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  1. Not at all, you are just tired
  2. Such a pretty boy, glad he found a home but for future reference his straight up tail outside would signal the pack to chase I bet inside his tail was more relaxed Still doing a great job, miss you all
  3. Thought you might have trouble with Logan, they can be painful sometimes I hope he gets to stay in his new home
  4. I was under the assumption that in QLD all you have to do is notify the pound that you have the dog and if no one claims it within 7 days (or 3 days, cannot remember) it is yours Wrong I know but true
  5. Still thinking of you Jed in such a hard time Life is never fair and sometimes there are no reasons Have the Kahlua Souff
  6. Run free Sally, free from pain You are lucky you got to live out your last few years at doggy haven So sorry for your loss J
  7. You have not been far from my thoughts Jed Glad you are getting better Sad the QLD Health could not keep you longer
  8. peibe


    So sorry Cin and El, so truly sorry Your tribute to Tina is a special tear jerker to read Tina really was a special wonderful girl Hugs to you all
  9. Have you looked into these two things? Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism is a common complaint of all dogs. The thyroid gland is unable to function and maintain adequate levels of the various hormones needed to keep the body systems functioning. The commonest reason for hypothyroidism is thought to be "auto-immune thyroiditis". This is when the dog's own immune system turns on the thyroid gland and systematically destroys it. Symptoms of inadequate thyroid production are varied and range from hair loss (generally symmetrical and starting with the thighs and back legs), lethargy, weight increase and inability to keep warm. Diagnosis is done via a blood test which checks for various values of the different thyroid hormones, Michigan State is the main testing facility in the United States. Treatment is simple, a daily dose of synthetic thyroid is given to the dog. Care must be taken though in monitoring the dosage and thyroid panels do need to be run on a regular basis to make sure the correct dose is still being given. Again, thyroid supplementation is something that must be done with veterinary supervision. Cutaneous mucinosis: As mentioned in the opening paragraph, mucin is the substance in Shar-pei skin that allows the wrinkling. For some unknown reason it can "bubble" up into the top layer of skin, forming clear blisters, generally under the the neck, on the flanks and/or on the hocks. These blisters can be broken open and will leak a sticky, clear fluid - mucin. No treatment is necessary for this condition and causes no problems. However, if the dog has other skin problems the dog can scratch the blisters open and a superficial skin infection can result. Keeping the area clean and dry will prevent infection and and treat these areas much as you would hot spots.
  10. Are they raised lumps under the skin like pimples?
  11. peibe


    My little rainbow Yoshi got sick on Monday I found her fluffed up in her bed not looking very well A trip to the vet confirmed she was egg bound, we thought we got it in time and she survived the surgery to remove it, we thought she would be ok but she passed away in my hands on Saturday night from a secondary infection ;) I raised her from a 2 week old chick and she was a wonderful little bird, told the dogs to shut up when they barked ;) , ran around the house like she owned it, showered with us and talked and whistled in English and Greek. Total smart ass clown of a bird who loved to sleep in my sons bed with him We have all shed tears for the little monster I miss her terribly, it is so quiet around here, the dogs miss her too and cry at her empty cage Fly free sweet girl, you where taken from us far too young :D
  12. It is nice to care and nice to look and observe your neighbourhood But the dog is feed and is kept safe on the verandah Whilst that is not the life I like for a dog, it is how some people treat them
  13. I have a dog that sleeps outside, her choice, she is too nervy inside I also walk my dogs seperately at strange hours Like last night one got walked at midnight Not everything is always as it seems The dog is healthy looking Leave things alone
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