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  1. Wrinkly Dogs Get Nip And Tuck

    the bolded bit. just because something is not allowed under the rules does not mean it doesn't occur
  2. Wrinkly Dogs Get Nip And Tuck

    I completely agree. IMO no one who loves dogs could breed them knowing that they were destined to be in pain or to require an op to see properly. What have we become when we think it is acceptable to do a preventative eye op on a puppy rather than breed a puppy that did not need the op?
  3. Limping Rottweiler

    You're right, in away (this just my opinion) however I don't think Cartrophen/Pentosan does any harm to try, even if it doesn't prove to target the problem. But the thing is, if it does and the lameness is resolved as a result, then it at least gives you an idea you are on the right track without having to have taken your dog down the GA & Xray exposure path for potentially nothing. As I mentioned, this is just my opinion but it is not a 'blanket' opinion for all cases. This is exactly what my friends vet said
  4. Limping Rottweiler

    I know people who have had the vet give cartophen injections which have worked better in their opinion than the Sacha's blend. One dog that I have seen has no limp anymore. Swimming is supposed to help as it is low impact exercise so maybe try that as well as the mental exercise.
  5. Standard Fence + Invisible Fence

    I agree with Jules. I have a dog and she doesn;t even think about getting out of the yard. My concern would be can the fence stop stray dogs from getting in?
  6. raw chicken frames made my old dog fat so maybe try those out? She lost the weight but I was amazed at how quickly she got fat eating them edited because my keyboard can't spell today
  7. The New Puppy We Picked Up...

    There is no one easy solution to these issues. What's needed is a range of approaches.. some carrot some stick. Dogs may die every day but each deserves a chance of life if its offered. This pup is one of the lucky ones. Yes I agree. I am always interested in how to do things better and this one is a difficult situation to think of a way to stop the practice. I even have trouble with mandatory desexing because in some cases it isn't good for a dog to be desexed too early yet it is one way to stop indiscriminate whelping. There are always at least two sides to every story....would be easier for me if I saw things in black and white
  8. The New Puppy We Picked Up...

    Sorry but a ban on trading ivory keeps elephants alive. A ban on giving a BYB pup a home will mean its death. I'm not comfortable with that. I think a slightly longer term strategy would be a better option. Imagine a world in which desexing your dog meant free council registration - that would be a good start. True PF. I don't like that a puppy dies either. I wonder if free registration would work? Years ago the council used to door knock to check on registered dogs, so I think there are more unregistered dogs around so this might not make any difference. I do not mean to sound heartless but lots of dogs die every day, what makes these pups any different?
  9. The New Puppy We Picked Up...

    To stop elephants being killed for their tusks there is a ban on trading ivory. Stop the consumption and you stop the trade. For every dog taken it encourages the "breeder" To stop this happening NO dogs should be taken off people like this. EFS
  10. Catherine, I am sorry but you just don't seem to "get it". You are talking about this killing/drowning as "fact" when you were not there to know for certain that this happened. You have strong opinions about someone you have never met, and yet you only have hearsay on which to base your opinions. There is a possibility that what you were told happened never happened at all. These are allegations made by somebody else and passed on to you and others. With or without malice. And the person making the allegations wont go to the police. True allegations? Or false allegations? Do you see why it is all a little suss? If pups were drowned in public at a sale yard then the NSW Police or the RSPCA should be interested in the matter! They are the people to contact. No calls for information from the web, witchhunt style, NO, if there are facts to be told, tell them to the NSW Police or the RSPCA and let them do the investigating. Believe it or not, that is what they are PAID to do. Oh yes, by the way ...... many of us also "know" what country folk are like, in fact, many of us are indeed country folk. Many of us and our rellies drive utes. Many of us and our rellies have kelpies. Many of us and our rellies go to saleyards. And some of us and our rellies even live in the Tamworth area. But we don't drown dogs at saleyards. If the person with the rescued pup does not have the guts to provide registration numbers to the police, etc, then there is not a lot anyone can do, but that does not give you the right to point the finger at people from Tamworth generally. Souff ;) :p
  11. We still do not have a first hand account which states this actually happened.
  12. The New Puppy We Picked Up...

    Only if the resident dogs were not vaccinated and wormed regularily. what about ringworm..that can be transferred not only to other dogs but humans
  13. Dol Slow Cooker Cookbook

    Jaxx'sBuddy 1
  14. A$$ Hole With Foxy In Spearwood

    I do not like extenda leads....in my council area it is clearly stated everywhere that dogs must be on a leash of no more than 2 metres long so extending a leash longer than that is not allowable. I do not believe extenda leads are safe after my dog (when she was a puppy) got spooked one day and took off, turned around a pole which whipped the lead out of my hand. she ended up on the road and it was only because I had taught her to stop on an emergency word that saved her from being run over. I never used an extenda lead after that.
  15. Piaa Press Release On Puppy Farms

    Jaxx, i think they're all listed on their website. Thanks raz..off to look.