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  1. Trying to think of a hint that's not going to make it to easy... It starts with B. It's a breed I actually never would have thought I would have until I met my puppy's breeder and fell in love with her dogs, now i'm pretty hooked on the breed :D Edit to say hopefully will be my first show dog to :)
  2. Thanks Tassie don't worry there will be daily multiple photos :)
  3. So I've been wanting another puppy for years now ( it's been 11 years since my last puppy ) and the story of my life is the timing was always wrong until now. This awesome opportunity came up to get a puppy from a great breeder and I am so excited that I can finally be one of those lucky Dolers who will have puppy breath around the house :) Still have to wait a few weeks till I get to find out which one is ours but we already know what gender we are getting and have already picked out a name. It seems like we have been waiting forever but I know the wait is going to be so worth it So I know its still a bit early but I couldn't hold it in anymore! But I'll let you guys guess the breed, have to keep something a secret hehe ;)
  4. I'm currently doing the NDTF course so I want to complete that so that's a personal goal of mine. For my old boy I just want him to be happy and healthy :) And hopefully in a couple of months maybe bringing home a new four legged family member that I have been waiting years for :D
  5. Thanks everyone definitely given me a lot to think about. I knew that the only being able to walk dogs at night would be a problem...
  6. Thanks everyone, what kind insurance should I be looking at? At the moment the only references I would have are from family members. I'm currently doing my cert 3 in dog training with ndtf and competed with my dog in obedience and agility so hopefully that's a plus for me. I wont be taking groups of dogs out I want to give them the attention they need. At this stage cause I'm still working I'd be walking them at night, do you think this would be an issue? I do get Monday's off so can take for walks during the day then. At this stage cause it would be a new business I just don't want to lose money by suddenly leaving my job if that makes sense, till I get more busy but I do want to this for work and leave my current job.
  7. Hi all! So I want to start my own dog walking business as well as pet sitting ( going to peoples houses and feeding, playing with there pets ) and would like to know what you would expect from a dog walker and anything that I should be doing. For those that do have there own dog walking business I would love to hear how you started and how you run it. Thanks :)
  8. Hi all so I'm here asking for breeder recommendations again. Seems like everyone is a getting puppy but me haha anyway my friend is after recommendations for miniature smoothaired dachshund breeders, so thought I would ask here :) would prefer to be in vic. Thank you!
  9. Thanks! :D I don't mind at all. My partner and I wanted a second dog that was going to be a little bit more his dog than what Elsie is (she is very much a mummy's girl), so going along with what he likes in a dog our criteria was small, short/smooth coat, not a terrier or terrier mix (his words not mine!) and when looking at breeds we both liked pods and iggies. Pods won out in the end as I like their temperaments a bit better (more suited for our lifestyle I feel) and they're pretty hardy/healthy little dogs. I have met quite a few people online that compete pretty successfully in agility and obedience with them in Europe, so that was pretty appealing too :) Oh and they're darn cute!! Thank you, they sound like a great little dog :)
  10. Im so sorry Huski He was a beautiful looking boy. Thinking of you and your poor mum
  11. He's gorgeous DiscoDobe :) Hope you don't mind me asking why you choose this breed? Just curious because I've been interested in them a for a while now.
  12. Hi everyone just wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations for Pembroke corgi breeders, preferably in Vic but can be interstate. Thank you :)
  13. He's gorgeous :D I've always wanted a Pembroke corgi :)
  14. I could never have a working line border collie to me they just seem to crazy I would love another golden but silly me told my partner that he could choose our next breed and cause he doesn't like long hair he first thought a Doberman but now wants a smaller dog so for now our next breed will be a Beagle :laugh:
  15. Happy birthday beautiful old boy There really is something special about the oldies.
  16. Thanks everyone he really is a special boy and I hope to have many good years with him :)
  17. So my gorgeous boy 11 years old today, where has the time gone He got a couple of new toys which he has enjoyed tearing around the house with :laugh:
  18. Thanks for the suggestions everyone :) Cant wait to get out there and explore new places with my boy
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