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  1. He's got lamb necks. He's done ok for 9 years on this diet. Whatever works best for your dog.
  2. Bloody hell, I just started Orijen. Should last a few months though.
  3. There's a standard: 'IATA regulations'. Here's the info on Virgin's requirements Guidelines for Pet Containers The following container guidelines are designed to protect the welfare of dogs and cats travelling with us, whilst also complying with occupational health and safety legislation. We reserve the right to refuse carriage of pets which are not travelling in a container which complies with the following requirements: The container must be: Supplied by yourself or purchased from Toll Air Express (within Australia). In good repair so that the dog or cat cannot escape from it. Not too small for the dog or cat. Lined with absorbent material so that no water or excreta can escape. Strong enough to withstand damage. Made of metal or a polypropylene material and must not have any wheels attached. And also: (if two part rigid plastic containers) - the top and bottom or side parts must be secured by screws or nut and bolt. Must have escape proof hinges and latches & be adequately locked. When weighed complete with dog or cat, not exceed 65kgs for Australian Domestic or New Zealand Domestic flights. Not exceed 120cm long x 70cm wide x 80cm high. Must not be collapsible. http://www.virginblue.com.au/cms/groups/gc...nt/p_002442.pdf There are heaps of companies that organise the flight of your pet, drop them off at the airport etc. I don't know how many go from Aus to overseas though. You can also do it yourself.
  4. I'll be flying my doggy in December and have purchased an airline appropriate crate to begin training him. That's something you can start on now.
  5. Sounds cheap and it's easy for me to puree the vegies. Takes up less space than all the meat, throw in the odd bone to munch on and we solved our holiday food storage problem.
  6. He's got his energy levels back. The urine seems a bit bright, has done so for a while. I'll check out his eyes.
  7. I know! BARF is hard enough and new to us so it will be a challenge to change again. If I was to organise a blood test on Tuesday, would it be too late? I should of got one. I was very stressed and tired and the vet said you have option 'blah', which we took, or bloodtest and we keep him in overnight on fluid. I assumed that would be oodles more expensive so went for the first one. I didn't think to say 'can we have a bloodtest and take the anti-biotics home with us too?'. She said pancreatitis because he had signs of pain in his upper chest area.
  8. Seems back to normal. I don't think he's pooed, but may have - I didn't inspect the yard thoroughly. I'll keep an eye on that and I'm sure we're both looking forward to getting back to BARF foods on Wednesday.
  9. He's kept down two small meals this morning and his meds. We're off for a little walkies soon and he's looking bright-eyed and busy-tailed.
  10. Original post updated with latest news.
  11. Yep. Cancelling plans this evening. Tense couple of hours! I thought 'You wouldn't take a person with those symptoms to the doctor'. But a dog can't tell you where it hurts and if they've eaten anything naughty. That's why I was seeking opinions. Furthermore, the dog doesn't have medicare! But yep, will definitely take him if he worsens.
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