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  1. Ades, you made a hard choice but when you’re ready I’m sure forum members would love to help you find a dog with no strings attached You sound a great person who’s going through a tough time. there is a dog out there that will suit you just as well as this one. And new ones every day needing an owner like you. When youre ready
  2. Perse does bring to mind, There is the option of returning them and letting them know if the rental doesn't work out, you would still be willing to take the dog on again while you look at other homeless dogs. You might even end up with a dog walking buddy out of it when you do find another dog. Many ways it can play out. Tough call.
  3. Renting these days is very hard with a dog. Short of interrogating her, no-one will be able to say how long or hard she has been trying to get a rental. Even then, it's a bit like measuring a string. Did she look hard enough? Well, everyone's views as to what is "hard enough" will differ. Who is better for the dog? Again, everyone will have a different view based off the imagined scenarios in their head and own personal experiences. I have had to rehome pets previously, due to the uncertainty that is the rental process. I was so upset about it, I didn't buy a dog for fear of a repeat situation until I had bought a house. I hate renting and its unfriendliness to pets with a passion. So my feelings is if they've found a dog friendly place, to let them have the dog back, because I remember how upset I was to have to give up a pet. Others however will have different feelings as to the "right answer" and who is "better" for the dog. Because it is a moral quandary, with no hard answer, you will keep getting conflicting advice. No matter your decision, it is something you need to be personally okay because there is no one "right answer" for you If you keep this dog, will you be okay with the emotional distress you might be giving this owner? If you don't keep this dog, are you sure you won't be able to find another dog to rehome? It takes time, but there are new dogs being rehomed every day. Either way I expect the dog will be in a nice home. and either way someone will be upset. it is a messy situation.
  4. I think you should consider...you feel attached after three days, imagine how attached they must feel after three years? She's spent three years teaching this dog how to be happy and settled. Willing isn't a word I'd use if someone is giving up a dog because they cannot find a rental. Renting with dogs is hard and unpredictable. That is a situation forcing the person to give up their dog. Personally, I would give the dog back and reinvest all your energy in a different dog. There are many dogs out there who would love to go home with you and I've no doubt you could find another to give a lovely home and your heart to. If you return this dog, you're helping this dog, this woman and a second yet-unknown-dog I don't think anyone can force you to give her up. Just that it would be a nice thing to do.
  5. Wild dogs and dingos

    The red mum had pups and the family managed to catch them! The big white girl is going to a family member and the red with a “ridge” on her nose went to a coworker so hopefully we will get to see how they mature up.
  6. Wild dogs and dingos

    The feral dog poster has been sharing lots of photos lately! First is the startling contrast between the runt who has “tamed up” nicely and the pup they were unable to catch midge so far appears the only up ears. But with her drastic size difference and shape I do wonder if a domestic roaming dog didn’t contribute to her DNA to have her so varied to the rest versus feral ears transitioning to up?
  7. Thunder shirts

    The rescue used it on Thistle and I have a few times since. I found it did help to take a little of the edge off. Just a smidgen and the first few times wasn’t sure if correlation or causation. I usually used it in conjunction with adaptil spray and rescue remedy. I especially like the results I have had with those two. Definitely takes the edge off to help her relax. So combined made for a mellower version of her in challenging situations. Recently shes been doing so well I gifted the shirt to a friend
  8. sudden sibling aggression

    Keep them apart when you’re not around to avoid any grudges building up. When you are around, no playing or cuddling at the moment as you do not know the trigger. With it coming on so hard and fast I think you would really benefit from a dog behaviourist visiting to see what might be going on and to give guidance on repairing the relationship. Hoping your vet trip is helpful!

    This is the best thing to read in the morning! Tiny progress
  10. Maybe it isn’t enough and maybe it is. Either way it starts the process of change and learning in at least one person and possibly the rest of the family too. Better than staying at the same level of ignorance for this dog and future dogs. Good owners don’t sprout fully formed out of the ground, they start somewhere and grow just like we all did. That and it’s a pretty small post with minimal info and no elaborations to jump to whole scale psychic interpretations of every family members feelings and intentions so the dog MUST be rehomed Hoping they are being helped over there.

    What progress! What a lucky dog!
  12. Different suburbs, different dogs?

    I read this article yesterday that talks about the most popular breeds in different areas, and why they might be so! http://lifestyle.ragingtopics.com/melbournes-top-dogs-why-each-suburb-has-its-own-most-popular-breed/ i haven't found the source information yet, to sticky beak on the most popular dogs near me. *i* think the most popular dogs are fox terriers, pomeranians and german shepherds...but whats actually registered might be different!
  13. Help! Dog fashion alert!!

    Update! We had a lovely day! They are perhaps going to be mutual fetch buddies although not best buddies he did fall head over heels in love with a very fast pug. So cute! I love pugs ;-; Love at first butt sniff <3
  14. Help! Dog fashion alert!!

    I tallied up results from here and elsewhere: red bone: 6 rainbow: 14 pink plaid: 6 Well that is a clear winner! Off we go! Hope he gets along with his new potential fetch buddy
  15. It wouldn't be DOL if new people weren't jumped on, it's practically a tradition to do this then lament about everyone going to facebook. Rehome because the kid's family dog isn't perfect in a perfect life? They aren't going to learn if every time a few bumps pile up a bunch of random forum people demand they rehome the dog because of one forum post with some pretty normal challenges. kkparsonrt, you are in a tricky position because it is not your dog. However, some of these we can help you work on, and maybe they will be enough for your dad to keep the dog in the family which will give you more time to work on the rest of it. 1. Talk to your parents about getting a shoe rack, to elevate the shoes out of his reach. It's likely he wasn't really toilet trained before coming to you, so he doesn't realise he is not meant to be peeing in the garage and thinks he is just "updating the news" so to speak. Otherwise, keep him out of the garage.He really doesn't need to be in there anyway. If you are going into the garage and he is following, pop him on a lead so when he starts sniffing to pee on something, you can walk him outside of the garage quickly. If he pees outside, that is good and praise him! If he decides to hold it, no big deal praise him for holding it and then keep him out of the garage that day. If you're not fast enough and he pees in the garage...big breath, take him out and clean up the mess. 2. He is digging because he is an active and young terrier . Some things you can do are build a digging pit where he is allowed to dig (if your family would let you have this as a project). Also, before you go to school and when you get home from school - play a game with him! Start teaching him fetch, or tug. Something that can burn a bit of his energy off. Does he seem to like to chew? Play tug with a toy in the morning and let him "win it" just before you have to go. Then he has something to self-entertain with while you are gone. If you have siblings, see if they would play with him as well. What do you feed him? If he likes kibble, you can get a kong wobbler or food dispensing ball from any old store. Put the kibble in this for his breakfast and you have a game for him to play in the morning while you're all gone! Then when you get home, you can play some games with him to get the rest of his jitters off. 3. Being scared of lots of things is a hard one for everyone, where you must be patient and understanding that he doesn't want to be scared either. Does he have a kennel? Make sure it's super comfortable with lots of blankets so he has somewhere nice to hide. If the weather is playing up and he is on edge - this could be a good time to do something he likes, like playing fetch, butt scratches...whatever games you have concocted between the two of you, to help distract him and get some endorphins flowing. 4. He could become fine around other dogs, but that would definitely require your family getting the guidance of a trainer or dog school. Do you think your dad would let you enroll into one? It says you're in Victoria, if you're in or around Melbourne there are very many you could go to and most only require an hour or two on the weekend. If you and your dad go together, together you could learn loads on not only helping with being other dogs but chances to ask all those big and small questions I've no doubt you have! Plus it will help build your dad's bond up with this terrier so he may be more understanding and help you in teaching this dog ;) and they can give you much faster and more accurate advice than this forum can, because they are seeing the dog in person! 5. I would not worry about the swimming, you have lots of other things to focus on right now ;) Start him on the fetching part first and maybe later, if he really likes fetch, he might start fetching from shallow water. It's a bit cold right now to be swimming anyway, so work on that fetch! Written down that is a lot of things, so can seem a bit overwhelming and daunting - a bit like thinking about all the things "wrong" with the dog. But most of it with some time and patience can become routine. Here is the tldr version: Talk to your dad about enrolling into a weekend dog school to help teach you how to teach the dog * Give him breakfast in a food dispensing bowl if you can - or play a game with him in the morning before school! When you get home from school - play something high energy for Zac. Fetch, tug, the two of you running around the yard. Something FUN! If he is scared of something, take him away from the scared thing and give him some love - dogs really are just toddlers on four legs. No more going into the garage. There might be more you are thinking about after posting in the forum, and that is normal. But try not to focus on everything he does "wrong"! Focus on only a few things above and work on those for now, you can only work on one thing at a time. Remember your successes and try to have those more often. Remember that if your dad does rehome Zac, you have been trying your very best and every day you will know a little more. The best dog to start with is the one in front of you and doing every little bit you can to improve their life. That is always a work in progress as you get to know dogs better be kind to your dog and be kind to yourself! (* and if your dad takes you there, he can learn too!)