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  1. The Qld Police Service Facebook page has a soft spot for animals like doggie, Phoenix, in reporting their interactions with them, They also love puns...'ruff few days'. One previous post was about a 'Labrador a patrol car had picked up gong for a stroll and causing road chaos. They wrote it up as if he were an offender on the run....but so fondly. Here's a link to their FB page, telling about the 'fowl' behaviour of a wild cockatoo who dropped a coconut from a great height and broke a police car's windshield. Loaded with puns and fondness for the alleged offender. One of their best. https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/mackay/2020/12/11/fowl-behaviour-leads-to-wilful-damage-of-police-vehicle-hamilton-island/
  2. Interesting that he loves doggie daycare and is tired out by all the interaction with other dogs. I'm guessing his sense of smell and even the vibrations from all the movement, give him the locational bearings he needs to be comfortable. Have you ever observed him at doggy daycare to see how it unfolds? You might figure from that, that if more doggie daycare would help. We had a Sheltie boy who went blind from a genetic disorder after he passed middle age. He actually got a lot of stimulation from our other Sheltie....a bossy girl who was always busy minding everyone else's business except her own! The boy had the opposite temperament.... sweet, well- mannered and sensible. And yet there was never a dull moment for him while the girl was awake....he'd be kept busy getting mixed up in her dramas. They were always together & the boy was happy for it to be so.
  3. https://ankc.org.au/media/pdf/635576245799998781_46874502-4466-4fbc-a773-ce37778047d7.pdf The Tibetan Spaniel breed standard has a general requirement that a Tibbies attributes 'must not be exaggerated in any way'. As far as I know that's always been the guiding principle.
  4. https://www.hillspet.com/dog-care/dog-breeds/tibetan-spaniel Tibetan Spaniel (Tibbie) Unusual little dogs said to have a personality that's 1/3 dog, 1/3 cat and 1/3 monkey. Loyalty of the dog, self-possession of the cat and fun loving & nimble on their pointed paws like a monkey. They were originally bred to be close companions to the Buddhist monks in Tibet and also to be intelligent little watchdogs with their keen eyesight & hearing. There's a very active and supportive Tibbie pet owners community in Australia. They tend to be owned by a range of people, but quite a few are retired people. Useful info on the link.
  5. https://www.thedodo.com/9-touching-epitaphs-ancient-gr-589550486.html 9 Epitaphs ancient Greeks & Romans wrote for their dogs.
  6. http://www.kelb-tal-fenek.com/indexeng.htm It closely resembles the Kelb tal-Fenek, the native dog & national dog of Malta, an island country close to Sicily. Seems to be a bit smaller. The Kelb tal-Fenek means Rabbit Dog in Maltese (used for hunting). When taken to Britain, the Kennel Club changed the name to Pharaoh Hound because they thought it looked like the dogs on ancient Egyptian tombs. But the Kelb tal-Fenech is from Malta, not Egypt.
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