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  1. Let Dogs Into Cafe's ?

    I think it would be fantastic if they if they let this happen
  2. Puppy Spent The First Night Outside

    When did he say he left it outside because he didnt want to get up to let it out? He was taking advice off his breeder. If he is coming to this forum and asking questions dont you think he is trying to give the dog his best by getting advice and help off others? I dont agree at all with letting dogs sleep outside in this weather or at all, but who am i or anyone else to question how another raises there animals, unless they are abusing the animal? He si trying to give the puppy the best he can by asking for help and advice, i dont think its fair to say that he shouldnt have gotten the dog as he isnt prepared to look after it, when clearly when he was asking her help is him trying to ask for help!
  3. Puppy Spent The First Night Outside

    I agree, the puppy should be inside, i would never dream on putting any of my 3 dogs out side. but i dont think its your place to say that they are not looking after their dog.. that is only on aspect of looking after an animal, there are many dog owners who do keep their dogs outside, yes i dont agree with it, but its not our place to tell others how to raise there dogs.
  4. Puppy Spent The First Night Outside

    Why get a dog in the first place if your not prepared to look after it. I believe that was not called for. I do believe in this weather it is best for a dog to be inside, even more so at some a young age, but i do not believe it is fair of you to question another dog owner or state that they are not prepared to look after it.
  5. Puppy Spent The First Night Outside

    Wow the post above me was a little bit harsh dont you think?
  6. Puppy Spent The First Night Outside

    Poor puppy.. Doesnt he freeze in this weather? I dont think i could even put my two eldest girls outside elt alone my 14 week old puppy.. How do you know when you need to take him to the grass area to the toilet in the middle fo the night? I am having the same trouble though with my newest adition to our family, of trying to get him to go to the toilet on the grass instead of our patio. We are using the same training techiques as we would with house training. It seems to be working but he does from time to time slip up and just cannot hold it in
  7. Blanks

    I'm in barrack heights if u still need help
  8. Dogs Jaw Taped Shut, Throat Slashed

    If this were a human not a dog a much harsher punishment would be put in place.
  9. My two eldest girls used to be like that till we got Dallas, our newest member to our family. He has really invaded their personal space and loves cuddling and brought my two girls out of their shells. Now they cant get enough of it, they keep each other warm at the end of my bed each night and cuddle on the couch together during the day.. its so gorgeous.. i wouldnt trade any of it for the world.
  10. All three of my dogs cuddle up together, i find it gorgeous!
  11. Dogs Jaw Taped Shut, Throat Slashed

    Thats disgusting.. Harsher punishments should be put in place for creeps like this that could harm an innocent animal. if someone did that to my dogs, i would do the same to them.
  12. Rescue Requirements For Puppy School Attendance

    I just picked up my third puppy from a resuce centre and they are no set rules that you must take them to puppy classes, i do however make it a very important thing for all my pups to attend tho.
  13. Dog Models Wanted

    Hey, i may only be modest but i think i do have the best looking dogs out. I have two shar-peis and a resuce dog (border collie x?) Best looking dogs out, if you ask me
  14. You And Your Dog

    This is me and my girl; Woofie - Pure Breed Shar-Pei. I will try and find others of me and my other 2 pups