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  1. I just suggested for her to go back and speak with the vet about what the dog can eat
  2. Thanks guys i'll let my friend know.
  3. I have a friend who has dog with liver shunt so she's after a good quality dry food she can give to her dog. She's currently giving it some vet prescribed food but its really expensive.
  4. Thanks Showdog for the link been enjoying that site :) Im also loving watching Crufts on youtube I haven't seen any showing but love watching the other dog sports. I cant wait to one day get my own show dog! It's on my bucket list to one day go to Crufts :)
  5. Last I checked the temp last night it was 24 degrees, it defiantly didn't feel like 24 degrees! Its the coolest its been in a couple of days but still keeping the house locked up and air con on. I heard some thunder last night but it didn't stay for very long. There was a fire somewhere in town today but wasn't a big one.
  6. We have two fires near our town, one is around 9kms away and the other 14kms away. Both seem to be to kept under control thankfully.
  7. Our cats and dogs are inside with the air con on. The surrounding area is normally prone to bushfires but so far so good. Our town is normally safe.
  8. Probably a silly question but I couldn't find on the Vic dogs website where to register associate dogs
  9. Were lucky in that in our town everyone goes somewhere for new years so its very quiet which is good because even though my old boy couldn't care less about thunder or fireworks my little guy gets scared.
  10. Thanks Nekhbet. Both Fireax and Monelite are on our breeders list :)
  11. Thanks Dobiemum were really keen now to get puppy especially when the breeders that we are interested in have litters. I think we are waiting till we move to Melbourne for my partner's work which will happen next year sometime or maybe even the year after but were just waiting for my partner's boss to hurry up and decide what he wants to do. Its so frustrating waiting :laugh: I've already bought a great puppy book to prepare us.
  12. So I think I have found a breeder that I really like. I want to contact them and let them know we are interested but is there point to that when were not sure when we will be ready for a puppy?
  13. I have been researching breeders and I have found a couple that I like. I haven't contacted anyone yet.
  14. There's a couple dobes with agility titles on the breed list. But there is a few sports I want to try :)
  15. Thanks Bisart ill be checking out those websites. Im aware that dobes are prone to a few health problems which is why im doing my research and will be very careful in choosing a breeder who is serious about health testing. With agility I don't plan on being serious its just for fun. I have been around dobes before, my aunt had a gorgeous girl and two years ago my partner and I looked after a friends dobe for a few days but we would also be happy meeting more dobes and owners :) I wasn't sure about contacting breeders just yet as were not sure when we will be getting a puppy but hopefully next year or the year after.
  16. I want first and foremost a pet but I also want to trial in agility and Rally O and I would like to get into showing. I want a dog bred for good temperament and health. Would prefer from show lines instead of working. But still in the research stage so just after some good books/websites.
  17. Hi so I have posted this in the Doberman thread but its a bit quiet there so thought I would have more luck in general. Just after some good books and websites about dobes to do some research. Thanks :)
  18. Thanks guys, all really great sounding tips :)
  19. He's fine at the start of the heeling because im luring him with food but when I stand up straight I lose him.
  20. So im having a little trouble getting my little guy to heel with me. He sits in the heel position and when he's sitting in heel position he is watching me but then I lose him when I start walking. I've been trying to teach him to heel by luring him with food but im finding that hard with having to bend so low. Any tips that can help us? How did those with little dogs do it?
  21. Complete foundation agility classes and maybe enter a trail :)
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