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  1. Very happy 14th birthday Leo! and warm wishes to all who were involved in his story. Time has flown by. Souff
  2. Microchipping is worth its weight in gold. I have just received an email about another reunion of dog and rightful owner. The law may not be able to do much about Robert's captors but I feel sure that KARMA will give them what they deserve. Souff
  3. ;) What did he say about the fleas? Ahh! Souff, it's good to see you posting after a long absence. Still laughing here. ah yes, some of the furries have gone to God, so I had a cleanout and voila, I found a keyboard! ;)
  4. I had the same reaction. shhhh ....
  5. OMG, I remember sitting with a neighbour's bitch for an afternoon and night in a shed while she delivered 6... 7..... 8....... 9......... 10......... 11 puppies! Lordie, Lordie, it was a flippin conga line of puppies! Souff was hugely relieved that the bitch was not too fazed ... and that she finally stopped! Souff was also pleased to see the useless neighbour return home too!
  6. It is always great to get a lost dog back home, but this is the first time I have heard that that the miscreant had to be rounded up by a Kelpie :)
  7. Oooooh Terry, you were assuming you were paying for a pedigreed animal, so you chase up those pedigree papers. Be brave, stick to your guns and ask for proof of pedigree and a receipt for $800 of your hard earned cash to be sent to you asap. If you dont get satisfaction let The Boss of this site know, let the Canine Council know, and let the Dept of Fair Trading know.
  8. Glad you sister is coming to spend some time with you. Here is a link to the WHW Club in NSW where she may find some kindred spirits. http://www.westieclubofnsw.org.au/
  9. Iris gets Souff's "True Brit, True Grit" award!
  10. We have to check every day in winter now - thanks to tick-infested bandicoots. Balance of nature ...
  11. Yes. Same can be said of guns and hunting knives. In the wrong hands a lot of damage can be done in a short space of time. Cannot agree with your use of the word "muppets" in this post ... Souff has long been a Jim Henson fan :laugh:
  12. Definitely not alone and definitely not obsessive. Advertisements with graphic photography showing before and after could be very useful reminders (in public places) that we dog owners all need to be responsible and not allow our animals to inflict damage on vulnerable people, or on anyone else for that matter. Dangerous dog messages seem to be regarded as being for somebody else's problem. Do not wish to seem harsh but both of the women living at this address (and possibly other family members) must have known there were risk factors, but I guess they thought that the dogs would never turn on them.
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