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  1. RIP Jack So sorry Moops :hug:
  2. Staffyluv, can you please forward it to me too. Something to think about.
  3. I know! I was a bit confused too :laugh: But he's very cute so she can be forgiven. He can be a honorary Cocker! ;)
  4. kaywoman68


    I am so so so sorry! RIP Atlas!
  5. RIP Nic MTD, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how special Nic was to you so I know it's an extremely sad time for you and your family. It sounds like Nic is definitely in a better place (pain free). No doubt he is looking out for you from above now.
  6. I can do this weekend as long as Mother Nature holds off her tears/anger! I don't like mixing Cockers with rain - especially a gold one that turns brown........
  7. Would love to meet up What date you looking at? Southside/Northside?
  8. Just had a look - Bowhouse is cheaper with the 3-pack for Sentinel Spectrum but Pets1 is cheaper for the 6 pack.
  9. I agree with Megan_. Try www.pets1.com.au. I ordered a pack of 12 doses of Sentinel Spectrum from Pets1 a few hours ago. I saved $22 as opposed to ordering it with PP and that's including postage!!! Revolution for the cat is similar prices ($65.00 ish) but the Sentinel Spectrum is definitely cheaper at Pets1. They sell a pack of 12 doses too which is cheaper than the 6 doses.
  10. Jodie, so sorry about your loss. Sending big :hug:s your way. RIP Ollie dog
  11. Sending big to you and your family. Sorry to hear about the passing of Jake. He was a very well loved member of your family. RIP Jake. Run free @ the
  12. Sorry. The date is no good for me I finish my current job on 22nd and then start a new job on 25th - I will need the weekend to mentally prepare myself (that and I don't think I'll be allowed to have my last day off early).
  13. Whooops. Sorry CW, been a bit preoccupied with the real world lately! (current job, new job etc) How did the dog meet go? Any pics? Anyone want to organise another date?
  14. Rest in peace Sassie Sending huge to you CL!!!!!
  15. RIP Spike. Wendy, I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was one very sweet boy. You gave him a chance and a life most people wouldn't have if they were born into their family. You gave him hope and that is a very wonderful and caring thing! Wish there were more people like you! :hug:
  16. The more the merrier. Let's see.........no plans at this stage for the weekends so I'm happy to go anytime. Any dates anyone can' do?
  17. How about we move this from 28th seeing as there hasn't been too much interest?
  18. KW68 Akayla Kneecole Clastic Chiggenwingz cvs Vehs?
  19. With the 2nd non doggy meet decided, I figure it would be nice to have one with furkids involved Since the Max Brenner meet is on 21st, I'm thinking may be 28th May for the doggies to get together????? Please offer suggestions for dates, times and location
  20. Ladies and Gents, we are having another Max Brenner meet so we can all indulge in chocolate Date: 21 May Time: 10am? People that are free so far: KW68 Akayla Kneecole Clastic Chiggenwingz
  21. Let's lock in 21st May? I think I might start another thread so people don't have to trawl through the whole thread.......
  22. Ladies and Gents, Throw some dates into the air please. I'm free 30th April, 14th, 21st, 22nd May. Next weekend is out for me - I'm going out for dinner on Friday (wedding anniversary) and Saturday night (Mother's Day) and I reckon it'll just be too rich for me to try and fit Max Brenner in there
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