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  1. This is love! A very news worthy travelogue. I can't imagine how fun and exciting her travels were with Casper in it. And the photos were stunning!
  2. This is so sad. It always breaks my heart to read or hear stories about dog cruelties. I just can't imagine how people can be this inhuman.
  3. Good point! Thank you. Let's just wait for the updates then - re the daughter and the dogs.
  4. Possibly! The dog fight must have been so intense, and the one who attacked her must be so furious.
  5. That's the saddest part! I hope everyone around her is helping her get through this. So traumatic and painful.
  6. Me too; I'm wondering what really happened and wishing they could share more details. There must be more to it...
  7. This is so sad. I can't imagine how the daughter felt when she saw her mother's situation.
  8. Too much animal cruelty. Sometimes, I can't just imagine how people can be this cruel.
  9. Thank you for this article, Boronia. Good read! I definitely agree to this: "When dog owners meet, it helps build a safe and connected community." ...and the discussion and sharing of stories never stop. :D
  10. Thank you guys!!! Frank is slowly accepting it. He's started to smile again even though he still talks about his deceased dog from time to time. Yes, he has more dogs left but was simply very sad that his little maltipoo was gone too soon.
  11. My office mate, Frank surprised us with a news today that one of his puppies died early in the morning. According to him, everything happened so fast - the puppy was cold dead, had trouble breathing, vomited, and gone. Frank was very sad and wasn't able to concentrate with his work. He asked for tips on how to cope - fast and easy. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  12. Wow! Kudos to these amazing dogs! They might have no idea of their impact to our lives but may they feel appreciated. Warm hugs for them!
  13. Oh, that's so sad. Thanks for the update! How is he now? I may start following Naomi to get updated!
  14. So heartbreaking! I can't look at his face any longer. So sad. Can't imagine how he feels.
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