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  1. Dog wound never healing

    Probably left of centre but... when wounds on humans don''t heal,properly or take a long time it can be because they have undiagnosed diabetes
  2. All Natural Vet care are at Russell Lea near Five Dock and that deal with complex and chronic cases with holistic remedies
  3. What a shame☹️It was such a godsend for us
  4. Would it be worth trying cranberry tablets?My girl had high PH level in her urine with struvite stones. Put her on the tablets and didn't ever have another problem. The composition of the stones is different but may be worth some research
  5. Blood In Urine

    No problem. My first girl I rescued from the RSPCA in Queensland. She was A Blenheim and had been used as a breeding machine. When she got too old she was dumped. She didn't know what grass was all about and would only wee on the concrete and curled up with newspaper She was 6 when I got her and I had great fun with her for the next 5 years. They are the most wonderful dogs and can't wait until I can get another one. Hope everything continues to go well.
  6. Blood In Urine

    If you are over the north side of Sydney, happy to help a fellow Cavalier owner with transport if needed to go to the vet.
  7. Blood In Urine

    My Cavalier had 3 bouts of Uti's with blood in her urine and also struvite crystals and a very high PH level. After she finished the antibiotics I put her on cranberry tablets and she didn't have any more problems in 6 years. And no stones, crystals and the PH went back to normal.
  8. Spinning Mini Schnauzer

    My girl Would wake up from a deep sleep and act as though something had bitten her. She would run and try to bite her back end. We finally worked out that she had a muscle spasm and it used to twitch and really worry her. She went to a vet who worked on her trigger points and all was good.
  9. Spinning Mini Schnauzer

    Maybe it has become a learned behaviour, or as Perse says, a form of OCD. May need a behaviourist to help your friend redirect the behaviour
  10. Vet Recommendations

    And Jill or I-Yu. There is another one who is to be avoided at all costs. Cavs will back me on that. Indeed, DDD!!
  11. Vet Recommendations

    GReencross is just down the road from and I would never go there. I travel to Hornsby. I heard an interview on radio and the guy who owns the Petbarn company also has an interest in Greencross in Queensland.
  12. The Doggy Stylist is a mobile groomer who does the top part of the North Shore and also Thornleigh etc. Ryan was great with my Cavalier who I wanted to be clipped in a particular way. He did exactly what I wanted. Would recommend him but he can get busy.
  13. Vet Recommendations

    Angus Martin or Penny Mead At Hornsby Vet. Sally Tilley at St Ives Vet
  14. I Need Help From The Dol Family.

    Are they treating the ulcer? I know that my ulcer used to give me a lot of pain and I had a lot of oesophagitis and Heartburn. This is probably why she doesn't want to eat. She may need something like Losec or Pariet as well as antibiotics
  15. The Animal Pharmacy

    My vet used to write a script for medications that I could get at the pharmacy. He had no issue doing this. Glad to hear that they provide a good service. They are in the suburb where I live. Would have been handy when I had my girl