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  1. Another vote for the Black Dog Infin8 head collar. They work slightly differently to any other. I have found them extremely effective with a rescue boy I had who had never had any collar/ lead training. They are a bit fiddley to put on at first but once you are use to them, are as simple as. Very simple to progress to a martingale collar as well. I loved the fact that your lead attached on top of their head behind their ears, not under the chin like many other head collars. It gave you so much control over their head without interferring with the dogs head carriage. Highly recommend them...
  2. Oh lovely calender pic's of Stan & Maddie Hazy, ???????? Always knew they were set for success ????
  3. I use Animal Pharmacy for all my dog medications. They are fabulous. Excellent service & save lots of $$$. With both mine on life time meds finding an fast delivery,extremely economical online service has been a god send. I have a great Vet that writes us out scripts. Some Vets aren't so obliging. Then I just fax the script through to AP & they fill the script & post it.You must post the original script to them though. Just speeds things up by faxing it through. I save well 50% on the price I would be paying if I were to buy from our Vet. Highly recommend them.
  4. Double thanks from us to Hazy & everyone involved ☺
  5. Repel X here as well. Excellent product. A bit smelly but very effective. My 2 hate marchies with a passion as well. Thats a great thing about Advantix it does help repel mozzies & flys etc.
  6. Yes Davo ☺ Sonny my BC had a major food intolerance issue & he had what seemed like instant chronic drandruff, mainly around his hind quarters. It cleared within 24 hours of changing him to an almost raw/ grain free diet.
  7. Just a quick heads up for anyone using Advantix every 2 weeks. According to my Vet we are able to use a Preventive Tick collar as well in high risk tick areas. Not Scalibor though as then you'd be doubling up on chemicals :)
  8. Dandruff can be a symptom of a food intolerance.
  9. Thanks Delta Charlie. Appreciate your help, again :)
  10. Gorgeous big fella ♡ Surely there has to be a way around this if you truly want to keep him that is... build him an enclosure if you are unable to fence. Recycle places have loads of suitable cheap materials usually. Rehomming should only be your absolutely last option IMO.
  11. Just seen this haven't read through all the posts So sorry kirty. Can't imagine the horror. Glad to read happy news though. Everything crossed, sending healing thoughts your way.
  12. I use Advantix on both my guys every 2 weeks which works extremely well for us. Plus daily search of course. I have heard great things about Nexguard but personally haven't tried as my girl is Epilepsy effected. The Scalibor collars are suppose to work brilliantly as well. I was thinking of buying the Scalibor collars as added protection when visiting QLD hinterland in 2 weeks time as last visit Sonny got a tick there. So am very worried about them as Ticks are rampant there. Not sure if it is a safe option though, so will ask my Vet first. Dam ticks are such a worry arent they... Delta Charlie would really value your ipinion on this please. Is it OK to use both just while on hols? TIA
  13. For anyone that's interested since having Stella on Golden paste for approximately 6 months now & have built up the dose to 1 teaspoon morning & night I have been able to wean her completely off Kalma medication. She was taking up to 1 tablet, 3 times a day on any given bad day. Now I only need give her a quarter of a tablet randomly if she is having a moment. While she will never be a calm dog by any stretch, I'm thrilled with the progress we are making with the help of Turmeric ☺
  14. IDIOT DOG OWNERS...Thought of this very thread while at the beach this morning. I watched 2 young guys in a Hilux type ute in the carpark doing 360's all the while an little red ACD was restrained on a loose leash in the back. I couldn't bloody believe what I was seeing in amongst the flying loose gravel & tyer smoke. That poor dog was literally getting thrown about from one side to the other & honestly don't know how he didn't get tossed out. The ute had a steel type tray & didn't appear to have any matting or floor covering, so there's no traction underfoot for the dog. Thankfully although it all seemed to all happen in slow motion, they didn't hang around long & took off. Poor dog :( hope he is alright. I should of reported it but it all happened so fast I didn't think to get a rego no... I certainly will keep a look out though in case I see them again...
  15. One very lucky dog. So dangerous if not secured properly. You see some dogs not secured at all & going around corners they almost fall out. Understand with farm dogs riding in the back but on public roads I believe they should be in crates if they have to ride in the back.
  16. I give Sonny NZ green lipped muscle powder daily as well. They advice not to use those commercial Turmeric capsules for some reason. From memory the curcuminoids levels are too high & taken for an extended period of time can be damaging to their liver.
  17. Gorgeous ol, fella... beautiful blue eye's. Hope he finds a loving place to lay his head.
  18. I start the Probiotic after the Antibiotics have finished usually.
  19. No we don't have that problem Scottsmum. We have been on it 6 months or so now. No cat pee smelling dogs here thankfully ???? Westiemum, just be careful in your new kitchen with the Turmeric. We have white Caesar Stone bench tops & I'm very careful with the Turmeric as it is a bugger to get off. It stains very quickly.I wear disposable gloves too otherwise my french nails end up an lovely shade of yellow LOL
  20. Westiemum, you need half cup Turmeric, 1 cup water, third cup cold press coconut oil & freshly ground black pepper, 1 & a half teaspoons. Place turmeric & water in pot & gently heat until it's a thick paste, stir continously. ( dont let it boil) for 7 to 10 mins. I keep more water at hand as I always seem to need to add a bit more. Then add your coconut & pepper. Stir through. Let go cold & jar up. Lasts for 2 weeks or so in fridge. I make up a bigger lot & freeze it. There is no dosage rules for this Westiemum. I started ar half a teaspoon, twice a day. Now we have 1 teaspoon. Mine are 19 & 24 kg though. Id start with a quarter of a teaspoon for your littke guys perhapsBoth my guys love it. They have never looked or moved better. Stella has Epilepsy, so I'm hoping it's going to help her. It's definitely benefiting Sonny. He is smiling again. He is also running around like he hasn't got Arthritis. I'm thrilled. Hope you have some success too WM :)
  21. I haven't heard of this dry food, Dibs. The website is pretty useless. Hasn' t even got any ingredients info or anything.
  22. Delta Charlie, I buy my Turmeric for my Golden Paste from Country Park Herbs online. 2 kg for around $40. Great quality & excellent service. They are in Bungendore. I buy Banabarn cold press Coconut oil from QLD on E.bay. 3 litres for $53. This will last me ages. Works out costing next to nothing & very easy to make. My 2 have been on it now about 6 months now & have never looked or moved better. Especially huge difference in Sonny who suffers Arthritis in his hips. He is back to his boncey self again. I've been able to drop RHV I was giving them so its saving me $$$ too. Hope I was able to be of help ????
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