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  1. breed standards . 'deformed' Brachy breeds

    I see, yes thanks for the interpretation - I had read it as happening to someone she knew or a story she heard so was confused. Asal I'm very sorry that happened to you that puts a lot of your comments in a different light. I do agree with Maddi though. The health challenges need to be acknowledge and discussed, especially in the purebred context by purebred representatives
  2. breed standards . 'deformed' Brachy breeds

    I've no idea what you're going on about asal. Edit Maddy has elaborated from me. I'm very sorry your experience has happened. Yes, it's a dog before it's a pug. It should be able to do basic dog things. This research came out recently, on the gait in pugs and it concerns me to. Yes to having the breed standards of defining a pug as pug, but no to those traits being interpreted to such an alteration of the dog that they are in pain or incapable of enjoying life comfortably :'( http://veterinaryrecord.bmj.com/content/182/6/167 (free to access article) There are some pugs out there doing sports (there's a particular little fly ball star who is a DELIGHT!), and while it's unrealistic to expect every pug to be running sports (especially at current) there should be a push towards ensuring they CAN be active safely. Open nares to breath for both activity and on hot days, a muzzle not so long for palates, space for the brain, eyes not so protruding as to suffer corneas and other assorted injuries, wrinkles not to be so excessive as to be prone to infection, a tail should not be essentially growing into the skin. It should be able to sit with proper body posture, trot neatly and be as healthy as humanly possible (shit luck excluded of course). They don't need to be running marathons or hunting down rabbits, but they shouldn't suffer so much in the heat, should be able to run and play. This shouldn't be a controversial thing to discuss, it helps build them towards a healthy pain free life where they can enjoy more and do more. Let them keep up with their family! I know there are some breeders working towards it, but so far it seems overall very few breeders in a very popular breed are working to improve their health, if the kind of dog we see in westminster is the one put in front of the public and the representative of the breed (that's on the judges who chose it to get there, then the one who decided it was best in group. But this is also what the public will then see, this is what is being shown to the world as the best pug). Dismay. *edit. Note I'm using pugs as example because I genuinely like the little buggers and track new research but same thoughts apply to Boston terriers, bulldogs, King Charles spaniels, extreme small variations of already small dogs etc etc
  3. breed standards . 'deformed' Brachy breeds

    I would dearly love a pug one day. As it is, I would not buy any pug except as a cross. The current ones, how their faces, wrinkles and tight tails are... for all their endearing personalities I can not buy that. I watched Westminster. That dogs (named redacted) wrinkle over its nose was practically bigger than the length of its muzzle. At least not obscuring it but there's short and there's.... if a spaniel was born like that, it'd be deformed. Because it's an imagining of the standard, it's Westminster best in group. When articles like this pop up and then the reactions on a purebred dog forum, as a wannabe one day purchaser I'd much rather see people at least acknowledging and discussing fixes rather than "oh but look over there at the designer breeds and mixed breeds they're bad too". I have eyes. They're rarely that bad and even less on purpose except where we stray into byb purebred territory (the lines between dodgy and reputable are hard to tell. I very nearly bought a twice generation half sibling mating puppy but thankfully was warned off. Shows. Registered. Even does the odd sport. Terrifying to think for close I got to that potential generic disaster). pure breeders are about the improvement of their respective pure breeds. Perhaps if the topic was "responsible health breeding crisis in dogs" be good for discussions on how health checks for cross breeding should be more of a norm, that people should breed thoughtfully regardless of pure bred or cross bred. But if the topic is specifically raised about the pure bred crisis, better to focus on that. Other wise it's a bit like seeing a topic about the DCM crisis in Doberman, but the people discussing it go "German shepherds have health issues too" and go in circles on that. Can be concerned about both, but changing the topic in a themed discussion looks more like putting head in the sand than discussing potential improvements. Then someone comes along and will be "look Doberman breeders don't care about DCM, they always redirect to other breeds". Hope my gist gets across
  4. Barking Older Dog

    While you're getting his health checked, you could try out some self entertaining puzzle games to keep him distracted and reduce his barking? things like a kong stuffed with dinner, a snuffle mat (personally I just scatter kibble through grass for a similar effect aka a kibble trail) http://www.allpetseducationandtraining.com.au/snuffle-mat-mayhem.html bonus, recent research suggests that puzzle games help old dogs stay keen so if his cognitive abilities are failing, the puzzle games and teaching him a new trick might help him out and more time to enjoy the golden years with him https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/02/dog-cognitive-brain-games-touchscreen-lab-video-spd/
  5. worried my dog might injury himself

    Can you set up some barriers eg pot plants to prevent him from getting to the fence? also work on training him to relax when hearing the other dog. You might need to put him in lead, then reward him for only looking at the fence or doing something like sniffing the ground. If he barks or tries to drag u to fence for this, move him further away and practice there
  6. Double Merles

    Average joe buyer isn't sticking to Merle dogs together make the pup. The blame lays with those who intentionally put two Merle dogs together. Be it for money, looks, the dogs being amazing examples of the breed in every way and they want to take the risk, or pure not caring/it won't happen to me attitudes. Byb or registered. They are the ones who made the decision to intentionally breed such a high risk detrimental trait. The dogs suffer for it.
  7. Reducing plastic in relation to dogs?

    thanks all! i am not ignoring post, just very busy at work this week then get home so tired! i like the idea of tiny boxes from milk containers. with a 2 litres that's practicly each dogs meal!
  8. Thistle The Work In Progress

    Today I have had Thistle for three years! That makes her four years oldish! she is so gorgeous in every way! such a happy gir! for her birthday i got her two more of the kong squeeze toys! so expensive but so strong and stretchy, she cannot break them! they bounce, the squeak, the stretch! they make great tug! happy days! little brother is present too
  9. Long quicks

    Can you describe more what you are doing here? I'm trying to imagine. Are you trimming all over to the chalky layer for 50% nail? Which clippers are are you using? I have red handle millers forge. They're good for shaving the tip on alternative cut line but slide off everywhere else We we have no issues nail clipping at current except that T1s quicks are THICK so can really only go as short as not touching ground when standing. If we could go further... T2 just lays there. He has one nail which is black and white. I think it's adorable like a neo ice cream
  10. Long quicks

    Alternative cut line really helps get it down :D and to to do it every 2-3 days until it's your desired length. The Facebook group is a super help. I use clippers and and a scratch board. big hare feet on my mix with big thick quicks in our nails = I'm happy when standing square they're not touching the ground
  11. We just got a whole bunch of Eco friendly oh Crap poop bags but it brings to mind other things I try to change. We we only partially raw feed yet still SO MUCH PLASTIC. For freezing portions I am using some Tupperware but when I buy the meat it comes in so much plastic! I'm not sure how to reduce that while keeping everything hygienic? i know I can recycle some plastics at redcycle but how to reduce buying it in the first place?
  12. dogs eating raw chicken

    yeah not a good "rebuttal" at all, it's about as hyperbole as most of the news articles are out there - just in a different direction. Doubt they even read the study, considering their points are super misunderstandings of basic research and they didn't even get the name of it right? Then it launches into conspiracy theory territory... yikes. This I find a pretty good summary, in plain english, of the study's relevance and usefulness.
  13. Dog Injured

    How's he going Caitlin?
  14. dogs eating raw chicken

    I'm not going to panic over it but good to know. I'll be more careful with my chicken cage but I usually prefer to give turkey anyway. Less chokable for big dogs
  15. Dog left in hot car dies ...dog walker sends txt message

    The dog walker has been charged with committing an act of cruelty, and fail to exercise care to prevent cruelty. Due at downing centre local court in march.