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    hey I have a lovely samoyed boy. but please dont think they are all lovely and plasid etc etc. mine is not he is HARD WORK. he tests me all the time he is a challange he is hyper he is SUPER smart and you can undo all training with him in 5 seconds. He is good with kids but must be watched he cant be trusted. He has challenged us more then once and has moods where i just wont deal with him til they pass. BUT i still love him. He is who he is. He can stop eating and decide that he wont like what im feeding him for weeks on end. and its ALWAYS a battle of the wills. They are not like any dog you have owned before. My boy we call the people slut he loves going out and meeting other people and will choose people over dogs. but at home he is hard work. I read so much saying how wonderful family dogs they are but they are alot of hard work to get them there. As a pup my boy was sooo good and he has got worse as he has gotten older. he is only just over one now LOL but he is starting to get good again.
  2. they more likly changed it or are moving maybe?? so they where not found. at least the put her there and not at the pound. they must have been desperate.
  3. funny how its about a different dog yet the dog was 2.5K with a 1.5K deposit but we totally would not think its the same dog. oh thats right just on sell it in the trading post like you posted in the first one i just had another thought. we got given a dog by a realative we called the breed contact was the same there was no refund for relative even when he was a pup. also they could actually sue u for more then the pruchace price as there is a contract saying about a litter. thats money they can no longer get. who is going to pay good money for an unruley young dog who needs alot of training. if you cared about this dog it would be back in the breeders arms. where she can put the work into makeing her a good dog. that is going to cost money
  4. yep dog grooming is a sucky job at times. I used to and dont do it anylonger. I remember this poor poor newfie i had. the most lovely dog and i could have stoped and called the rspca. this dog had what look like an entire poo stuck to it. it smelt like ammonia. and was completely matted and covered in sand. it was just heart breaking i spent probly 1/2 day sorting this dog out for bugger all. and never saw it again. im sure it was just put out the back til it got that bad again. I did have a pushy owner like the OP. but i did it as he offered my double for his chow chow. was not the nicest dog to do (had such a thick coat) and the guy stayed as apprently it could be agressive. the guy was like wow he must like you as he is normaly not very freindly (thanks for saying that NOW grr). nice dog another i never saw again. He worked away and had split with the wife. seen what state the dog was in and payed me to groom him as he was so up set about how the dog was.
  5. im just bumping as i will need somewhere for after chrissy it think
  6. i have voted No and linked it to my FB. Rottis are amazing dogs
  7. why not complain to the news paper saying WTF. and why are you brining it up?? make a stand SA dog lovers
  8. i would call up and put a complait in that was not sounding like you live there. like i was at my mates place or was doing a letter box drop and .............................. add what you like
  9. i think you need to speak to who ever you are fostering him through. He sounds like he needs alot of help and time. and showing fear aggression i cant help you with any ideas but i would say a behaviouist is needed. so see if he end up being ok to rehome
  10. Thank you for that she is doing that exactly I'll email her the link above and I'm sure she will get help
  11. this dog does have good manners but this issue. thats why it threw her owner and me. She is in W.A SOR
  12. i said the same but she just wanted opinions on it she is in W.A south of the river
  13. Hi i have a friend (i dont want to go into too much detail about said person) She has asked me what i think and im not sure so i thought i would ask on here. She has a Spitz breed dog. She is a lovely lovely dog with great manners and has had alot of training. BUT she has this thing that IF she is doing something naughty and her owner says NO at her in a gowly voice (this dog has never been hit or anything like that) she will spin around and growl. its not been one time its been a few. She is semi standing her ground at the owner Growl at her and then will bolt. The dog was not cornerd or anything. She has chidren and is concern understandably Said dog has been known to do things like leap onto the couch and then when told to get off she will growl at the owner. and then will get off. what do you think??
  14. I LOVE the look and what these dogs sound like. but do they drul (sp)
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