle on this because we're planning a trip in September and I don't want to be sending flea-ridden creatures to a boarding kennel, not to mention the ongoing discomfort they're experiencing. And I'd really like to have no splotchy insides of my forearms. Kylie
  11. Fleas!

    I tried Advantix on the cats to no effect. I stopped using it after the third month of no results. But I'm beginning to think they're breeding super fleas here. Kylie
  12. Fleas!

    Yes, I've treated everything, as I said, even let bombs off in the house (something I'm very wary off as I'm asthmatic). This is driving me insane! Kylie
  13. Fleas!

    I just can't seem to get rid of them! I have been treating all the animals regularly (Frontline for Patrick/Advantage for the cats). I've even bombed the house. They just won't die! ;) Help!!!!!! I just don't know what to do anymore. And I'm mildly allergic to them. Kylie
  14. How/when/why Did You Make The Decision?

    Persephone, it was probably up there with one of the hardest decisions ever, made so much harder because she was so happy around us (even going to be PTS), and extremely healthy. ;) It took me a good six months before I was even ready to think about another pup, and then Patrick has just fit in so well, and is so good with strangers and other dogs that it almost makes me cry thinking on how different they are. Kylie
  15. How/when/why Did You Make The Decision?

    We had struggled with China's behavioural probs for nearly her whole life, having a behaviouralist working with her, training her in some way every day, spending time with her and rather than get better she actually became worse, eventually biting my father with no forewarning and drawing blood. We decided at that point (when she wouldn't even give a warning) that we couldn't afford to chance her doing that to a child, and so we had her put down. She was 4.5years old and the first dog I'd ever had to have put down. ;) Kylie