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  1. Rotties are naturally aloof towards strangers. The fact that his head was lowered indicates fear as opposed to dominance to me. A dominant Rottie stands tall and strong when triggered by the relevant drives (puppy is too young for those drives to be active as well). Socialise him more with guests and teach him that strangers in your company are to be tolerated and not feared (he doesn't need to like them, but he should not growl at them either). Some Rotties are more wary of strangers than others. My previous Rottie was fine with everyone. Current male completely dislikes anyone foreign. Current female is like a cat and loves anyone and anything. They're all different.
  2. Hi all, Who has built a custom dog trailer? There are a few options, I'm just checking them out. Current trailer is too hot and bloody bouncy. Didn't research jumped into it too soon. Cheers.
  3. That's what happens when you take a working dog and breed for 'looks'. Who cares about best in show. A good GSD is very hard to find these days- luckily there are some ethical working line breeders out there!
  4. Sorry to hear. RIP Loki.
  5. Sorry for your loss Juice.
  6. Certain breeds are more susceptible to certain diseases, that's a given. For example, Rottweilers often get cancer, if you look at the Rottweiler thread, most on DOL have been lost to cancer (my dog included). Unfortunately that's just part and parcel with dog ownership for some breeds. With cancer in particular, I find it worrying that the disease shows up in dogs usually when they are middle aged or senior dogs. But we breed them when they are quite young, so there is almost no way to control or limit lines that do have cancer.
  7. This is very sad. The incident should not have occurred, it doesn't matter about breed, size of dog etc. Was the dog properly contained? Was the child being supervised? etc. Depending on context of course. For example: yes. Why? So we can excuse the dog and blame the parents for not supervising the toddler? I am almost 70. I have a 2yo grandson. This story is horrific. I have also owned a dog (a dalmation) that attacked. My dog was on lead and the boy attacked was on a skateboard. My dog was given its wings the next day. The boy's photo featured in the local paper that week under the heading Another Dog Attack. I have also lived next door to a couple of large dogs that were especially trained as guard dogs to protect the houseowners' marijhuana crop. My 8yo son went over the fence to retrieve a ball and he was attacked. Not seriously thankfully. I love dogs. Our society must be a safe one for children to grow up. I'm glad your child wasn't hurt seriously, however.... In this situation, I would blame the child for poor judgement and yourself for poor parenting. You shouldn't let your child trespass, especially if you KNOW your neighbours are drug users and have dangerous dogs.....the dog was just doing what dogs do in that situation. It is the job of parents to make sure their children don't come into harms way.
  8. I only just read this. So sorry for your loss. 13 months is a long time in terms of the life of a dog. Glad you could enjoy more time together. RIP Struppie.
  9. Hope your dog is doing well. It seems you've done the right and fair thing for the dog. Don't stress.
  10. Also try here, the BB thread on DOL: http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/109468-british-bulldog/
  11. Contact any of the breeders here: http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/breeders/british-bulldog.asp Since your own is hard to contact. Most breeders are happy to answer questions relating to their breed.
  12. Sorry for your loss. RIP Piper.
  13. I wasn't criticising the show, or the host, *because* of the 'basket of puppies' idea... The show seems bad enough in its own right and the host has a reputation for making irresponsible comments. And I think it's perfectly normal and valid for DOLers to have a strong reaction to the idea... I'm a bit surprised by your reply, to be honest; you sound a bit naive. The producers, including Lorem's friend, know exactly what they're doing. And if she was my friend, I would be completely honest with her about how stupid and irresponsible an idea it is That is the first time I have ever used a mad face on DOL. It is fine to have a strong reaction to the idea, but it is another thing to venture off on a tangent about how bad the show is or how bad the host is etc. If you are unhappy about something, the best you can do is to try and influence it in a positive manner in the hope of rectifying the wrongs that you appear to have observed. Lorem and her friend are potentially that very influence. Please note, that my comment was not aimed at yourself specifically, I was making a general comment about the omnipresent DOL bubble. You seem to have taken it personally, please don't. :)
  14. I am sorry for your loss. Jensen was a stunning dog. RIP.
  15. What a wonderful tribute Lhok. I am very sorry for your loss. I am sorry for the late msg, I don't really venture in this sub-section much. I hope you are coping okay.
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