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  1. I think you should reconsider a ridgeback! We have a 7 month old boy and hes got a gorgeous temperament and with meeting people at park/friends houses; he actually is probably a bit too dog friendly lol he wants to play when dogs dont; his dad is the same it does all depend on their lines though; their is a couple ive met at the park who arent like him or the RR's weve met at shows they werent aggresive just not interested in interacting, At home we have two house bunnys and he is very calm around them! He has his crazy moments but with mat training they've been minimized, he's also great at letting us know when someones coming but aslong as I let him out to greet people he relaxes straight away. He is a big lapdog, infact he is lying on me now, also very smart dogs!
  2. Congrats on new puppy! We have a Ridgeback pup whos now 6 months old, we took him out before his final vacc which was done at 10 weeks. Outside shopping centre, friends for bbq, familys houses, and puppy kindy which started when he was 9 weeks. Looking back now I wish i'd left the kindy till he was older as he's so dog focused and I think kindy made this worse, basically most of the first two lessons, he lunged to get to the other pups, he ignored the high reward treats we and the trainers tried, if another pup moved he'd esculate to the point of getting himself so worked up and frustrated he'd have to bite down on something! With alot of work he is much better and learned he can't speak to everydog but we go to show training so I think this has helped alot and now we take him to shows and he isn't phased. There was a frenchy in our kindy class! Gorgeous :-) you'll have lots of fun!!
  3. We have a 6 month old Ridgeback, and I did post on here about one of our friend's walking in when he was 4 months and he was alone in the house himself, He screamed blue murder lol my OH came running from the garden an seen his friend standing still at the front door like... 'I never touched him'. He's still a baby, though I have found he has two different reactions when strangers come over, If someone comes round and knocks on the door, we then open the door and they enter, he's never aggressive or noisy but he doesn't settle with them, won't go near them basically ignores them, typical ridgeback trait, but if someone come's round and we go outside as their coming up our driveway, he is excited and goes for a sniff and settles immediately with them,will go up for pat's and is very waggy?? even after they've then entered the house. Any ideas on the first door knocking encounters?, I thought it was probably because he's not invited them in to HIS house. edit - My typings awful, Im on my phone! sorry
  4. I have been looking for a leather collar & leash too, so hard to decide what i want, my boy has always been in black even his ribbon at birth was black lol, Tried red for a while but now I don't know ahh. here's a link I found, some great UK websites also http://petsandthecit...aved-dog-collar I love waifs and strays collars, they are old english style and you can buy a dog ID capsule that's so cute! Easier to buy them in the UK though i've found on Aus websites they are out of stock. http://www.pet365.co.uk/brands/Waifs-and-Strays.html
  5. Our Ridgeback was exactly like this he's 5 months now and he has his moment's though he's a million time's better than a month ago, I found re-focusing on something else like getting them to sit,down, helps alot, and we have started mat training! Also the no touching is what our trainer told us to do with him too, he used to go through the roof excited when we patted him and would automatically bite. We also used a large puppy pen when we first got him, our trainer told us this was the only place we could play with him and as soon as he jumped on us or bit during play or any time, we remove ourselves from the pen for 20 seconds then return, if he did it again we'd go out again etc.. this helped alot! He picked it up so fast that when he bit us, fun stopped. We tried all the puppy biting method's too like thumb under tongue none worked for our boy, only the removing ourselves from his 'playzone' now he has his moment's usually when my partner come's home from work and he get's so excited he bites him, He doesn't do this with me because i ignore him till he's calm and then treat him with my pat when he lie's down. It's harder to train my OH to ignore him till he's calmed down to be honest! Hope all goe's well with your pup
  6. No, OPINION is not ignorance, get over yourself. Zzzzz
  7. No i'm not kidding, Originally from UK and most people on the 'dole' have bull breed's and give them a bad name! Dole in the UK is about 80 pound a fortnight, not enough to cover bill's and be able to care for a pet properly and feed yourself adequately. This is from my experience and my opinion :-) just as you have your's about people who can't spell......
  8. Awful, People who stay in council properties and receive benefits from the Govt should not be allowed any dogs/animal's! They can't even look after themselves let alone have pet's! so sad
  9. I don't think there is lure coursing here in Perth wanted to get into it with my ridgey when he's older! your pics are brill :)
  10. He doesn't get offlead with every dog he gets offlead at the top of the big oval in the park if theres no dogs then i play with him, then he goes onlead if i see a dog coming. and i have started doing the move in other direction get his focus back, which i started last week. I do think hes improving he holds his focus longer and if he is offlead with dog i can get a sit wheras before that would not have happened whilst the dogs there its just the initial sight of dog that causes the pulling so i thought that harness may help but obviously not. The advice on here has helped alot and i have lots of things to work on! I understand that he'll be a big dog thats why im asking for advice now so i can correct it sooner rather than later. :-)
  11. Okay so now anyone know any good trainers for this?? I live in perth! Okay so the harness is a no go! i took him to the park earlier and walked the other way when he started pulling to other dog, did a few sits and drops and he was good turned to walk again and was distracting him with his roadkill toy and back to pulling so i did it again and he focused again by this time dog was already beside us and they had a sniff but he never got chance to pull cause the dog was already right next to us. So should i completely avoid dogs? which is a bit hard as hes going to a shoe this friday coming. The breeder says check chain is the way to go but i do not want him on a check chain i think he can learn without one as he's still young!
  12. No we never paid extra for home classes and we will still be going to free playgroup with him so he wont have cut socialising jusy he'll be with dogs of different ages not just puppys. As he plays rough a couple of puppy owners have said they dont want him offlead with their pup even though the trainer said they are going back for more! and he isnt hurting them. The first home visit is this thurs so will discuss with her then. kylie i messaged you back :-). very keen on this. its also the initial meeting that he loses all focus and pulls after a few minutes hes a bit better but still not what i think he should be.
  13. Thanks guys away to have a nosey!! but looks like these will help alot :-)
  14. Yeh we went to puppy kindy, but i spoke to the trainer and said he's too reactive and not learning anything because all he wanted to do was get to the other pups an play so she has agreed to exchange the remaining classes for home visits. I have done the distraction thing and it works with his fave roadkill toy until we get within distance and then yes he finds me boring even though i am trying to be exciting, making weird loud noises and squeaking his toy lol, so does this mean he can't meet other dogs? At hos first shpw training class he was awful not focusing at all but last week he was much better! No pulling and totally focused on me. He doesn't get bowl fed apart from his morning biccys an yoghurt the rest is hand fed so he works for his food! he doesn't pull towards people on street he walks beside me, just with dogs and nothing is more interesting than dogs. We have two rabbits also and i let them out fpr first time last week and he just lay there, i got him to focus on me while they were hopping about around him and he glanced a few times i've taught him when i say look to look at me in eyes and he does unless theirs a dog. Then everything goes out the window
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