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  1. You can put in Innotek fence.
  2. what a fantastic topic:) I feel like buying bookreader just for the dogbooks!
  3. Training People: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Human and The truth about dogs , by Stephen Budiansky.
  4. My daughter and I were once too upset by a cafe owner.... he said "that's a really old dog", and Stella was just 9! She looks fabulous, just a bit slow. To be fair, he allowed Sella to sit in the cafe and brought her water, so we felt much better after that:) Nowdays if I hear "what an old dog", I can only answer "Yes, but with good manners:))"
  5. How early! All I can say, My Stella had a very bad paralysis, that is total, was on breathing machine for 2 days and then on oxygen for 2, had bad pneumonia, and she is 10. She eventualy got out and as good as always today. So dont give up, though there is a chance of sad outcome.. And she had 2 doses of anti-serum. Stella has sore legs and she often doesn't go anywhere at all, just 100m down the street and then back, all on footpath. The tick or bite spot was never found. Go figure... you don't need to go bush to catch it.
  6. How awfull:( AWL does cremations here via Pets Eternal. We used Pets Eternal , too.
  7. no. Some look very cute:) I felt for Lab in Moscow, too I dont do that stuff, but my Stella LOVES to wear Elizabethan collar. It makes her feel special. (abuse is breeding poor chis with eyes falling out of eye sockets...)
  8. It's not treatment, only diagnosis cost us 1200, and that's without biopsy.
  9. I hope I'm not repeating? Correct me please if I do! Endogenous Gonadal Hormone Exposure and Bone Sarcoma Risk http://cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/11/11/1434.full In summary, this study found that male and female Rottweilers with the shortest lifetime gonadal exposure had the highest risk for bone sarcoma. Dogs that underwent early elective gonadectomy had a one in four lifetime risk of bone sarcoma development compared with a significantly reduced risk among dogs that were sexually intact throughout their lifetime.
  10. Mine eat apples,peas, carrots, beetroot (baked), all sorts of cabbages and the fav is broccoli.
  11. Are you saying that pounds and rescues should NOT desex before re-homing ????? You cannot be serious !!! I am saying, ]at least some sense could be applied. Size, age and the owener's credibility can be taken into account. I'm not for BY breeding, but desexing, say, large breed at 6m instead of 18 is not right.
  12. Same with pounds or rescues selling desexed dogs no matter what. Blanket idiotism I'd call it. Desexing increases risk of osteosarcoma and other problems. Owners should have right to decide which risk to take ... at least some sense could be applied. Its easier if the puppy is yours and is not desexed forcefully, you can do it later andjust pay higher registration. I did not have that choice not happy.
  13. I did LC with Solly (who has passed away), and LOVED it. Great fun! Stella did not have drive at all:) In October will take Argo The Puppy to his first run. He has drive! Any smell-baiting is totally prohibited and leads to disqualification.
  14. One of my premiums went up last year (as Stella turned 10), but overall I am in a big + on both policies. Just one major operation equails dog's lifetime premiums.
  15. My dogs are insured , and euthanasia is covered. I haven't received the refund yet, but so far every expence was covered..
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