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  1. I have used this company a few times and they have been very reliable and efficient. I would excuse them as it is Xmas time.
  2. Cat People

    Thanks for the info DD I would be very interested in reading it.
  3. Cat People

    What a story. It really was awe inspiring from start to finish. The cat certainly has a gift for looking after his little mate and keeping him calm. Animals are wonderful. Looking forward to hearing how they progress together. I had tears in my eyes while reading this.
  4. Pregnant Bitch Bitten By Snake

    Hi SLF, I am so pleased to hear that the puppies are doing so well and sending healing vibes to your little girl. Let's just hope that it passes and everything works out well for her. Healing vibes for Reba too she has been through a terrible time and so have you. Lots of love to all of you.
  5. Sending A Dog 26kg To Tasmania

    Hi, Something to consider when sending your dog to Tassie is the fact that they have to have been treated for hydatid tapeworm before they arrive in the state. You need to produce documentation for it or they can't enter. 'Something to consider.
  6. Hi Donatella, My heart goes out to your friend. To have that happen would be a nightmare. There are certainly some sick people in this world. Let's hope that when/if they catch these mongrels they do the same things to them. That might be the way to stop animal cruelty.
  7. One If My Dogs Has Been Hospitalised

    Great news that Astro is home. It will be a big relief to you too. He will improve much better at home with his family. Especially his mum. Sending healing vibes.
  8. One If My Dogs Has Been Hospitalised

    Thinking of you and Astro. He is so cute. Here's hoping that the transfusion goes well for him. Sending healing hugs from my brood and I.
  9. Pregnant Bitch Bitten By Snake

    SLF my thoughts and prayers are with you, Reba and the pups. You and Reba are doing a marvellous job together. I can only imagine the stress you must be under but hold on and go with the flow if possible. The more stressed you are the more it sends to Reba and pups. You are a loving and caring person and I am sure all will work out for you and the family. Reba is doing her best too and she is probably unsure of what is happening with her babies atm. Sending hugs and relaxing vibes.
  10. Pregnant Bitch Bitten By Snake

    I am thrilled that all has gone well for you, Reba and all the babies. What a wonderful outcome. Big hugs to everyone.
  11. Early Morning Tranquility Shattered

    How awful for you to witness what happened to your baby Kirislin. I hope that she rests and recovers well. My babies and I send licks and healing hugs to you all.
  12. Pregnant Bitch Bitten By Snake

    I don't think that a thread has affected me the way this one has and I watch eagerly for the puppies to arrived. Everything crossed for an easy birth for all involved.
  13. Pregnant Bitch Bitten By Snake

    Go little puppies and mum. Thinking of you all SLF and hoping that all goes well. I check all the time and my thoughts are with the family. Many hugs to all.
  14. I'm In Shock My Next Door Neighbours Puppy

    Be happy and free now over the rainbow bridge little puppy. RIP What a dreadful thing to see happen to such an innocent little pup.
  15. My Sweet Girl Is 2!

    Happy birthday Odie what a lucky girl you are. Big birthday hugs to you.