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  1. Ag Show Passes Rule

    If you have problems get the Ag Society to contact the ASC - this is a long standing agreement
  2. Ag Show Passes Rule

    Just saw your post - State rules trump the ANKC - the rules for NSW are as follows and I believe most states are the same. SECTION 22 1/90 Facilities at Shows 22.1 No exhibitor shall be required by an Affiliate to pay a fee to gain entrance to a Showground. 22.2 (a) An Affiliate shall permit each exhibitor to park without charge one vehicle on or within reasonable proximity to a Showground. (b) If parking cannot be provided on a Showground, exhibitors are nonetheless entitled to reasonable vehicular access to the Showground for the purpose of loading and unloading of an exhibit. 22.3 An Affiliate shall issue each exhibitor with: 5/90 (a) one pass for one or two exhibits; (b) two passes for three or four exhibits; © three passes for five or six exhibits; (d) four passes for seven or more exhibits; and each such pass shall:- (e) permit the bearer to enter and remain on the Showground for the duration of the Show, and (f) confer on the bearer the vehicular privileges referred to in Regulation 22.2. Hope that helps. Nancy Keck
  3. At the NSW Dogs On Show event at the end of a very long day with our Neapolitan Mastiffs several teenagers approached giggling and one asked "how do you walk that dog" - I forgot to be diplomatic and replied "on a lead". Was worth it though when the rest of the teenagers and anyone else within hearing laughed. Years back before I became immune we were often asked if our Neapolitans were "rolly dogs" like on TV. I used to osit up a soft toy Sharpei on top of a toilet roll - with a sign saying I am a Rolly Dog and signs over our Neapolitans saying Neapolitan Mastiff. Despite the name of our dog and even when I put up an Italian Flag the question is "what country are they from". You have to laugh.
  4. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. I think the award nights is one of the dog worlds highlight of the year - it certainly restores my faith by seeing and meeting the many truly wonderful people and listening to things that many have done. Unfortunately due to a single puppy litter and a very wayward mother I was unable to attend. Klaus and our good friend Lisa Hemming did though and rang me at 12.30am to tell me I had won the Dianne Gunn Scarcella Award. Naturally I didn't believe them and checked the computer first thing this morning. My goodness what a shock - and what an honour - I can't believe that I deserve this wonderful award. Hope all who attended had a wonderful night - I shall look forward to Canberra next year.
  5. Huge congratulations Pauline - a wonderful result. Last year Klaus thought I should wear nothing but the Tiara and sash. Still having fun with mine - every visitor to our home gets to see me in the sash & Tiara - and clothes of course.
  6. Neapolitan Mastiff

    Hi Chequeredblackdog, A good website to look at is www.neapolitanworld.com although typical of many websites one has to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Rockarmour Stella is still doing strong - full of personality and fun. She now pulls a 4 wheeled wagon and still goes to shows at almost 6 - and the youngsters have a very hard time winning over her. Best way to learn more is to go see some in the flesh at their homes. You are most welcome to visit us - you can see 4 generations here and see how they behave in a home situation etc., You get to see their real personalities. If you have any particular questions feel free to post here or email me privately anytime. Regards
  7. Why Is It So

    Just a different point of view for you all to think about/ comment on. I have been trying to look at the big picture - not just conformation showing to see why the purebred dogworld is shrinking. Looking at the ANKC statistics (all available on the ANKC website) 25 years ago in 1986 a total of 95,792 puppies were registered. 25 years later 2010 a total of 66,040 registered - this is a 32% reduction. Therefore in my opinion this will flow on and effect show numbers. In addition limited register was introduced in that time (and in my opinion has been largely abused since - as it was originally intended for puppies who do not meet the standard, or did not meet the standard well enough to breed) further reducing available purebreds. Add that to things discussed here - i.e., face judging, return of favours, nastiness, fuel costs etc., and I suppose that explains it. In my opinion we need to produce more purebred main register dogs and make them available to people without strings attached. The ANKC has some statistics on their site which estimate ANKC registered puppies are about 20% of total puppies born each year. I personally believe from my research that it is more likely about 10% of all puppies being ANKC registered. So if you look at how many of these go on limited register you will see an ever decreasing amount of purebred registered dogs available for breeding. We are turning people away and encouraging them into the "designer" mongrel dog market. So how can we improve at shows to start - Obedience and Agility do seem to be going well and increasing in numbers. Nothing can be done about fuel prices. But have you ever thought about what equipment you have for shows today compared to what you had 10-15-20-25 years ago? Back in 1995 when we commenced showing Neapolitan Mastiffs we had a canopy on our existing 4wheel drive, an umbrella tent, two stakes, couple of towells, esky, water bowls for dogs. These days we have my vehicle purchased for ease of transporting dogs, a 6berth dual berth trailer with wardrobe (especially made to our specs), 3 different Gazebos including a 6x3m. Floor mats, 6 large size crates for shows - the list goes on. Show entry fees - I know people complain about this, but compare the fees today with 10-15-20-25 years ago. The entry fees haven't even kept up with CPI - yet overall judging fees have increased (due to higher travel costs, accomodation), ribbons, sashes and stationary have all increased, as has groundhire, insurance etc., This is a large part of the reason why so many "ordinary" prizes occur. I personally would be happy to receive only a Sash for a group or in show win and nothing else for shows with say under 500 entries. Larger shows might be able to consider cash instead of trophies? Anyway just a few thoughts - would be delighted to hear opinions.
  8. Oh Minister ....

    Yes isn't this a disgrace. The whole dishonesty that was displayed by this person during the tail docking fiasco was unbelievable. All the submissions were in vain as he had given instruction to the Dept. to work out how to implement a ban before even receiving submissions. The last 12 months seeing this person finally exposed for what he is comes a bit too late. Obviously we should have invited him to lunches, dinners, danced naked on tables etc., and we may have had a different result. Nancy Keck
  9. We are holding entries open til last mail 6th July and Online entries a little longer so don't forget to get those entries in. We are again holding a soft toy competition for children 10 and under so do bring a soft toy along for your children. Heaps of beautiful BOB sashes this year, and special ones for Neuter in Group and in Show. See you there
  10. Neapolitan Mastiff

    Hi Kazak Thank you for posting that - very interesting and correct information for newcomers and admirers of the breed.
  11. "face Judging" In The Show Ring

    Not always. I am the Show Secretary for the Rylstone Kandos & Dist Kennel Club shows on 23rd & 24th July and my husband is Show Manager on the day. This year marks the 4th year of this clubs shows. Klaus and I do not show dogs at these shows and the only one of our dogs at the Show has been our Stella who pulls a cart for the soft toy competition for children at lunchtime. We (the club) do our best to choose Judges who are confident enough to do their own thing without fear or favour and have a great time doing it. We also have on each day a General Specials Judge who only does general specials, who arrives at or after lunch and has no or little knowledge or what has happened in the groups. It does seem to be working as our entries are increasing each year - Our first year was around 320 each day and the third 520 each day, this year we are hoping to go over 600 per day. If you are close enought do consider entering, camping on grounds is available - many with power and lots of varieties of local accommodation. See you there?
  12. Mdba - Results

    A Great night and so many wonderful, wonderful people. Congratulations to all those nominated and those awarded. Klaus & I were totally stunned firstly just to be nominated and to win the Master Breeder of the Year is just amazing. I did refrain from wearing my Tiara home on the plane, but wore it all the way home in the car and put on the sash to show off to our dogs. Fortunately I had the foresight to hide our cameras before wearing the Tiara together with gumboots for this mornings poo pick up.
  13. Progesterone Levels Through Pregnancy

    With Neapolitan Mastiffs it is 61 days from implant or first natural mating. If puppies are not out on day 62 you must get them out or lose the litter. It is not unusual for females with a large litter (10+) to start at day 57. I have chartered temperatures on every litter we have - and found it is of no use at all. Some bitches give no signs whatsover, temperature or behaviour. I had one girl laying on my lap on day 60, had my hand on her stomache and felt nothing other than the occasional puppy wiggle. After an hour I got up to prepare for bed, turned and saw her sitting up on the lounge and as she went to get off a puppy dropped out - thank heavens it was a leather lounge. That involved a very quick trip to the whelping room with mother and puppy. Neapolitan Mastiffs are a very stoic breed and will give no indication they are in pain, unless it is very, very bad. Some never "nest", pant or even go off their food. Each one is different. A coloured discharge - black or green means immediate caesarian or lose puppies. It is a real learning curve whelping Mastino - past experience with other breeds simply doesn't apply in most cases. Sherilyn Allens book has a good section that is helpful and Karen Hedburg is a NSW vet who is experienced with giant breeds and will tell you 61 days. Sorry you and your girl had such a bad experience and hope everything goes well next time.
  14. Tough Hides And The Show Ring

    One thing I recommend to newcomers or anyone having a bad time is to get involved in the show itself. Volunteer for cardwriting if that is being done ringside - many shows are desperate for card writers and it is fairly easy to do if the stewards sheets are in good order. Often the bullies and the nasties never involve themselves in "helping" and steer well clear on anyone doing so. In fact the nasties fear authority and get the impression that any of the helpers at a show can influence their "wins" and hence are polite. But we do need to emphasise to newcomers that there are some very lovely people who show, and many who are genuinely interested in sharing information. As someone said earlier people who have other interests as well as dogs are usually great to get along with.
  15. Tough Hides And The Show Ring

    It is not just in the show ring, but anthing to do with purebred dogs. Take a look at some of the adverts for litters in breeds you are familiar with. Anything goes - and if you are really brave ring a few and hear them disparage other breeders. Often the most blatant brags and disparaging comments are from people breeding their first litter - fast learners. But a sense of humour really helps and a determination to have fun with and enjoy your dogs.