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  1. Health issues are so established as normal there is even an oodle specific food brand.
  2. More Oodles are popping up sooner than I expected. And other dogs bred in the covid price bubble.
  3. If it is smooth - matching the rest of the skin, not scabby, flaky, itchy, raised, or sore and has tiny almost invisible hair it's probably just pigment or lack of. I've seen it before and always called it 'milk chin' because it looks cute to me. BUT as Perse says, only a vet can diagnose an actual condition. And I'm no vet. Get the vet to have a quick look. An asap trip will put your mind at ease.
  4. If it is burning his of his paws, you'll start to see improvement by v early or late shorter walks. If his feet have been normal for the past 6yrs and you see no improvement by implementing timing changes I'd then get him checked for a secondary fungal or bacterial infection of the pads let in through the open skin. Booties are ok but not if there's underlying infection or injuries. They would feel painful to wear. Tested those sticky paw things once save your money.
  5. Bugger! Here I was thinking the clippers had given up. I'll dig up the old clippers and test the new blade on those. Thank you
  6. It's never really worked properly so I use my 25yr old A5 and it's still brilliant. But it seems a waste to have a half used one sitting there (and the original will eventually give up). I was blaming the blades but a brand new 10 can't even cut now! So, postal is fine as long as the job is well done. Any Doler referrals?
  7. Yolo if you're talking about comparing to buying online as retail price, those vet med places have warehouses full of stock. Vets don't have that kind of buying power. I can tell you even if we bought flea/tick/etc treatments as wholesale (I've looked into it) we still can't order the amounts to do better than buying retail online.
  8. Take note. I am NOT a vet But ticks are dark. Not pink unless there's one I haven't seen? Anyway it could be a reaction to a bite or it could be a 'senile wart'. The other option is the beginning of a tumour. So definitely a vet visit. She may be nibbling at it if there was a scab. If it's benign and not irritating, we usually get them removed with their dental.
  9. Rebanne is right about genetics. They are unpredictable. Knowing a pedigree breeder's dogs and lines give you a better chance than guesswork. I don't know the percentages of our crossbreed rescues but I do know you only need a bit of terrier to have a pretty good prey drive for rats, mice etc!
  10. Not everyone has lecatade or oralade in the cupboard but if you do, that would be great. Otherwise, water. But if he starts guzzle and throw up water, advise your vet ASAP. Vet may advise, due to him playing and being normal otherwise - to just cook chicken & rice for him until everything settles. Always on a Sunday isn't it!
  11. Off to the vet most are really really busy at the moment but will take an urgent drop-off and fit them in when they can. He'll most likely need some rehydration, some anti diarrhoea meds and an anti nausea shot. In my non-vet opinion, it's not the food. It's a tummy bug. They love this humid weather. If you have another dog, don't let them drink from the same bowl.
  12. I'm so sorry. Seizures are scary. Best thing to do prior to vet visit is see if you can get a video, and write a little diary tracking the seizures and changes in behaviour. Also record what date and brand you parasite treated them with. Some dogs have reactions. Check the garden for toxic plants. Sometimes you are given the choice of an MRI if things get bad, personally first I go recording episodes --> vets --> wait for further episodes --> medication --> patiently wait through the side effects --> work on the minimum dose rate. Ask the vet if you can keep a few valium in the cupboard for any post ictal distress.
  13. Like Rebanne said, if they are just breeding papered parents without actually being members of DogsNSW, you can't get pedigree papers for the puppies. If the breeders are actually members they'd be pretty clear on how to get papers so I'm not sure if you're just dealing with something shifty or if they genuinely don't know.
  14. This ^^^^ write it like someone else will be reading it if you have to go to small claims. You're very generous going off-contract and eating the $500 for the sake of being reasonable. I doubt I would have done the same.
  15. Oh dear. I'm no help, you've done rescue behavioural before. So in this case I totally understand you were expecting an easier adjustment and a bit of puppy fun. The '3 month' rule is actually taken from the 3 day, 3 week, 3 month advice of settling in a stressed dog you rescued . Usually adults. Available at 5 months of age and with her issues, I'm honestly wondering if she's been returned to the breeder before.
  16. Budget Pet Products usually has good prices on Denamarin. It really is so much easier to administer. Best of luck with pee catching lol we usually stalk them quietly with a takeaway container.
  17. Oh I forgot! There's also neurologist blood tests for Neosporosis and (Toxoplasmosis). Both affect the brain. I don't know if a regular vet can do them but probably. Worth checking.
  18. If the MRI is out of reach, just an appointment with a doggy neurologist is a great compromise. Obviously they like to do scans, but also have amazing diagnostic skills by simply doing physical exams.
  19. Some of the comments are interesting. Also interesting that it's sponsored by a 'wealthy contributor' and they are using a protonmail. It seems a bit iffy. There's no way anyone should be sending personal information to random people who aren't happy to be named themselves.
  20. Cats are in big trouble. Some pounds have dropped their cat euth rates to zero by not taking them in anymore. Kind of messes with the stats.
  21. You've had her all 9 yrs and this is the 1st attack?
  22. I'm so sorry. This is a head vs heart decision. And I think you know the right thing to do.
  23. Ok, think on whether the pup will have changed behaviour enough for you to feel confident with him. You rehomed for a reason, and the reason was vet advice about aggression. Rightly or wrongly, you took that advice, a transaction was made and no contract was drawn up. States are still catching up on animal laws as far as I know, if there's no specific exemption in your state/region, animals are still regarded as property. Regardless of a chip. You sold the property. Court is your option and I can't see you getting the pup aka 'property' back. Honestly, you should have just gone back to the breeder. May I ask why you didn't?
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