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  1. I think he does it to protect his puppy, part of it is understandable. I recommend that you create a safe area for him and his puppy.
  2. I train my dog with a ball with a bell, the truth is that he loves it and I have managed to correct his bad behavior
  3. Super interesting news indeed. I met a dog that was equally trained during my time volunteer in Peru. The truth is that it was surprising to see that dog.
  4. Thank you very much for sharing this complete file, it has been very useful to me.
  5. The truth is that yes, totally true. I am delighted with the result.
  6. Interesting study, I also read something about it in codere.
  7. Thx for the report, the french bulldog is a very beautiful dog. I love it
  8. Thx for your contribution, Its very useful.
  9. ¡So adorable! From a few months ago I have a beautifull bullterrier. He's very friendly and lovely. Im very proud with him. <3
  10. How cute! They look like they're taken out of a movie. At what age is it advisable to start with these things? A greeting!
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