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  1. Gorgeous puppies Benshiva ???????????? What an awful job you have taking care of those beauties. Suppose someone has to do it LOL Thanks for sharing...????
  2. Another vote for the Black Dog Infin8 head collar. They work slightly differently to any other. I have found them extremely effective with a rescue boy I had who had never had any collar/ lead training. They are a bit fiddley to put on at first but once you are use to them, are as simple as. Very simple to progress to a martingale collar as well. I loved the fact that your lead attached on top of their head behind their ears, not under the chin like many other head collars. It gave you so much control over their head without interferring with the dogs head carriage. Highly recommend them...
  3. PME, we don't need a like button on DOL, we need a LOVE button. That photo of your new 3 BC family is so very frame worthy. What a beautiful behind the scenes story. Kenzie has finally found a bestie. Knowing she usually doesn't mix so well with others & was quite reactive from memory like my Stella.. You have put a tonne of work into her PME & she may finally now be confident & comfortable in her own skin. Enabling her to find companionship. Wonderful outcome for both you & your lovely BC clan. Gives me a glimmer of hope for Stella as well....maybe oneday ????
  4. Oh lovely calender pic's of Stan & Maddie Hazy, ???????? Always knew they were set for success ????
  5. Away atm caravaning so very limited internet access. PME wonderful to read dear sweet Nana Gem has picked up. Amazing what a bit TLC can do isn't it. She's got such a soft sweet face. How could anyone not love her. Thanks for caring XO
  6. I use Animal Pharmacy for all my dog medications. They are fabulous. Excellent service & save lots of $$$. With both mine on life time meds finding an fast delivery,extremely economical online service has been a god send. I have a great Vet that writes us out scripts. Some Vets aren't so obliging. Then I just fax the script through to AP & they fill the script & post it.You must post the original script to them though. Just speeds things up by faxing it through. I save well 50% on the price I would be paying if I were to buy from our Vet. Highly recommend them.
  7. We need a like button on DOL. Couldn't agree more Piper :)
  8. Double thanks from us to Hazy & everyone involved ☺
  9. Oh what a sweet old Granny Gemma you have there PME. Gosh she is such an unusually coated girl. It's hard to tell exactly what she is isn't it? She doesn't look like a merle to me in this pic either. Ghosty face girl :)
  10. I don't like the Furminator either. It cuts the top coat. But like you Piper I use the Coat King on their pants etc to thin them out a bit. I lift the top coat & get out all that bulk from underneath.
  11. Repel X here as well. Excellent product. A bit smelly but very effective. My 2 hate marchies with a passion as well. Thats a great thing about Advantix it does help repel mozzies & flys etc.
  12. Yes Davo ☺ Sonny my BC had a major food intolerance issue & he had what seemed like instant chronic drandruff, mainly around his hind quarters. It cleared within 24 hours of changing him to an almost raw/ grain free diet.
  13. Thanks Tassie ???? I was going to try & Jess out with her grooming issues but you have kindly done so with far more knowledge than myself & saved me typing ????
  14. Pretty Miss Emma, that is so very kind of you, taking on a ol' sweetheart. Looking forward to photo updates. How folks can just move house & leave this dear fella behind is so heartless & way beyond me. Angers me no end ????
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