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  1. i got 3 guinea pigs last week, they have 2 cages one inside and one outside and my dog goes nuts over them. whenever we go near them she barks and if she is not barking she is whining (she thinks they are there for her to play with). we have introduced them but that hasn't made a difference. so now when she barks or puts her paw on the cage i put her in her crate for time out. to make it worse if we take them out of the cage for human time she jumps all over you until she can see them. i was wondering if i am doing this wrong, should i let her near them at all? i just need to stop all this nonsense barking. please help
  2. i would like to thank you all for your feedback, although i do know that cavs have a lot of issues however as i have stated the dog i owned when i was younger had sm so it affected me personally. i also know that a lot of breeders are doing there best to weed out these diseases however i believe that the more people who join together the grater the success can be. the people i do know that have got it have had mri's done to confirm however i am not sure if they have informed the club, i will find out, i do know that they have however informed the breeder.
  3. why i want to breed (in no order) 1. for the love of the breed 2. not breeding from dogs with genetic conditions. the ckcs that i had when i was a child passed away from sm, i also know of people who have the same condition in there dogs and they got there dogs from reputable breeders. this problem seems to becoming more common in Australia than it used to and i wish to do my part in getting rid of this disease as well of others. although sm has not been proven 100% to be genetic all you need to do is look at the history and do the math. 3. to keep the breed standerds
  4. just to clarify a few things. 1. i do have a chosen breed in mind (ckcs), i owned one when i was younger, my parents own a couple witch i am around all the time, and have been researching the breed, breeding and showing for over a year. 2. i do intend to show but unless i have gotten my info wrong(witch does happen) you only need to be a member of dogs qld to show but need a breeders prefix to breed. if i am wrong please correct me as i want the right info as i am sure you can understand
  5. hi i want to become a breeder, i have done a lot of research but i still have one question. do i have to have a breeders prefix before i buy a bitch? the only reason i ask is because you pay to become a breeder but you could be waiting months or longer for the right pup to be available. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. i bought my dog from a byb before i knew about them. i thought i was doing the right thing researched the breed looked at a lot of different cav's then we found one she was beautiful we even saw her parents, after about 3wks she started getting fluffy. on our next vet consult we asked them about her coat and she told us that she was a cross poodle. so i was back to researching all about poodles when i had then learnt all about byb.
  7. thanks for the reply. the kids have half a clam shell out the back that they use for playing in the water in summer but now it is just sitting there so i will give it a go. i guese with something big to start with it would almost be fool proof.
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  9. hi, i want to teach ruby to pack up her own toys. i have a cardboard box that i intend on using for now but i need some help. i can throw the toy and she picks it up and brings it to me or i can just look at it and she will do the same however looking at it does take some time as we have not done much shapeing in the past. my question is how do i get her to put it in the box? i usually don't talk to her when training ( except for good girl ) until she does what i am after then i will put a word to it in this instance i was thinking RUBY. PACK UP thanks in advance for the help
  10. hi. i am no breeder however there may be another way for you to settle this. i believe that you should tell this person that the papers must go back therefor you are unable to send him an original copy however since he did purchase this puppy you could email him a copy (you now have his email). before you send him a copy thrue email and while you have it on the computer you should get it watermarked, i do believe it is supposed to be easy and i don't think anyone can accutaly remove the watermark.
  11. what about asking some radio stations if they could put a notice on air for mangus.
  12. i plan to get a cav in the future but my problem is i need a vacume cleaner NOW. i was just woundering what type would be the best with dogs hair? as i rent i would need something that will pick it up off the carpet very well. thanks in advance.
  13. animal rights are great when it comes towards cruelty, however when you eat what you catch it is survival. yes you could just go and buy your fish but why do that when you could get it fresh yourself. i just hope that before all these people make accusations they take a look at themselves in the mirror, if they eat meat for example a stake they should think about what that poor cow went thrue to give them all the iron that there body needs.
  14. hello everyone. i thought i might join you in the quest of dog walking. for the past couple of months i have been pretty occupied and have gotten into a slump of no walking or training. for my first post in hear i have good news we went for a walk. it was only around the corner to the bp however it took longer than expected as we are learning to sit before crossing the road, i must have looked crazy standing on the corner for 5min until she sat.
  15. thanks for all your help. i appreciate it
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