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  1. Boxer

    Thanks Jed. I am still totally besotted. He is a lovely cruisey relaxed boy. I am beginning to wonder if that looney Boxer reputation is ever real or if people have just seen a lot of undisciplined dogs. We have solved (or nearly solved) the farting, with BARF and Blackhawk. He goes to dog daycare once a week and plays with 40 other dogs, all breeds and sizes and he is good, he loves it and it has helped the over excitement a lot. We did discover one surprising, other thing, DON't play any games that involve running away from him. he can chase down a large adult male, jump them at shoulder height and drag them to the ground by their clothes. It was in that moment that we discovered the true purpose of the boxer.
  2. Tips please - crate training adolescent dog

    Thanks, I will look up K9Pro's document. I haven't had any more attempts at using the crate, I just decided not to put all of the changes on him at once and stress him out, so I keep him on a lead when he is in the house at the moment. My Jack Russell decided that he was ok on day 2 and they have become great mates and I can put them outside all day together and they sleep in the lounge room at night. The fact that they get along is a relief and the crate training isn't as urgent. Introductions to the cats are going slower but showing promise, they can be in the same room together and he is starting to be able to take his focus off them and look away and even nap with them there.
  3. Boxer

    I am a newby owner of a recycled Boxer. My dog is 13 months, entire and came from a Uni share house, he has had limited socialisation with other dogs, none with cats, no behavioural boundaries, but basic obedience, sit, drop, no and wait for food was in place. Even though I researched this breed for a long time, there were a lot of things about the Boxer that surprised me, when I actually got one. I thought I would provide some feedback that might help other researchers to decide if this is the breed for them. I have owned German Shepherds (multiple) Grate Dane, Labrador, Maltese and a Jack Russell x . So that is my sphere of reference for comparing a Boxer. Nature - This is a really gentle and soft natured dog. I can't overstate how much more sooky teddy bear like he is than I was anticipating. He is happy, happy, goofy and funny. Contact - Likes to be physically touching you, not rough or obtrusive, but will move so that he can rest a paw on your foot or lay his head against your back. Intelligence - This is a smart dog, way smarter that I expected. He is eager to please and gets new commands in a couple of repetitions, almost needy of rules and boundaries. I would rate this dog as as smart as my Lab, but more compliant. Exercise and Activity - Not as high energy as I expected. My other breeds excepting the Great Dane and the Maltese were higher energy than this. This fellow enjoys a good long walk, a game of tug or a game of soccer or all 3 , but he doesn't go stir crazy without it. When playing he throws himself into it, running, boxing and jumping and a being a loony, but he can switch off immediately when commanded. Rambunctious and strong, yes, out of control, no. Slobber - For some reason I expected that smooshy face to be wet, but it is not, it is soft and squishy and kissy and dry. Hmmm delicious. We really haven't seen slobber or eye muck at all. His mouth is very soft, he takes food from your hand very gently. I am used to the very soft mouth of a Lab but this guy is equally as gentle. Smell - His fur doesn't have a doggy smell, even wet he is unsmelly, he doesn't leave the smell of dog on your hands after patting. This is the least offensive smelling dog of all the dogs I have owned. Farting - Yes, farts like a demon, can clear a room and sometimes you can even hear them. The biggest farter of any of my breeds. Dog Aggression - No, surprisingly for a dog that is entire and has not been socialised, My JR X backed him up the first time they met and the Boxer did not retaliate. Within 24 hours they were best buddies. He does get overexcited and a bit rough, so I imagine that could inadvertently start a fight, but there is no aggression. Chewing - I was expecting and was prepared for a power chewer, but not really, he isn't any more of a chewer than any of my other dogs were. Anyway, I thought I would do this while I am freshly in awe, because I think most of the articles and information about them is undersold and their faults have been far overstated.
  4. Tips please - crate training adolescent dog

    He went in ok in the middle of the lounge room and quite happily curled up for a nap for half hour and then we let him out again. Later I moved the crate to the family room, so that I could rotate the other dog and the cats into the lounge room, he could still see us, but he got himself in a real state of anxiety, whining and panting and scratching to get out, he was worse when I shut the door and he couldn't see us. I didn't want him to associate the crate with feeling anxious, so I waited until he was quiet for 30 seconds and then let him out. He has gone back in there by himself and and got his antler out of the crate and bought it into the lounge room on his mat. I am not sure how to work out the accommodations over night, if I can't get him happily in the crate.
  5. Today we picked up a 13 month old boxer that had come available for re-homing. While he is a placid and gentle boy, he is not yet desexed and has had little exposure to other dogs and cats and I have just introduced him into a house with 3 cats and another dog. My dog was reactive to him, so I need to do slow and controlled introductions and I also want to be able to have them all inside at night, with the nights getting down to -5 degrees. I bought a big crate today, I have never crate trained before and he is past the puppy stage, I need tips on crate training.
  6. British Bulldog

    I don't know these breeders, but they are on my list to check out for when I want a puppy. They are located in SA and advertise that they are committed to health tested breeding stock, with a list of the testing they do. There is a DOL breeder profile for them. Check them out. http://www.bullmighty.com/
  7. First Time Puppy Owner Needing Help

    Please people, don't paper train puppies. They need to learn from day one, to go outside, if that means that you set the alarm and get up in the night to take them out then do that. Paper training just teaches them that it is o.k to pee in the house and it makes it more difficult to teach them to go outside later on. They learn not to do their business in the house, by never getting the opportunity to do their business in the house.
  8. A Little Rescue Miracle - I Can't Believe My Luck

    I have got something in my eye :) sniff.
  9. Before And After Pics

    I have seen coats like that in JRT x something fluffy and ACD x something fluffy.
  10. Rip My Cordelia

    I just saw this thread. I am so sorry for your loss.
  11. Omg Desexing Is So Expensive!

    A couple of years ago, I paid $180 to have my little scruffy male desexed, two retained baby teeth out and two front dew claws off. I got sticker shock when I went to pay the bill, because it was so cheap.
  12. Need Help With 18 Month Old Lab Puppy

    The trick is you only ever pat them if they are sitting, when they jump up, say nothing, but grab hold of their paws and walk into them , making them walk backwards, keep holding the paws and making the dog go backwards for another few seconds even after you feel the dog wanting to get down. This is aversive training as it makes them feel uncomfortable and they avoid the behaviour. Our Lab was a chronic jumper, a real hard case, after using the method above she now never jumps up on us.
  13. Seven Months Old And Still Destroying Everything!

    My dog actually chewed not only the pop up part, but the actual pipes themselves, leaving a little 10 inch gap between the two ends so you couldn't just add in a joiner, she also chewed it off at ground level where it came out of the ground to attach to the tap. We used to smother it with tabasco sauce, we even tried wasabi and Vicks and that damn dog would huff and puff and froth and drool and run back and forth between the tabasco covered pipe and her water bucket, but she kept chewing. I gave up in the end after several hundred dollars worth of running repairs, it hasn't worked for about 8 years now and I have got used to the backyard looking like the surface of the moon, be careful of the craters though, you can break an ankle in one of those trying to hang washing out in the dark. :D
  14. Toilet Training.

    They go on the carpet in preference to other surfaces because it is absorbent and the pee doesn't splash up their legs or pool around their feet. Horses actually do the same thing, find the most absorbent surface to pee.
  15. Seven Months Old And Still Destroying Everything!

    heeeheeeheee. I love it, I am feeling your pain, I had the Labrador from hell, she was the single most destructive dog I have ever seen, she just destroyed everything, she did all of the above. I even came home from work one day to a big brown Labrador eye peering at me through the closed wooden back door, yes she had dug and chewed a hole straight through the back door, so that she could see into the kitchen. Take heart though, it stopped completely when she was about 7 and now she is 9 she is just a lovely dog. She accidently got locked in the house all day (9 hours) a couple of weeks ago and my blood ran cold when we unlocked the front door and saw her sitting there waiting to greet us, a search of the house ensued and NOTHING, not one thing touched all day ;)