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  1. Another Prefix Question

    I sent in several and they were declined, I then decided that I would look at a name, reverse it and if it made another word then I would use that. In the end I finished up with "Dlaniger" which, when read backwards reads "Reginald" thus my Christian name, perhaps that might help solve the problem.
  2. Which Food Should I Get When I Bring Dog Home

    As I said in my original reply" What do you feed.....is as varied as people. If your happy with what you do...do it, I have always fed mine the above and for GSD's to live to 14 - 15 years instead of the normal 10-12, it will do me.
  3. Which Food Should I Get When I Bring Dog Home

    Hi Crisovar, The seasonings just add extra flavor, basically as we like the flavor of seasonings I believe our dogs do too, and also to add additional trace vitamins. IMO. All I know is this, I never ever have to add any foreign substance to enhance their coat when in the show ring, they have a natural shine to die for, I keep getting asked, "What do you use on their coat", I don't think they believe me when I say "Nothing".
  4. Which Food Should I Get When I Bring Dog Home

    What do you feed....it's as varied as people are...LOL I personally use Advance as a dry food, this is mixed with my own home made cooking, this consists of the following: Fresh chicken mince, (purchased direct from supplier for $1.00 kg) cooked with vegetables which consist of: Broccoli Sweet Potato Green Peas/beans Butternut Pumpkin Carrots Cauliflower Cabbage All seasoned with Garlic, Ginger, Salt, Cracked Pepper, Sugar, Chicken Stock, Once cooked place in 500ml plastic containers and freeze. Serve 250g cooked meal with 200g Advance, (1) Heaped Tablespoon fresh homemade Yogurt and 1/2 a fresh Chicken Frame,this will cost you $2.00 per dog per meal.
  5. Buying Show Collars From Usa

    I've just recently purchased leather leads and show collars from the USA and was only charged $11.00 in postage, the parcel arrived 6 days later by Australia Post, the order was for $139.00 US. The company I used was "CANIS CALLIDUS ONLINE STORE" they were excellent. The overall savings were $87.00. ;)
  6. Professional Teeth Cleaning

    I have found that regular cleaning, 2-3 times a week with a doggy tooth brush and tooth paste saves all those outrageous bills, it doesn't take long for your dog to accept cleaning regually, also a peice of beef brisket bone after their evening meal daily also helps with any problems that may occur. I have practised this for over 25 years and never had a dental bill yet.
  7. Dog Attack/fight On Street

    For what it's worth, some years ago I witnessed a dog fight in the show ring, neither handler could restrain or separate their dogs, another gentleman outside the ring, rushed in, dived his hands between the dogs back legs, grabed the testies and lifted. The fight ended there and then and no human suffered any injuries. Something that might be worth while to keep in mind for future reference.
  8. Spring Fair

    I wonder what Dogs NSW would do if the 165 GSDs entered turned up at the Allbreeds W/D ring to be judged, we did pay our entry fee (Way much more than the other working dogs) to be included in the judging and runoffs etc Very interesting. Let's see what we can organise next year
  9. Dubbo & D.k.c

    Hi Guys, just an update in respect to John's recovery, I actually spoke to him this afternoon, he is very alert and said that he is feeling a lot better than he expected he would be, I passed on your well wishes, and he asked me to extend his thanks. As he said it's now time to sit and wait for the results which are expected in the next few days, and pray that they are positive, further tests will be carried out tomorrow.
  10. Dubbo & D.k.c

    Hi Blakbelgian, Yes they are the very same John & Lynne and I will certainly pass along your best wishes. Reg.
  11. Dubbo & D.k.c

    For all you showies who have traveled out west and and done the Western Circuit, would have at some time met up with our President and long time Steward John Gordon at some stage or other. John has today 17/11/2010 undergone Brain Surgery at John Hunter Hospital (Newcastle) to remove a massive tumor, the operation lasted 4.5 hours, at this stage John is still in recovery, however Lynne informs me that his vital signs are good, however they do not expect them to stabalise for approx 5 days, and more scans will be taken in the next 2 days. For those of us who pray, please pray for John's speedy and excelent recovery.
  12. Dubbo Triple

    Yep, picked mine up this morning also.
  13. Dog Shows (sydney Area)

    14th and 15th August at ERSKINE PARK the GSD Specialty NSW Breed Show.
  14. Need Show Name Help Please

    Apart from what has already been mentioned with Star names the only one I can think of that hasen't been mentioned is "STARBURST" Good Luck.
  15. New Champions

    Congratulations Great to see another Gsd gain their title, from the photo a very nice boy, well deserved. Do you also show specialty.?