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  1. General Heath Information

    Thankyou for this fantastic info. Didn't realise broccoli was not good for dogs.
  2. I also used Aloveen and that made my dog itch. I have tried heaps of shampoos and the only ones that didn't make her itchy was ivory coat and essential dog's sensitive skin shampoo. I liked both but the ivory coat was really runny, whereas the essential dog one was nice and thick and the smell is beautiful.
  3. I just met a dog at the park today who had an severely adverse reaction to Advantix - her neck had this gaping hole in it. It looked awful, the poor thing. Apparently there are new tick collars the vets are recommending.
  4. Aloveen Shampoo And Itchy Dog?

    I remember essential dog for when I need more shampoo, thanks. No problems. I first bought their sample size for sensitive skin first just to trial it which was handy. It was really good so bought the bigger one after that. So glad to have discovered it for my girl.
  5. Skin Tag

    Yes this is what the vet suggested. Thanks!
  6. I only use Advantix when I have to and have never had a problem with my cocker spaniel. I guess every dog is different.
  7. My Baby's Hurt!

    I remember a vet said to me once that it is instinctual for dogs to hide how much pain they are in and that it's a survival mechanism. If she is crying then she must be in alot of pain the poor thing. Vet and chiro? I hope she feels better soon.
  8. Thank You But It's Not To Be :(

    Reason - that is lovely!
  9. Aloveen Shampoo And Itchy Dog?

    Yes I expected more from Ivory Coat considering the price tag. I would definitely recommend Essential Dog's sensitive skin shampoo. It's natural so she doesn't itch after her bath. It's not runny and smells divine. I also noticed her coat was soft for about a week.
  10. Skin Tag

    I'm a bit torn as to whether I should have another follow up as the vet didn't test if it was benign. She just said it wasn't benign. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  11. Skin Tag

    Thank you all for your help. I forgot to mention that the vet said it was benign and most likely a skin tag or papilloma. I asked if they could do a local but they said a local won't sedate her enough to keep her from moving. Having read your posts I think I will get a second opinion. So glad i'm a part of this forum!!
  12. Thank You But It's Not To Be :(

    Oooh how about Doris?
  13. Relocating To Sydney

    I use sentinel every month for my dog and if I go to a tick area will put Advantix on her a few days before. If you are living in the inner city you should be fine and probably don't need to treat for ticks. Alot of the ticks are in the bush and beach areas so if you are going out to these areas I would be putting on the advantix several days beforehand.
  14. Skin Tag

    Hi,I took my dog to the vet yesterday as she has a skin tag on her lip. The skin tag is about 1cm long. The vet told me they would have to put her under a general anaesthetic to have it removed. Overall the skin tag doesn't irritate her too often but I just don't know if I should have it removed. I'm a little scared to have her put under a general for something that seems to be minor. Any thoughts on what I should do?