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    Puppy Diary?

    How about this one??? Link to Amazon.com
  2. You could also try Dogwise (also a US site) but I have ordered without any problems www.dogwise.com
  3. Oh okay, sorry I didn't realise that, but respect you for it. If you could put them on your website, that would be fantastic.
  4. http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?show...162609&st=0 There is mention of the treat pouches you use, and some of us are very interested in seeing photos & knowing more .
  5. Who is "they"? Do you have a link to that data, I'd be interested to read more about it. Mine both do formal obedience and one is a show dog, so they get plenty of handling with the SFE and judges examination in the show ring. They are good little puppies at the vet as a lot of show dogs are, as they're used to having mouths examined as well as poking and prodding by judges hands. "They" = Ian Dunbar and possibly Kelly Gorman (cannot remember if she supported this view or not). Dunbar mentioned it at an APDT seminar, in 2007, I think, suggesting that if luring is used, to ensure puppies get used to being handled/manipulated, since it is one of the things they "miss out on" (not necessarily in a bad way) from people not using compulsion. I am sure I have also read similar elsewhere, but don't have any links or data for you, sorry.
  6. Luring is great - just please make sure that you also get your pup used to all types of physical handling, in case it every needs to be handled or restrained by a vet. It is one of the things that they have found over the years that dogs who have only ever been lured, tend to be more stressed/cannot cope with being handled, merely because it is something that they are not used to.
  7. I'm not Angelsun, but his is from the overseas 2008 regulations... "Call Dog Front–Finish Right–Forward–While heeling, the handler stops forward motion and calls the dog to the front position (dog sits in front and faces the handler). The handler may take several steps backward as the dog turns and moves to sit in the front position. Second part of the exercise directs the handler to command and/or signal the dog to change from the front position by moving to the handler’s right, around behind the handler, toward heel position. As the dog clears the handler’s path, the handler moves forward before the dog has completely returned to the heel position. The dog does not sit before moving forward in heel position with the handler. " My understanding of this is that there is no "halt/sit" as for traditional obedience - the handler goes from walking forward to taking a couple of steps backward while calling the dog to the front - where the dog sits as per a "traditional" recall. The the dog returns to heel, via the right hand side of the handler (ie., behind the handler) EXCEPT the dog does not sit in the heel position - both dog and handler move forward together.
  8. Have you joined the yahoo group? There are excellent descriptions of the exercises in the file section.
  9. Just so you know (if you haven't been told already at seminars), apparently Australians commonly call the left about turn a "pivot turn". Any tips on doing it right/well... regardless of what it's called?
  10. Ask MrsDog about the 270 turn signs . Is the About Left Turn where you go left and the dog goes right??? That's sooo fun to do!
  11. Or, we could just all move to Melbourne! Now, only if I could get my OH to agree...
  12. me too Me three please!!! We went to one of your obedience classes as part of NDTF and I was very impressed.
  13. I've thought about that, but I haven't really been anywhere else, and not sure if I would trust another vet practice, if that makes sense. I have heard some shocking stories about vets around where I am.
  14. oh Ok... I didn't know- it has been a LONG time since I used a boarding kennel Well done...apologies if you thought I was 'having a go' No, didn't think you were having a go, just thought that I should clarify. I guess it surprised me a bit as well, but sounds like they are set up for these things, where I imagine not all kennels would be. Sorry if I come across as a bit testy - worried about two dogs at the moment and trying to work out if I should take him back to the vet (they already think I'm a loony... as does my husband). Worst of it is that I managed to miss one of the dogs pooing, so I don't know who left the solid mass in the backyard... even though I have been alternating them, I don't know if it was Murphy, or if I missed checking before I brought Stormy in. I had to leave Murphy outside for a short time while I tried to feed Stormy... he drools something fierce if he doesn't get fed! What do I say to the vet receptionist if I call and ask for him to be seen by a different vet? Do I just say I want a second opinion, or what???
  15. You may well do-and that's worth heaps!! however putting a dog with a potentially infectious condition into a large group of dogs isn't the most responsible action ...do boarding kennels actually accept dogs with diarrhoea present??? I asked this question of the kennels before I made the decision to cancel. Yes, they do accept a dog with diarrhoea present - they are able to keep him isolated from the rest of the dogs. However, I wasn't comfortable because it is potentially infectious of putting other dogs at risk. BTW, I have already cancelled our booking with the kennel.
  16. It was fairly red blood - definitely not black. Over the last 3-4 days, he really hasn't had anything to eat out of the ordinary. About Wed/Thurs last week, they both had a lamb flap, but that isn't unusual. The only difference was where I bought it - and that I had to cut a lot of fat off it, since it was much fattier than I would normally buy.
  17. We were only going to stay a couple nights in the city (same hotel as the first night of the honeymoon). We've "only" lost $25 booking fee, so that's better than it could have been. I trust the kennels where they were booked, it's just if our other dog gets sick, she tends to go downhill much faster than him - she has got very little body fat and frequently doesn't eat (even when she is well), so it can actually be hard to tell if she is sick sometimes, until she is very sick.
  18. Slightly raised temp, didn't say by how much. Didn't do a parvo test. Didn't mention anything like Giardia. Okay, how do I got a poo sample - the only time he poos is on really long grass, and there isn't really anyway you can pick it up when it is liquid/sloppy. Poo seems a little more formed since this morning.
  19. I forgot to add that it is probably unlikely that he has chewed on anything without me knowing. He doesn't run offlead and spends most of his time at the back door when he is not inside - and we were home with him for most of the weekend. The only thing that I can possibly think of is that he may have caught a small lizard or snail - he loves chasing lizards. I think it is finally time for me to get some breakfast!!!
  20. Yep, bland diet for the next 3-4 days and then gradually change over to normal diet. Vet didn't check stools for anything - I would have thought she should have checked for worms (but maybe not since he was wormed last week?) or bacteria or virus? I was that stressed I didn't think of it at the time. I guess my concern is that if his bowel is inflammed because he had worms when we wormed him, that worming him for three days might make that worse??? I have called the company that makes the worming stuff, who basically say that it is safe to worm three days in a row and that vets might sometimes recommend this. I guess my "gut" feeling is to let things settle, then do the three days of worming? I will probably end up calling the vet clinic this afternoon and see if I can speak to a different vet. Just took him outside for a toilet run, and he seems more "flat" than normal for him. Hoping that it is just because he hasn't had breakfast. Poor Murphy is being a pampered pooch. More poor hubby. We were going away for our 10th wedding anniversary and he has had to cancel our hotel booking because stupid wife is too concerned to leave pooches!!!
  21. Peibe - what is baycox? Back from the vets. Honestly wouldn't have normally worried apart from" a) blood that was in the poo b) we were booked in to go away tomorrow and meant to be boarding them. Vet still isn't sure - thinks that it might be bacterial, but didn't test stools. Have some lectade for him as he was slightly dehydrated (who wouldn't be with the runs?). Also have some antibiotics as a precaution. Thing that I'm not sure about is, she said that it could be because he was wormed last week (about this time) and his bowel is may inflammed if he had worms at the time. She has recommended that we worm him daily for the next three days... I would have thought that if his bowel was inflammed, that would make it worse??? Unfortunately, I didn't think of this until I got home. Any thoughts on that, and also worming him when he's on antibiotics?
  22. Just waiting to go to a vet appointment, but thought I would ask for ideas here... Murphy (lab x collie) had liquid diarrohea(sp?) this morning on walk - if there was any indication that he was sick, I wouldn't have walked him. It was that liquid, I had no way of cleaning up the mess . This poo had a tiny bit of blood in it. Immediately took him back home and out into the backyard as he seemed to want to go again. Next poo wasn't quite as liquid, but had more blood. Also looks like he has had a tiny bit of diarrohea in his crate last night, though we didn't here him and somehow he managed to aim most of it outside of his crate... good thing that I had a sheet down to protect the new rug... as this is where most of it ended up. Apart from the liquid poo, he seems to be perfectly normal within himself - probably trying to work out why "mum" is acting so weird following him around and looking at his poo and why he hasn't had breakfast! ETA - should have mentioned that he was wormed early last week (at least 7 days ago). Have used the same wormer previously without any problems.
  23. There are a couple of books by Brenda Aloff that are meant to be excellent - on canine body language and the like.
  24. No idea of quality... http://www.airdogs.com.au/agility/home.php?cat=251
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