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  1. Totally lost it this morning, without warning. I can't believe its been more than a year. However, I was able to use it to finish her Eulogy. My satin coated Princess, Holy heiress of white, Who gave time its sweetness, And brightness to light. Dear lover of puppies, Always happy to great, Strange canines and people, Out in the street. Mother of Workers, Companions and Sires, With soft, placid heart, And simple desires. Now resplendent in Glory, Outshinning Day light, You were taken too early, To join Arawn's plight. Be faithful and worthy, Look down from above,
  2. Terribly bad news Maeby. Its not nice when it happens, but they do stay with us, forever.
  3. Not irrational and overstated at all. Having been through the courts with Dangerous Dog Declarations I am under a serious threat. I keep, and love, Maremmas. My plans include a long and successful relationship over the few decades I have remaining with this divine breed. I'm not opposed to going to live elsewhere. This Planet Stupid stuff is just getting intolerable.
  4. Do you have life insurance? :D Why, are you planning on killing her :laugh: I don't know why, it's not like he's in the will :rofl: :rofl: For all I know, you might be Jennifer. :D
  5. Only one photos. Did you watch the video? Observe the quality of maremma required to Best in Shepherd Group in Europe. Its one of Manuela Donadoni's dogs, the maremma breeders, 'breeder' in Italy. Lets say, consistent breeder of World beating Maremmas, equalled only by Anna Albrigo.
  6. This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by Rebanne . View it anyway? Nuh!
  7. We all miss buddy Cazstaff. We also feel some of your sorrow and loss. I lost two girls last year, both probably avoidable. I will never forgetten them or let history repeat itself. "Thou has given us dogs, how great thou art".
  8. Congratulations Steve. Did she have 15, like this lot? Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.
  9. It seems to me that dogs biting, in this type of situation, is mostly a reflex action. And, once the bitting frenzy starts, the reflex action continues. If you get in the middle of it, then you get bitten. This is my observation, of course, and I've not trained dogs to apprehend. But I have spent time trying to desensitize a few after they had been mistreated by neighbours. Training, it appears to me, is arbitrary in the mix of conflict. Dogs do not discern what is a stick, what is a miscreant's leg, or what is the handler's arm. If the reflex is triggered by a stimulus near the
  10. I've had to spray the yard this year too. Then I scooped them all up with the lawn mower. I think its unacceptable, however, out at Broken Hill they used to say that it would toughen the dogs up, and they have to walk on the road anyway. Poor puppies.
  11. Its also illegal in NSW. I am so over the interpretation and argument that dogs can be afixed to a post legally. This section of the law applies to the back of utes and similar situations where a dog might be caged or tethered.
  12. Joking about this is very bad taste Did you think that was meant to be funny? Two very serious issues, my death and the welfare of my dogs afterwards. Unlike some, I try to consider all possible scenarios.
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