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  1. I've had -Shannon -Millie -Kiya Now, as you know, I have my big goof Keeley (which was just pointed out to me, is a combination of the names Millie and Kiya )
  2. Our husky was 22 weeks old when she came into season, I took her to the vet to get her checked because I didn't think it would happen that young but it was definitely a season!
  3. Ours both sleep on the dog bed, they have one each but usually curl up together on the bigger bed. If the OH is away, then I let them both sleep on the bed with me, and they are allowed up for cuddles if invited. I quite like having them sleep on the bed with me, but a queensize bed doesn't comfortably fit 2 adults, a Husky, and a Great Dane (Especially since I'm already a bed hog)!
  4. Can you 'accidentally' run over the dogs paw or tail with the bike?
  5. I agree with most of the others on here, if I had a dog trying to go for my girl I'd be completely willing to kick it
  6. Just wondering how many (if any) DOLers will be heading up to Whyalla for the dog trials on the 19th and 20th of September?
  7. I've been using up my bag of feline Greenies as training treats, since my cat doesn't like them. The dogs seem to love them!
  8. My boyfriend and I have an 7 month old husky, and she starts 'screeching' when she's excited, wether it's because you're getting home from work, picking up the leashes, etc. She sounds like she's being beaten! Sounds like your boy is very vocal like her
  9. Poor pup. I didn't notice much discomfort with my girl, and she lost all her teeth fairly quickly. I manged to save some as well! However, I did come home one day and discovered she had chewed along the edges of the coffee table >.<
  10. Jaimee


    I'm sorry for your loss RIP Molly
  11. Poor boy, fingers crossed that the outcome is good. Have you heard anything yet?
  12. That's disgusting. Fantastic role model being displayed to everyone.
  13. I've never owned a beagle, but I've heard about their penchant to eat anything. Would it help to deter him if you sprayed the poo with something foul tasting, such as woundgard, so he learns it tastes bad? (Although I would have already thought it would taste bad)
  14. Like everyone else said, eyes aren't something to mess around with. Good to hear you got them checked, and it's good that it wasn't anything serious. If the staining remains, I know there are products available to healp clean it up (Such as pretty eyes), but I believe they're designed for SWF so I'm not sure if they'd work on other dogs?
  15. I was going to suggest what Puggy_puggy said. Is there anything that seems to set him off?
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