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  1. I really don't know much about watermarks but I'm guessing anyone with decent photoshop skills and the determination could remove any wartermark from any image. It probably wouldn't hurt doing a google search on methods and possibly visiting other art sites to see how their images are protected. To make a watermark more difficult to remove you would need to cover areas of the image which cannot be easily replicated or cloned from another area of the image.
  2. If you are serious about protecting your artwork I would suggest you only display low quality versions and/or increase the size and complexity of the watermark to make it more diffcult to remove. 10 mins later... *edit* nice art
  3. I had a quick look too. I like the individual dog pages - I guess chasing birds run in the family I did find the font on the home page a little difficult to read and also the black links on the navigation (with the dark brackground buttons) is difficult to read as well.
  4. We had our first experience with breeders while looking for our labrador pup last year. My OH and I are both in IT so we may have slightly higher expectations then the average Joe. Negatives You can't tell how old the information on the site is or there is no current information (i.e. one site said "Our next litter is planned for 2007"). There is little information about the breeders (I don't just want to know your location, tell me a bit about why you breed, what your background is, etc) It is hard to navigate around the site There are very few photos of the dogs The site looks very unprofessional (to be fair I tried not to judge a breeder on this as I understand that many would be DIY sites) Information about purchasing a puppy is unclear or confusing Site is too formal (ie. there is no warmth or friendliness to the site) Positives Lots of good and useful information about the breed, how to care for the puppies, how the purchasing process works, about the breeders, about the dogs (the breeder we originally chose didn't have a fancy site but it was written in such a way that you felt like part of the family already, she had little profiles and photos for each of her dogs, she had past stories and updates on pervious litters, she had a bio section about herself). Candid photos of their dogs (I loved one site which had gone to the trouble of creating a gallery and adding humorous comments to each photo) - personally I'm looking for a companion animal not a show animal so I want to see the dogs in family/fun environments not in their stiff show poses. Easy to navigate Contact details easy to find Professional looking site (this doesn't necessarily mean professionally designed, it just means it didn't scream 'dodgy' when you were looking at it).
  5. Thanks Scarlet, we haven't been out there so will take a scenic drive one day soon and have a look.
  6. Is there somewhere in or around Brisbane (within 30-45mins) which has an enclosed swimming area? With 3 dogs in the household at the moment and none with recall skills worth mentioning it's become almost impossible to take them swimming and 3 long lines is just trouble waiting to happen.
  7. Oh my goodness I thought there must have been a mistake when I saw the first 'week 10' post, I lost track of time somewhere between now and week 7 Tried to snap off a couple of quick shots, gave up once my camera strap was in 2 pieces :D
  8. We've been using Artemis med/lg breed puppy for about 2 months now. Previously our lab pup was on Royal Canin and then Hills Science Diet but we were forever at the vet to treat tummy upsets and the runs. Since changing to artemis her poo is the best we've seen it (though I've yet to see one go white and crumbly within a few hours?!) Can't say I've noticed much of a difference in her coat on any of the foods. Neither of our dogs seem to love the taste and we do have days where we need to mix something in or at least add some hot water (enhanced the smell). Our cattle dog foster loves the dry food and his condition has improved already in the week and a bit we've had him.
  9. Hope I'm not stepping on any toes but I was bored and noticed this thread.
  10. Plenty of suggestings here... http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?show...065&hl=kong http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?show...850&hl=kong http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?show...449&hl=kong Personally we seal up the pointy end with a little bit of peanut butter than throw in a handful of their dry food with a few other tasty treats added (ie. tiny bits of cheese), fill with water an freeze.
  11. I just bought breakaway collars for our dogs at http://www.naturalpetstore.com.au/ (accessories section)
  12. *removed as I posted at the same time as the above and said the same thing*
  13. I was just thinking back through recent dog related purchased and realised about 80% of them were either from member comments or the banners at the top of the page. I was curious how many other people had discovered good products through DOL. To date I have purchsed: DMan Tugs (dogs loved these) OdourGo (lavendar) Happy Paw Treats Bed from Grreat Rugs! (already half chewed but still a good buy and I don't know how I lived without the extra removable covers before) I-Squeaks (eagerly awaiting their arrival) I also changed diets to Artemis which fixed the tummy problems my lab was having. Ok looking at this list I understand why I currently have moths flying out of my wallet.
  14. 'the other noah's ark' 'pawadise' (or maybe pawradise) 'fur tree gully' (ok that one was a joke)
  15. What a very tough situation. I know if it was me I'd been torn between the logical and the emotional side. So logically: 1) It's been 5 years, she hasn't been your dog for that long. If you didn't have a spare few thou lying around and some random came up to you and said "Hey mind paying for my dog's surgery even though you will never see the dog" would you do it? 2) He has kept the dog for 5 years so he obviously didn't want to give her up or she would have been rehomed/dumped, etc so the responsibilty is on him. 3) He has family/friends or a bank he can borrow the money from. 4) If you decided to pay for emotional reasons - can you afford it? If you paid would it leave you short should you (dog forbid) have an emergency of your own? Sorry I'm a list maker
  16. We got our 2nd dog a bit earlier (about 6 months earlier ) than planned. They are such great dogs (mostly ) and get along so well together that we don't regret the decision. Our lab pup was 7 months when we rescued our golden retriever boy who is 2-4 yrs old (we think around 2). If GR hadn't been so well behaved I think it would have been a lot more difficult than it has been. My OH is also as dedicated to them as me so there are 2 of us and 2 of them, I'm not sure I could do it alone. It is certainly more work than having 1 in some respects but to be perfectly honest we are a bit behind with their obedience training which no doubt makes a difference to how difficult some activities are. Fitting in 'alone' time for each dog is difficult. There is twice as much cost, food, vet care, poop, dog smell, grooming and room taken up in the car. We were also told by numerous people including breeders that there are certain risks with raising 2 pups. Bonding to each other seems to be high on the list of potential problems and I can see why this would be as our dogs have bonded quite strongly in the 1.5 months they have been together even with their age difference. We don't find they keep each other awake, they both tend to sprawl out and sleep together after a good exercise or when they are put to bed.
  17. *sigh* I'm sorry you're having a bad enough morning to feel the need to comment. edited because I'm having a stressful day and this annoyed me. FYI I read enough of letter to get the general idea of what was being said and stating that I hadn't read the entire letter was to get a accross the point that it was too long and some people who obviously already have disregard for their neighbours probably wouldn't bother reading it all either.
  18. If you're worried about neighbour relations. Hand them a formal note and a tube of tennis balls and a chocolate bar at the same time. (you really shoulnd't feel the need to be nice about it since they are the ones causing you distress but I know what it's like to be afraid of neighbours reactions) *edit after reading you last post* - take your husband with you
  19. I didn't read the entire letter either (I'm guessing your neighbour wouldn't either) but I thought your were setting yourself up a bit, your description of the dog's behaviour could be seen as aggression (here come's the local council with their dangerous dog wand) and you are much to apologetic for something you don't need to be sorry for. Regardless of whether you have a dog, a guard rabbit or a garden gnome with an angry expression on it's face - your neighbours and any other member of the public have no right to breach your fence to enter your property. Keep the letter short and formal, it doesn't have to be mean but if you want legal security it needs to be clear. Hi Neighbour, We have verbally requested on two prior occasions that you refrain from entering our backyard to collect tennis balls – requests which you ignored. On legal advice we are providing you this written advice to inform you not to enter our back yard for any reason without our consent. If you continue to ignore our request we will consider pressing trespassing charges. Please respect our desire for privacy and personal security. We are more than happy to retrieve lost items for you if you knock at our front door/phone, etc. Yours sincerely, Neighbour
  20. I use medibank private as well and have made a claim. We were very happy with the speed and amount refunded. I get a member discount and multi-pet discount. There are a number of topics on insurance already
  21. I can only give half a review as it was raining all weekend so I didn't use it as I'd planned to. When I took the cap off the bottle I was expecting to be hit with fumes (like usual) - pleasantly I couldn't smell much. Even in the concentrated form I found the smell quite subtle. The fragrance was not as 'lavendary' is I thought it would be. We gave the back patio (concrete) a clean with our high pressure hose and had the odourgo attached. I think the high power hose diluted the spray too much so I need to test it in a more confined area at the correct ratio. To be honest it was difficult to tell if the spray had worked as our dogs stink at the moment (damn rain!). The dogs didn't seem phased by the smell at all and I did not find it irritating or overpowering while using it. I have a load of 'dog stuff' to wash so I'll be putting some Odourgo in with it. Also going to spray the car backseat when I find my spray bottle.
  22. ok I'm not in cat rescue but that seems like quite an odd request. I only hope whatever happens the animals welfare is considered first.
  23. I ordered the Lavender fragrance on Wednesday, it arrived today. Will be trying it out tomorrow as things are a little on the nose after all this rain. :D
  24. PMing everyone sounds like a lot of work - if your comfortable adding your payment details to this topic I'm sure most of us will pay within whatever deadline you give us. Perhaps you can use the spreadsheet to tick off who has paid and our Forum names (ie. 16paws) as the payment reference.
  25. Dr Cam Day is bringing his popular seminars to the Animal Welfare League Qld for the benefit of pet owners, trainers and industry professionals on the Gold Coast. Getting Good Behaviour from Problem Pets - 29-10-2010 Help! My dog is home alone and unhappy! - 24-06-2010 read more
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