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    Dog obedience and retrieving, I recently got a new pup who I am going to show a little bit too :)


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  1. Discharge From Penis

    Both mine ger it occassionaly
  2. Western Australian Thread

    Yeah that's all iv had to do with Mason, 2 sets of different drops
  3. Western Australian Thread

    Wow that's great! I'm definitely going to go tracking next year with Gibbs.
  4. Western Australian Thread

    I'm in. Won't go if it's too hot after my run in with a baby dugite on the path down to the beach last time
  5. Western Australian Thread

    Sorry no can do tomorrow but any other weekend when its warmer and im keen. Just dont want sand near Masons eye. He went for a check up this AM and its good. Really lucky that it was only a small one so healing quickly
  6. Western Australian Thread

    Poor Mason has an eye ulcer
  7. Really Bad Allergy

    See a dermatologist for allergy issues. Take it from somebody with 2 allergy dogs - one if them severe, everything else is a waste of time and money
  8. Western Australian Thread

    In lucky with Gibbs is fur is thick and i cant even see the scar now
  9. Those Crazy Labradors

    Lol mine take 2 morning and 2 in the evening dogs metabolize stuff differently to humans. I would just gve her 1 and see if it does the trick.
  10. Western Australian Thread

    He ran yesterday I the heats, heis running 3am our time tomorrow in the semi's - 800m for south africa
  11. Western Australian Thread

    Bit off topic but Mau's nephew is running in the olympics he has just made it thru to the semi finals - very exciting!!
  12. Those Crazy Labradors

    Poor Ollie Tara we use Zyrtec
  13. Those Crazy Labradors

    Mason would even just breath it in and hs eyes would swell hasn't happened for about 2 years but he is on desensitization immnotherapy
  14. At Byford the dogs are allowed to exercise after vet check. My cats did in total 7 months quarantine from africa... Very excessive since they were tested for everything before they even entered quarantine
  15. Those Crazy Labradors

    The famous Labrador stand off Abbey does this and my old girl used to do this in the laundry the come in to "help" but then when your done and tell them to come and they just stand there I've had to either push them out or pretend to throw some kibble. I used to call Sheba lead bum because one she sat and went stubborn you just didn't stand a chance. Hey MG do your allergy guys ever get puffy around there eyes if they have been into the dirt or something that doesn't agree? Mason used to get swollen around the eyes if there was a lot of pollen in the air.l.