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  1. On Sunday 24 July at the Tracking Dog Club of SA trial Pele, my 11 yo Bull Terrier passed TSD 3 to earn her TSD title. I'm so proud of her :) Her name is now "Dual Ch (T) & Neuter Ch Trahern Glenariff (ai) CD RE TSD"
  2. Here you go :laugh: Dog Disguise Kits for BSL Are you sick of people looking at your breed of dog in fear because politicians and the media are saying things like: "We want to breed these dogs out of existence". Well worry no longer, AttackChi will be making disguises for all the so called "dangerous" breeds. These disguise kits are a response to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). BSL affects dogs that are well socialized, have a friendly temperament, or have received dog training.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations My friend has decided to board her dog in Alice Springs, where Sari is happy staying for the 2 days because she couldn't find any accommodation along the way that would allow a crated dog in the room overnight. There's no way that she'd leave Sari in a car alone overnight and would have to sleep in the car with her and of course wouldn't get any sleep Dogtainers are going to pick Sari up and deliver her to my friend in Adelaide so that she can continue her journey on to country Victoria.
  4. Thanks skyefool :) Just checked the web page and they are on holidays "Management and Staff of Pampered Pets Resort are having a holiday in February 2014 We are closed for business from 5PM on 13th February and reopen at 9AM on the 20th February. We apologise for any inconvenience."
  5. Thanks MadWoofter. Couldn't remember if I'd heard good or bad about them :) Will pass on :)
  6. I've had an email from a friend passing thru' Adelaide from Alice Springs to Melbourne. She needs accomodation for 26 and 27 February for her Bull Terrier while she has eye surgery, and then picking up 28 Feb to continue on to Melbourne. I've heard that Top Spot are good. Adelaide Hills Pet Resort are booked out. Any other recommendations please :) Thanks.
  7. Here are some ideas :) Getting Your Dog To Rest After Surgery - Not Always Easy Things to do with your recuperating dog! How to keep a dog entertained after surgery or while an injury heals
  8. Congratulations everyone Pele and I passed track 3 at the weekend and have our TD title
  9. So sorry to hear RIP dear Baz for rescuing Baz and giving him a happy life.
  10. These were in the latest Petalia newsletter Brunfelsia AKA "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" Azalea poisoning
  11. Pele has split a front toenail. It's very raw and tender atm Will have to see how she is Saturday. Don't know what car parking will be like and I won't want to walk her any distance on hard paving to get there I doubt that we will be there
  12. Hi Penumbra, It's open to everyone :) So sorry to hear about your dog
  13. Congratulations to xena98 and Ness Pele and I can also brag. We got our 3rd rally novice pass and RN title with a score of 94. I didn't use my brain and stuff us up this time :laugh: Too bad about our open class Pele turned into a Bull Terrier again and decided she wasn't going to do it
  14. Purina "Bark in the Park" Saturday 20th October in Rymill Park 10am - 2pm Purina® Bark in the Park® is on again in Adelaide this year so get ready for a FREE day of fun with your dog, family and friends. From free samples, dog washing and photo shoots, to competitions and a Guinness world record attempt for the World's Loudest Bark, you'll find plenty to keep you and your dog entertained. Great Activities: Beneful® Dog Food Barn Total Care® Dog Wash Supercoat® Family Portraits PetLife® Grooming Demonstrations Ruffs® Agility Course Wagwear® Fashion Boutique Live Entertainment
  15. But she'd be funny to watch - like a big rolling pom pom *L*
  16. We could have a race between Earl and Jaana :laugh:
  17. Hi Lisa, It's a fun day out for everyone :) The day we went we had Saluki's, husky (which ran the wrong way :laugh: ), kelpie, dobermann, 3-legged Belgian Shepherd, my Bull Terrier and the star was "Earl", the Bloodhound (he was soooo funny, just don't put your money on him!) We all had a great time laughing at the doggies having a great time :) Bring Kiya along, she'll love it :)
  18. RIP sweet little Penny Fly free now. to you Esky and hope your other 2 little darlings are OK. What a horrible time for you
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