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  1. What To Do With Non-dog Neighbours?!

    Just had a conversation and we've decided that we're not going to let crazy neighbours dictate to us how we shoudl live, so we're putting up an 8ft fence so they have o idea what's going on. Apparently though there's talk that they're thinking of moving...hopefully!!! Crossing all fingers
  2. Best Sports For A Rottie?

    Oh wow, thank for that Dyzney! yeah that's why i'm waiting until the end of the year to sort out the neighbours, but that being said we live ina very rural area and large blocks and I refuse to let neurotic morons dictate on the number of dogs I can have. They are harmless enough and we just had a discussion and will be building an 8ft wooden fence so they'll have no idea what we're up to, as dogs is what I want to do and I only have one life and won't let them ruin it with their made up crapola. But will get the fence up before i bring one in. The ranger is on our side though which makes life easier. Althugh I did hear inthe wind yesterday that they were considering moving (back to idiotville hopefully) Loved the videos, yes I don't want a high drive one but I do want a male as I love male dogs. I am really excited that they love agility as I want to get into seriously and have set up a large agility area in the yard. I can't wait to get started now!! Thanks so much and I may ask your advice later on, once my boy has arrived.
  3. Best Sports For A Rottie?

    Awesome, any tracking clubs in central NSW? Yeah, I've been coming home smelling like sheep for too many years, time to be a lady haha
  4. Toller Time!

    Don't own Tollers but LOVE them! A man up the road recently got a young pup and he's such a different kind of dog. I love his look and personality. I will be stalking this thread often :) Puppy eye candy
  5. Best Sports For A Rottie?

    Haha. I've done herding most of my life and yard dog work. I am aiming for something a bit different now and to be honest I'm kind of sick of sheep lol.
  6. What To Do With Non-dog Neighbours?!

    Thanks for that advice, the ranger came over about 2 weeks ago as there was a complaint that the Maremma had gotten out and was out. They didn't know he was just around the corner and when he arrived the Maremma was sunning himself at the back of our block. Apparently he got out through three secure farm gates then quickly got back in with no help from anyone and went to sleep at amazing speed. He just shook his head and agreed that our dogs were fine and he also commented that he could hear her little dogs yapping form inside the neighbour's house. He was like "that must be annoying". Our other neighbours know that if the maremma barks then something is going on as he's not a barker (unusual for the breed I know), they have stopped talking to the crazy lady as well. they were looking after my dogs the other day and they said that the grandson was playing by the fence and when he saw my dogs who were just sniffing around, he screamed and ran away, then she hugged him and told him and i quote " the big mean doggies are locked up, it's ok" like WTH??? ugh, I will do that and start keeping a diary. Thank you!
  7. Kelpies

    I would love to and that was the plan but sadly the man I was going to work for pulled a shifty and I had to move back home and sell all my sheep dogs on. I rescued her because she's only been half trained in some paddock work so I can retrain her to do agility instead. My lifestyle doesn't suit sheep anymore but I couldn't/wouldn't ever let her go.
  8. Kelpies

    We weren't sure if we were going to get or not as she had to stay at the pound and we were worried someone would reclaim her, so we called her Maybe.
  9. Heads Up On Dog Theives

    There were dogs being stolen in my area (central NSW area) a while back, it seems they've moved up north now. It worries me with such a transient violence that they're going to recruit many new people from the next generation. There needs to be a dog fighting task force!
  10. What To Do With Non-dog Neighbours?!

    I would but I study from home and to be honest they bark so much that i don't really care any more. they don't annoy me and I don't want to make a big deal out of it or report her dogs in return, I just want peace, because this whole situation is ridiculous and makes no sense! I'm hoping they're just going to give up because my dogs don't bark enough to warrant recording unless they put it on repeat.
  11. What To Do With Non-dog Neighbours?!

    it's crazy, my maremma loves his playtime int he afternoon and will play bark but now I have to check to make sure they're not home so that they don't record him or report me. I'm actually considering moving as I don't want him to be considered a nuisance when he isn't. UGH.
  12. Heads Up On Dog Theives

    That really concerns me. I have a maremma that protects my property and other dogs but I have friends that own staffies and bulldogs and they're so scared, they're wrapping their pups in cotton wool. It's heinous!
  13. Kelpies

    Hi guys, I'm new here but thought I'd introduce myself, I recently rescued a black kelpie from the pound. She's been very abused but taught to work sheep, I'm currently retraining her to do obedience and agility. She's about 18 months and the vet said she's probably been bred from her first heat, poor girl . She's very loving and responsive, her coat is terrible and her body weight was shocking as she was dumped in the pound with her three pups (all of which have been adopted yay). It's a new start for her and will take some time but she's doing well, although she still has to learn that play growling is not aggressive and when the maremma play growl's with the Jack Russell it doesn't mean she has to defend herself. Here she is :)
  14. Livestock Guardian Dogs

    By the way, I love that Anatolian pup! I went to Oregon recently and met some Tibetan Mastiffs and Anatolians on a goat farm. This is one of the pups guarding the kid paddock. they get bears, Mountain Lions and Coyotes up there so they need guard dogs. These are the Tibetan mastiff pups playing like fools.
  15. Livestock Guardian Dogs

    Hi guys, I'm new here. This is my Maremma boy. He's trained in obedience and I've socialised him from day one to dispel the myth that LGD's are highly aggressive and can't be pets, he's 3 now and everyone in the community loves him.
  16. Rotty Owners

    Hi guys! I'm new here and this is my first post. I have handled dogs for my entire life and my first ever dog memory as a child was a huge rottweiler that would follow me all around town (he belonged to neighbours but they never did anything apart from feed him). Some of my best memories would be walking outside and seeing that big oaf waiting at the gate. He followed me around town for 2 years before he had a heart attack and died on their front lawn . After then I've had many different dogs, some I've rescued retrained and then rehomed and others I've been given and they've stayed. I currently have a Maremma that is trained in obedience and is 3 next week, a kelpie girl who was a pound rescue and I'm currently training in obedience and agility and an old Jack Russell that just hangs around and is very much spoilt. I'm after a new dog as I want to explore different dog sports but I can only go far with my Maremmas as he is "opinionated" about his training. My kelpie girl is great but sadly she was very abused before I rescued her and suffers some social issues that make her less then perfect. I've always love Rotties but sadly growing up people tried to shove the anti-rot messages down my throat, "they're aggressive", "they're highly unsocial' etc etc. I've only ever met one Rotie that was aggressive and his owner was an ...hole. So long story short I'm after a new dog and have chosen my favourite breed. I would also like to be someone who gets out and does a lot of public comps and sports with my dog to promote responsible dog ownership and dispel some of those myths. Many people were under the illusion that maremmas were not good pets nand aggressive, after meeting my boy they change their minds haha. I love Rottwielers. So all that said, I will probably be looking to get one at the end of this year as I have a few things to do before then and want to have spare time to dedicate to my boy. About what price would I be looking at these days for a male pup with full tail, not the bobtail ones. I don't mind if it's on limited reg, as I'll be getting it desexed any way. I'll be doing, obedience, agility (maybe), tracking, lots of hiking with a doggy backpack and Maybe later on some Schutzhund. Thanks guys, sorry for talking so much.