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  1. Goodbye My Darling Minnie Moo.

    Thanks all. We are doing ok most of the time, but then her being gone hits us, usually over something silly. Appreciate all the thoughts, here and on facebook.
  2. Primecca Royal Whispers. 26/6/1997 - 16/6/2011. Run free over the rainbow bridge my angel. You will forever be loved and missed. xoxoxo
  3. I refuse to buy it anymore. I got so many off batches, from 3 different stores here in Cairns. When I could get fresh stuff, it was great but I refuse to take the chance anymore after wasting so much money. Btw, whoever said it is human grade, it isn't. It has the minced bone in it as well which automatically makes it not human grade, not to mention the prep and storage requirements are a lot lower than human grade.
  4. How Long To Adjust To Blindness?

    Unfortunately, despite not leaving the yard this week, she has now come down with kennel cough. On top of the difficulty adjusting, impaired renal function and tumour on her side, I think this is just too much. I know that kennel cough is recoverable, but seeing her frail little body shaking with the coughing and how constant it is, she is just not having any quality of life. It will be a vet visit for her tomorrow morning (waiting until the vet I trust is on, and spoiling her rotten today) and will ask for his advice, but I do not think she will be coming home tomorrow Now to break the news to the 14 year old who already lost his pet fish yesterday Thanks for all the advice guys.
  5. How Long To Adjust To Blindness?

    Thanks for the replies :p I guess we'll keep taking it day by day and fixing whatever we can see needs fixing. Luckily we have no stairs etc and I've separated the backyard into a smaller area for her to get used to and also to use to give her a break from Jonno when needed.
  6. Just catching up on DOL news and saw this. Jane, you are an amazing woman and I will never forget that you took time out from your busy life to talk to me for hours about an issue I was having. My prayers and thoughts are added to those of others. Get well soon lovely lady - this world isn't finished with you yet!
  7. Hi guys, It's been a while since I was here but I desperately need some help with my darling girl. For those that don't know, or don't remember, Minnie is a 14 year old lowchen. She has been blind in her right eye for the past year or so (detached lens) and her left eye had limited vision. She is also mostly deaf, only recognising certain frequencies. Up until 4 days ago, she was still living life like only a dog can, ruling the roost over Jonno, demanding food and cuddles etc and just generally a happy lady. 4 days ago the left lens detached. Whilst her pain/comfort levels are being taken care of through medication, she seems to be having a very hard time adjusting to complete blindness, despite the fact that she was mostly blind before and being that we haven't moved furniture etc for over a year due to this. She is moving very tentatively, although this is slowly improving as she learns where things are again. I have put strong but different smells in different areas to help her identify where she is (i.e., food area, outside bed etc) but I'm not sure if this is helping much. How long should I expect her adjustment to take? She has a few other health issues now as well, but her being terrified of moving around in her own environment is making me believe that it is almost her time. Only the fact that she still enjoys her cuddles and her food and gives the occaisional tail wag is making me hesitate about this decision. I don't want to make the decision prematurely though if I am expecting too much, too soon from her, only to find that if I had given her another week or so she'd have been fine. Thanks in advance for any responses. If you need more info, please don't hesitate to ask.
  8. Black Lights

    I'd never thought of using a black light to check for pee stains. Thank you I think it would be blood etc as well, that has been washed down.
  9. At The End Of My Rope...

    I've just gone back to basics and crating with Jonno yet again. Same issue, except he rarely poos inside, but does wee. Got some more stuff to treat the carpet, and he's crated when inside. He spends all day outside as well and has no issues toileting outside then.
  10. why spring water? The oils are really good for them. As long as there's not a lot of processed fats in their diet, I drain most of the oil, but leave a little when I feed sardines or tuna.
  11. I do these days, because my old girl gets very anxious if she's not, so to spare her we try and feed at the same time. She only does it if we're home though, if we're not home, she will be very relaxed when we get home. My life kinda runs around her at the moment though, so it's not a huge issue. Once she has gone, I will go back to random feeding times.
  12. google pistil pete the lowchen
  13. Puppy's Ears Growing Incorrectly

    So WA breeders keep the puppies papers and hand over photocopies of the parents papers? Or they don't have to register litters at all? Sorry doesn't sound right to me. That's right - not every puppy in the litter has to be registered. If they are going to be shown or bred from, they are registered, otherwise they don't have to be. So yes, you could receive a puppy from an ethical breeder and only get a copy of the 'pedigree' (i.e., photocopy of both parents papers, or excel spreadsheet etc).
  14. Puppy's Ears Growing Incorrectly

    Sorry but if he doesn't have papers he is not 'pedigree' The breeder has already been untruthful to you. Registered ethical breeders are not allowed to breed puppies and not register them with papers. Your breeder either is a dodgey registered breeder that needs to have their registration disqualified or, which is most likely, a dodgey backyard breeder that has gone and bought themselves two pedigree dogs and decided to get some puppies out of them. With little care for breed lines and if they should be bred at all. They then made out to you that they were good people and charged you a fortune for a dog that could be anything. Very sad. Because he is not a show dog I wouldn't worry about messing with his ears. 5 months is probably to late to do anything about them anyway. If these supposed breeders were such good people they would be able to show you how to glue and tape. Some states are allowed to sell without papers - I think WA is one of them, not sure if it is the only one? But to say the breeder is unethical when you don't know where they are, or if it is allowed, is not right.
  15. Do You Find This More Economical?

    The excelpet flea and tick spot on also includes the same main ingredient as the 'top dollar' ones do. I did a lot of research because I didn't believe it could be true, but it is. The supermarket brand 'treatments' are usually made by the same companies, just packaged differently and sold through a different market. It is still essentially the same product. I buy most of my stuff through woolies now, and for a lot cheaper than I used to.