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  1. The average life span of a healthy British bulldog is about 10 years, my boy has never had problems with breathing and is very active and his breeders dogs have never had any breathing problems either and she keeps her dogs active to avoid getting overweight.
  2. Croydon isn't to far from me, think I might check that one out. Thanks :)
  3. Thanks for that recommendation, but yes I would like to get into rally o one day :)
  4. Just as the title says I'm looking for a club to join since its that time of year where most clubs start back :)
  5. Hi everyone, Now I know the whole how to stop puppies from biting has been done but I would like some extra help with our little land shark. My boy is a 9 week old British Bulldog who is going through the biting everything stage. He's also in training to be a show puppy and when I try to examine his face and mouth ( to get used to a judge doing it ) all he wants to do is bite, even when we just want to pat him on the head. What's the best way to get him out of this behaviour? Thanks :)
  6. I really liked Armidale when I visited! We were staying in Glen Innes (also very nice) I'm pretty excited, I'd rather move to New Zealand though :laugh: I was just in Auckland ( got back last night ) and will be back next month :)
  7. Most of next year will be focusing on showing but I would like to do Rally O with him so will be doing some training for that, but most of all I want him have fun with his training. Think were pretty limited with a bulldog because they are also really stubborn :laugh: Training and showing will be a new adventure for both of us and I cant wait :D
  8. The breeder is a vet nurse and would like us to wait just to be on the safe side.But we were able to find somewhere that will have classes next month so pretty happy about that :)
  9. He is the cutest little thing :D I would love to have one one day ( been interested in them for a while ) but they might be bit to active for my bulldog :laugh:
  10. Thank you! Unfortunately since we don't pick up our boy till the 23rd of this month and the breeder has recommended to wait till he's had his second vaccinations when he's 12 weeks. So don't know how lucky we are going to be with finding classes that start at the end of December or the start of January
  11. I was hoping for somewhere a bit closer to mulgrave area.
  12. Hi all just after some recommendations for puppy pre schools in south east Melbourne :)
  13. Hi all just after some recommendations for puppy pre schools in south east Melbourne :)
  14. Thanks Showdog that's really good advise. The breeder is in the same state and is going to teach me the ropes of showing thankfully.
  15. That's defiantly a good list to go on thanks! :D It's going to be so much fun shopping for all these things :) British Bulldog :) I'm going to ask the breeder cause im not sure what to use but i'll need to get show leads as well since he's hopefully going to be my first show dog :)
  16. So puppy is coming home next month and I am so excited! But also a little nervous since I haven't had my own puppy in 11 years. i need to make a list of things I need to get before he comes home because I want to be organised so what should be on my list? Also can anyone recommend a good puppy pre school in south east Melbourne? We are in Mulgrave. The count down is on!!!
  17. So I was looking at different breeds ( as you do :laugh: ) and I came across the American Eskimo. They look like gorgeous dogs but they also look similar ( well to me any way ) to Japanese Spitz. Are they similar to Japanese Spitz and are there any American Eskimos in the country?
  18. Haha yeah if you like a or don't like a dog you swipe which ever way or something like that. It's supposedly used to make dodgy friends for your dog and it tells you a bit about the owners if there in a couple or not.
  19. So I've just discovered the dogs version of tinder, tindog. It's apprenty the same thing as tinder but for dogs. But since my old boy couldn't care less about other dogs I don't think it will be for us lol I guess it could be a good way to meet other dog owners and for your dog to make doggy friends.
  20. Thanks everyone I am really am so excited to meet our little one :D I never really thought we would have a bulldog because I really wanted a dog to do agility with and I don't think a bulldog is the most suitable dog for that. But when I met the breeders dogs I just fell in love, I really am looking forward to giving showing a go since that is something new for me and maybe even rally o which again would be something new for me. So many plans for our little one and I haven't even met her yet!
  21. Still a few weeks to go yet but at least I get to see daily puppy pics as it grows :)
  22. Hopefully will be my first show dog to which is so exciting!
  23. Don't worry there will be plenty of photos :) the waiting really is the hardest part!
  24. I actually didn't think there were that many breeds starting with B :laugh: but no to those as well.
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