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  1. Tracking

    On Sunday 24 July at the Tracking Dog Club of SA trial Pele, my 11 yo Bull Terrier passed TSD 3 to earn her TSD title. I'm so proud of her :) Her name is now "Dual Ch (T) & Neuter Ch Trahern Glenariff (ai) CD RE TSD"
  2. Bull Terriers

    Pele and I haven't been on for a while. My gorgeous and talented girl is 11.5 years now. The weekend before last Pele passed her TSD3 tracking test to earn her "Track and Search Dog" (TSD) title to add to her Tracking Champion title. That's Pele's 11th title!!! I'm so proud of her :) She now has 2 show, 2 obedience. 3 rally obedience and 4 tracking titles to her name!! Pele tracking :) Look at Pele's registered name now
  3. Bull Terriers

    Pele got her 3rd Rally Obedience Excellent leg to earn her RE title yesterday. That's the 9th title that she's earned - 2 show, 2 obedience, 2 tracking and 3 rally. What a clever little girl she is When the paperwork is completed her official title will be Aust. Ch & Neuter Ch Trahern Glenariff (ai) CD RE TDX
  4. Bull Terriers

    and me giving an obedience demonstration for the Bull Terrier Club of South Australia at this year's Royal Adelaide Show.Bull Terriers were one of the featured breeds at this year's Show :)
  5. I Have Solved The Oodle Problem

    Here you go :laugh: Dog Disguise Kits for BSL Are you sick of people looking at your breed of dog in fear because politicians and the media are saying things like: "We want to breed these dogs out of existence". Well worry no longer, AttackChi will be making disguises for all the so called "dangerous" breeds. These disguise kits are a response to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). BSL affects dogs that are well socialized, have a friendly temperament, or have received dog training.
  6. Bull Terriers

    There's another bully called Luna in FNQ equally as accomplished with a CD, RN and agility titles :) Bull Terriers CAN be trained :D
  7. Bull Terriers

    I am so proud of her Mim :) Pele also has 2 passes and just needs 1 more "leg" to earn her Rally Excellent (RE)obedience title :D I my gorgeous little red dog :D Pele couldn't give a "rat's" about all the fuss
  8. Bull Terriers

    What a little cutie
  9. Bull Terriers

    Pele passed track 6 on Saturday to earn her Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) title. Her official title is now "Australian Ch & Neuter Ch Trahern Glenariff (ai) CD RA TDX". I'm sooo proud of the "Goddess" :) This is what Pele had to do - Test 6 - Unknown Person... The dog is required to track an unknown person for approximately 1,200 metres. The Track will have a minimum of 5 changes of directions: one of these must be between 45 degrees and 90 degrees, the other changes of directions will be between approximately 90 degrees and 150 degrees. Three articles must be placed on the Track. The Track shall be crossed twice by Cross Tracks and one or two unknown persons may lay these. The Cross Tracks must be laid approximately 30 minutes after the original Tracklayer has passed. The minimum time lapse for the commencement of the Track must be 60 minutes and the maximum 180 minutes, from the time the Track was laid. A minimum of two articles must be indicated by the dog to obtain a Pass. The Tracklayer or Finish Article must be found at the end of the Track for the dog to obtain a Pass. Now on to Tracking Champion!!!
  10. I've had an email from a friend passing thru' Adelaide from Alice Springs to Melbourne. She needs accomodation for 26 and 27 February for her Bull Terrier while she has eye surgery, and then picking up 28 Feb to continue on to Melbourne. I've heard that Top Spot are good. Adelaide Hills Pet Resort are booked out. Any other recommendations please :) Thanks.
  11. Boarding Kennels Adelaide

    Thanks for the recommendations My friend has decided to board her dog in Alice Springs, where Sari is happy staying for the 2 days because she couldn't find any accommodation along the way that would allow a crated dog in the room overnight. There's no way that she'd leave Sari in a car alone overnight and would have to sleep in the car with her and of course wouldn't get any sleep Dogtainers are going to pick Sari up and deliver her to my friend in Adelaide so that she can continue her journey on to country Victoria.
  12. Boarding Kennels Adelaide

    Thanks skyefool :) Just checked the web page and they are on holidays "Management and Staff of Pampered Pets Resort are having a holiday in February 2014 We are closed for business from 5PM on 13th February and reopen at 9AM on the 20th February. We apologise for any inconvenience."
  13. Boarding Kennels Adelaide

    Thanks MadWoofter. Couldn't remember if I'd heard good or bad about them :) Will pass on :)
  14. Entertaining A Dog While Confined

    Here are some ideas :) Getting Your Dog To Rest After Surgery - Not Always Easy Things to do with your recuperating dog! How to keep a dog entertained after surgery or while an injury heals
  15. Bull Terriers

    Beautiful :love:
  16. Bull Terriers

    Pele passed track 3 on Saturday and has now earned her Tracking Dog (TD) title to go with her obedience titles Was worth getting up at 4.30am. After the paperwork is completed her official name will be "Aust. CH & Neut. CH Trahern Glenariff (ai) CD RN TD". What a clever girl
  17. Tracking

    Congratulations everyone Pele and I passed track 3 at the weekend and have our TD title
  18. Bull Terriers

    Beautiful pics juice I hope that Bonne is doing so much better
  19. Bull Terriers

    So sorry to hear that Bonn is not well Hope she's on the mend. Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way
  20. Bull Terriers

  21. Bull Terriers

    He's beautiful
  22. So sorry to hear RIP dear Baz for rescuing Baz and giving him a happy life.
  23. Bull Terriers