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  1. Panoramis covers all worms but tapeworm. Popantel have a tapewormer that is separate that we sell in clinic in conjunction with the Panoramis.
  2. In our clinic - we have access to the database via an authorised person. If the dog has been a repeat offender - off to the pound they go. If it's a first, we contact owners - if no contact is doable - we then send to the pound as we do not have the facilities to deal with strays on top of our veterinary case load.
  3. In my household we have 4 kelpies (Ages 13, 11, 10 and 3) and a mini foxie x Chihuahua (10 weeks old). We did have 5 kelpies until just before Christmas when I had to say goodbye to Serenity-Jayne. I swore no more dogs but Muppet came along and stole my heart. Poor baby was going to be dumped at the pound if no one took him
  4. I've used Nutriderm on groom dogs, but I would definitely get the skin checked by a vet to ensure nothing nasty is going on underneath
  5. My newest rescue adoption pup has been coming to work with me. After hour, he gets to pay in the consult room whilst I'm cleaning up. Yesterday a surgery pick up was running really late and as she came in, she spotted my little guy running around. Her comment of "oh, what a lovely kelpie puppy you are" had me totally confused. My pup is a foxy cross Chihuahua, and weighs about 800gms, he's black and white and looks nothing like a kelpie :) I didn't bother correcting her :) I was already at work for half hour after my shift.
  6. Hi Guys I've taken in a pup yesterday that was advertised as free to good home on Scumtree. His 4 siblings went to the one home but he was left behind. I've had him at work with me and had him vet checked. The vet is suspicious he may have hydrocephalus due to his head structure. We do suspect he is foxy cross Chihuahua - not foxy cross Scottish terrier, but he does have open fontanel's which was one of the things that made the vet suspicious. So far he seems normal, maybe a little quiet for a pup. We think he's only about 5 weeks old, he's doing alright though at this point.
  7. Thanks guys. I'm really heartbroken as a very good friend and client of mine had just talked her husband into adopting her once she was old enough to be homed. I just wish I could find out who dumped Skye and her brother and wring their necks. It makes me so mad!
  8. No longer needed I'm afraid. Sky joined her brother over the bridge this afternoon I'm completely devastated and heartbroken as things were going so well. RIP Skye, I miss you little princess.
  9. She has my little stuffed kelpie in with her and is doing much better today. She's toileting well (with help) and has settled better now. A lovely lady I house sit for has ordered the little one a heartbeat plushie for her - express post - so should be here on Wednesday. We've had a bad time with cat flu in the area and the only people with a surrogate with kittens of a similar age has cat flu in her place. I'd rather keep her with me until she's old enough to be vaccinated so she's protected :)
  10. Anyone know where I can get one ASAP? Two kittens were dumped at work on Sunday and I've taken them to raise. The little boy was given his wings last night due to him being so sick. Little girl is strong and has been doing really well, but she has cried all night wanting her brother. I had her in bed with me last night in a container as to not squish her, but she was still crying on and off. Anyone know where I can either buy one or even borrow one from? I'm located in the Hunter Valley
  11. I know a friend of mine grooms at Greencross Lambton - not sure what days. Her name is Jess and she's lovely
  12. Thanks guys, no news yet. His owners are devastated, their cat and other dog are fretting quite badly. His family and I both feel that he is still alive - just our gut feelings I guess, but I'm hoping the more his face is plastered out there, the more likely it is he's brought home
  13. Already done Gillbear, police are involved as well and are actually being quite helpful
  14. I'm concerned that the chip may have migrated or potentially failed. I just want to cover all bases We're getting desperate to find him
  15. Missing from the Hunter Valley, NSW - we have been given information tonight that he may be somewhere impounded, I've tried Blacktown (which is where someone thought he might be) but no luck. We are certain he has been stolen and my colleague is desperate to get him back. He is microchipped, desexed and is currently sporting the schnauzer clip. If anyone sees any matching the description, please call me on 0423641168 - there is a reward on offer. We have no idea where he is so any leads etc would be fantastic
  16. That's good news Dave73 - she sounds like a trooper!
  17. Glad you got Veronika, fingers and paws crossed for you :)
  18. We've used Veronika at SASH with a fellow nurse's dog Darcy, she has been phenomenal! I would 110% voucher for her :) She's dealt with most of our cases from our clinic that we've referred and she's been so lovely to deal with, all our clients that have used her love her.
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