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  1. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-12-11/maximum-sentence-for-breeders-accused-of-animal-cruelty/9246914?pfmredir=sm good! Just imaging all the working breeds cramped in the cages :'( i must have been driving past the place every couple of days and never saw it :'( no idea it is there!
  2. 2nd dog, female or male?

    i got a boy to go with my girl cause everyone said it'd work best, but thinking on it i think it's his personality and breed that matters more than his gender. third dog im not so sure i'll care much on the gender and just take the one who meets the personality i would like. ...but is important if ur current dog is neutral to the gender u choose to get or not. if my girl had shown she disliked a particular gender more than another, i would not get a dog of that gender.
  3. Thistle The Work In Progress

    Thyme learned how to swim and retrieve this week - that hot weather was perfect for a dam visit and happy to say all our pool work has built up both dogs confidence in swimming! Except now he gets in Thistle's way while she is retrieving. I'm sure they'll work it out: They both had a consult with primal paws. Both around structural weaknesses. Thistle's focus is standing correctly/stifles not so straight and safe weightpulling. Thyme's focus is general body awareness (he has none) and sitting/dropping correctly. I wrote a silly poem about both dogs: I have a dog and she takes time. It took time, For her to come near. It took time, to defeat her fears. It took time, for people, over a year. It took time, to bring another here. It took time, to have this dog. I give her my time. She gives me her time. I gave her a puppy. His name is Thyme. Thyme's verse: it took so much f***ing time to meet the dog people it took so much f***ing time to meet dogs it took so much f***ing time to hear back it took so much f***ing time when litters failed it took so much f***ing time when puppies died it took so much f***ing time for paperwork to be done it took so much f***ing time for us to have fun it is taking so much f***ing time to train him it is taking so much f***ing time for him to grow puppies take up all our f***ing time but it is this time that will make it all f***ing worth it to buy a dog named thyme Thyme has play date at the beach with @dididog's new boy I lost sight/hearing of Thistle in the bush and was just getting ready to freak out when she came trotting down the road with a wallaby leg. Very pleased with herself She's getting some remedial recall training now. aka. grounded. she gets cranky with him sometimes but most of the time they are cuddling or playing: Ball faces
  4. Yet another dog attack

    Thyme, @dididog's george and I did meet a cute little italian greyhound recently they waited politely for thyme to be done sniffing the ground (smells win over dogs lol) then let our dogs greet. he kept trying to sniff little ones underside but his head is too big! they didnt let the little guy rush up to our dogs, so wouldn't mind walking past them with thistle (no greet though).
  5. Yet another dog attack

    WE were chased a couple of weeks ago thistle was on lead and this kelpie came angling right at her! We did a 180 and speed walked the other way and it kept following us it was right up thistles ass! Was zig zagging all over the field trying to keep her calm, talking to keep her attention and walking away so she wouldn't turn and confront the dog but you could see her getting more and more worried owner was no help just standing there half heartedly calling his dog. I was getting really worried thistle would react! thankfulky others saw our dilemma and came to our rescue and shoo"d the dog away but it was no fun! Yknow if she reacted back to such a pushy dog she'd be the one in trouble even though she's under control and on lead really ruins our our confidence to walk together too
  6. What a great idea

    There was the perfect one in NSW but I could not afford it at the time! Ah well, as long as it shows up in the next 2 years before dog #3 ;) ;)
  7. What a great idea

    my current car is such a piece of junk there's no point, but I look forward to getting something like this for my next car! I longingly keep an eye on the dol car classifieds in hope for a car already kitted out.
  8. Melb recommendation for dog chiro muscle bone specialist?

    The information that is the most mind blowing for me. I was resigned to Thistle's stiffles being so straight and her so butt high and that maybe being a problem when she is older. But apparently with some exercises we can make them less straight and get more of a natural bend in them... and that her muscles distort the ?view? of her spine, so her spine is actually relatively straight but all the muscles on her butt, shoulder and the bit behind the shoulder make her look less stable than she is? also, she's got great balance and is all tense in her neck/mouth so maybe that's why she's a bit headshy? she got a massage... Thyme is a nice healthy typical uncoordinated boy ;) he struggled with doing a rock back sit for his exercise...too much tuck sit practice ;) very informative and interesting can't wait for my written report. will start exercises...tomorrow...im beat after all that driving...
  9. Melb recommendation for dog chiro muscle bone specialist?

    Thistle made herself comfy pretty quick and they both got a bunch of exercises to do now for their weaknesses: Thistle is cleared for weightpull and Thyme is nice healthy growing boy We also got flexibility exercises for both!
  10. Melb recommendation for dog chiro muscle bone specialist?

    We are all heading off to meet Primal Paws for a double consult today! Wish us luck! Particularly as it is an hour drive and my phone (aka the directions) keeps randomly turning off...
  11. Opinions on new tinned raw food

    Such small cans...u_u i'd kill for a nice wet dog food with minimal packaging. So much plastic and metal cans in my recycling!
  12. Bought the dogs a pool

    Toys r us was selling this cool pool on sale for $100 so I bought it. It ended up being about 1/3rd wider than I expected and a good 20 cm deeper than expected. (was worried it wouldn't fit in the shed for a bit) I think when fully filled even Thistle will have to swim. It has a metal frame, a filter, a water-your-garden attachment and most importantly - this 3 layered tarp stuff which is very strong for both dog feet and the plastic chair I use as a platform to help them get out. We have been having lots of fun with it. Originally both were a bit hesitant, especially Thistle (video), so I started out with it only 30cm deep and have been putting them in the pool myself. It is now about 50cm deep. Today when I opened the shed and was setting up, they both put themselves in it as if to say "Hurry up lets play!". It is quite hot today. (putting himself in) favourite thing is, of course, fetch! good thing i got two floating balls now (ball?!) (ball?!!!) Video: Link (to meet local regulations and general safety for dogs, it was set up in the garage. they only access it with me around)
  13. This is George :)

    he is a very handsome boy! so big so fast!!!
  14. Border Collie Breeder Killing healthy pups

    That's horrifying. The club is not kicking her out? At least if people google her name maybe they will see this but wouldn't many take the registration at face value and assume she must be "responsible"?
  15. So worried about snakes!!

    Neat thanks PC. Looks like a different company? I'm talking with the other snake avoidance person about potential scenarios such as keeping any strange people really out of the picture to reduce it backfiring, explaining thistle is a non hesitating successful murderer and i'd feel really bad if she killed one of the snakes so what kind of snake safety.... The training itself will be done in a park, but the dogs have time beforehand to warm up and get used to the collar. i have asked to come along and watch a session to see the set ups and timing. they're amendable to it but now we have to find a time i am not working! one of the ppl at training last night had done the avoidance training before, not with the person i am discussing. they had one dog who was really surprised by the shock and another who blinked and shooked himself. she zapped herself on the setting the dogs would get too, i think that's a good idea i might get that done. she said it was comparable to old farm electric fencing. have to go to work now. oh there are 8 snakes and some lizards to see if they generalise. hoping we are the "only need one zap and dog avoids the rest" situation.