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  1. Thanks for the fast replies - already based on these I will not be risking him unsupervised in the pen. I would just die if something happened to him. SBT123 - Thanks for that idea. The thing is I need a quick fix, my cats have an outdoor enclosure, alas it is getting put up next week!!! or that would have been perfect. I think in the laundry with a piece of fake grass is great, can I get a piece from Bunnings? I dont have to go to work till 6, so all day to organise this! Thanks so much! Here is my little man (12 weeks here)
  2. Hey guys, Tonight I have to work and I will be gone for 7 hours. Normally hubby is home so I leave my little one in his crate for an hour or two. This week, we will both be working night. I have a gorgeous 13 week old Cavalier, Arnie. He is really great in his crate, I can leave him when we sleep for 7-8 hours and he wont do anything in his crate. I just hate that I will have to leave him for 7 hours while I am at work, get home at 1am and take him to do his business, play with him for half an hour then put him in his crate again for another 7 hours while I go to bed. The problem is that at the moment our back gate is not secure, it will be fixed next week. I could put him in the laundry but I didnt want him to get used to doing his business inside, when he pretty much knows its only outside now. I was thinking of getting a Bunnings compost thing and using it as a pen with his crate in there. But can I risk the fact that if he gets out of this pen, my yard is not secured and he can go anywhere - I could pretty much lose him. So the options: 1. Toilet him before leaving for work, leave him in the crate, take him out when I get home and perhaps just let him sleep on my bed when I get home. 2 Leave him in laundry with his crate, but my 2 indoor cats will also be in there, they get along fine though. 3 Put up a puppy pen, but have to worry all night that he might get out, advantage is he is not confined to the crate. aghhhh..wish the gate was bloody fixed!!! So what would you do??
  3. Thanks for your quick replies everyone!
  4. Question - Is it expected that you would pay more for a pup that is black/tan or ruby because they are not as common as bleinham and tri colours? Thanks in advance. PS> Have loved all the info in this thread, please more more more!!
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