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  1. Hi Kerry, Thank you for posting the information about the drug you have used. My girls do not seem to cycle that often 8 - 9 months or once every 12 months which is frustrating. After reading your post spoke to my vet's collegue (my repo vet is on holidays) and it seems you can get 8 tablets for $150 using 1/2 tablet per day. Usage would be for around 25 days finishing second day of coming into season. Could I ask how long did you use the tablets and what price did you pay? Any other information would be greatly appreciated. Have a feeling the girl that I want to bring in might be having silent seasons and it seems the tablet will correct that and she will have a normal cycle. Thanks, Sheila
  2. Hi Peaches, May I suggest the first thing you do (if you have'nt already) is to have your bitches thyroid tested. 99% of my litters are by frozen semen and before I mate any bitch I have the thyroid checked every time I want to mate them. Thyroid problems which are easily rectified can cause infertility. Plus you need to find a vet who is good at reading progesterone results and good at predicting when to mate. Not every vet doing AI's is good at it in my experience. Good luck
  3. Hi 3Woofs, I have been using Dr. Robert Zammit at Vineyard for many many years. He has great success rate but it is all in the reading of the progesterone test and the prediction of insemination time plus of course the quality of the semen. I start progesterone testing from Day 2. I know it costs more money but worth the effort.
  4. Hi Mini Girl, Have been using them for a number of years and the best play thing out besides a big cardboard box. It was a hoot earlier in the year when I had 11 rotttweiler puppies popping out of the holes they even went to sleep in them and the tunnel would roll around. I bought 2 to cope with the large number of puppies. Can thoroughly recommend.
  5. Yes that is what we were going to do. Like I said you need both donors to be of the same quality which is hard. Good luck
  6. I was going to do a frozen AI dual sire litter with my current pups but after talking with my repo vet decided against it because you really need both sires to have the same quality of semen post thaw. The stronger will dominate the litter. The sires I was going to use were 98% and 50%. Decided to do just the 98% and got 6 boys and 6 girls. Good luck.
  7. I have a litter at the moment who are 5 weeks, eleven of them that had the same problem they were very hot puppies. At 2-1/2 weeks they climbed out of the whelping box and now sleep on the concrete floor. They can get back in. I stripped all bedding from the box and just put newspaper down. Also ran the fan 24/7 quite away from the box. If they are not sleeping on the floor they have made their bed the tarpoline that the whelping box stands on. What I also found was that I had to syringe water into them I also put cold water into the hot water bottles that I used initially. I have never had a litter like this a real learning curve. Suggest that you give them water in addition to Mum. They also went on solids at 2-1/2 weeks normally don't do this until 3 weeks. Good luck with them.
  8. Thanks for your response. Pups are good today. Gave Mum Ensal last night after much thought. I will see how she goes today my usual vet will be on tomorrow. Will take a sample if no improvement and off to the vet. Thank you for your recommendation. Remedies will go into my Karen Hedburg bible for future reference. Pups are fat little things remind me of hedgehogs just feed and then roll off vbg.
  9. Thanks for responding. She got the runs when she was a fortnight out from whelping and she was put on antibiotics and Ensal. It cleared up. Whelped the pups by c-section. Everything fine for a couple of days then the pups got the runs so had Peptosyl on hand which I have been giving them. Because there are 11 have been rotating and I am using goats milk. Any left from the bottle Mum was getting. Prior to whelping she was fed twice a day with Supercoat puppy, meat, fresh veggies/fruit blended sometimes cottage cheese, yoghurt, scrambled eggs, brisket etc. After whelping would not eat so I have been keeping the local IGA in business with barbeque chickens which she is fed with Supercoat puppy 4 times a day. Stopped giving her the goats milk today. Have boiled up chicken and rice for her. How soft is soft ? Just a patty not formed. has her diet changed? What is her normal post whelping diet?? See above Is she otherwise healthy/happy? Yes There are other things you can use ...depending on what he cause is. It is often better/easier to remove the cause . Really appreciate your help. Because my previous experience in losing puppies because of what the Mother was given am very wary of what vets prescribe hence the Peptosyl on hand. Really appreciate other breeders experience.
  10. Hi Breeders, My girl had 12 pups on the 15th November with 11 surviving. She has developed soft poos. Rang the vet to ask if I could use Ensal that I have. While waiting to talk to the vet the vet nurse said ok if no sulphur. Vet came back saying yes okay to use. When I look at the label it mentions sulphur. My usual vet is not on. Have had a very bad experience in the past with using medicines on a lactating bitch (lost 5 pups due to it) so am asking for advice. Have her on chicken and rice at the moment. Thanks
  11. [] I really feel for you when your local vet won't help. The cabbage leaves advice is great. Do you know somebody with goats. Goats milk is great for pups. Have used it many times when I have been able to find a local goat breeder. I believe you can get it also in supermarkets. Good luck with your girl and her babies
  12. Congratulations on a great size litter. A couple of questions for you. With the semen was the post thaw motility the same for both sires. Did you use pellets or straws and how many were used. Regards
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