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  1. Yeah that's all iv had to do with Mason, 2 sets of different drops
  2. Wow that's great! I'm definitely going to go tracking next year with Gibbs.
  3. I'm in. Won't go if it's too hot after my run in with a baby dugite on the path down to the beach last time
  4. Sorry no can do tomorrow but any other weekend when its warmer and im keen. Just dont want sand near Masons eye. He went for a check up this AM and its good. Really lucky that it was only a small one so healing quickly
  5. See a dermatologist for allergy issues. Take it from somebody with 2 allergy dogs - one if them severe, everything else is a waste of time and money
  6. In lucky with Gibbs is fur is thick and i cant even see the scar now
  7. He ran yesterday I the heats, heis running 3am our time tomorrow in the semi's - 800m for south africa
  8. Bit off topic but Mau's nephew is running in the olympics he has just made it thru to the semi finals - very exciting!!
  9. At Byford the dogs are allowed to exercise after vet check. My cats did in total 7 months quarantine from africa... Very excessive since they were tested for everything before they even entered quarantine
  10. Yeast infections are usually because of an internal issue, I cut out all wheat and cereals etc and my dog has never had another yeast infection.
  11. Tess really made me sad because if my lab had been mistreated he would shut down like Tess ( he goes like that in storms or if smoke alarm goes off) he also looks a lot like Tess so it really upset me. Lucy also made me cry because the poor thing could hardly walk, if you watched te one scene it looks like there could be something wrong with her hips too poor poor dogs
  12. On my allergy dog i use QV wash and tepid water.
  13. Yeah i can imagine how frustrated you are! I know its a different problem but Mason was a bit like Kenz, nothing i did for him allergy wise worked for him for ages. It was a lot of trial and error and i felt helpless and like giving up lots of times. I kept trying and now he is so much better than he was.
  14. My surgeon was also going to go the conservative route but once he opened Gibbs up he said he could see how nuch worse it was and that he needed to cut the ulna. I can see your surgeons point of view etc but i wouldnt let him operate ob my dog again but we all feel differently about things.
  15. Dont feed a growing dog joint supplements it does more harm than good accirding to our ortho vet. My dog started at 8 months but he has elbow dysplasia and his xrays showed his growth plates had closed
  16. Best birthday gift for me last weekend was seeing Gibbs play and swim for 1,5 hrs with 5 other labs and not limp once :)
  17. To be honest Ness i dont know if i would let the same specialist operate again ad she seems worse now than before the op!
  18. I do what my dermatologist says, when my dog gets a hotspot 20% of my dogs back is affected. Thank dog he doesnt get them anymore
  19. Sorry Ness it must be hard. I went in knowing Gubbs may not come right even with surgery, i guess i just got lucky
  20. Crash didn't work for my dog at all I shave the area, wash with chlorohexidine, and apply Bactroban or Advantan fatty ointment
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