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  1. Because they had already got the last drop of blood out of me........lol She was in for other treatments and I just asked for it to be checked, while they had her
  2. when I picked her up was told it wasn't a ulcer and not to worry about it. Just curious why they change, she goes back on Saturday for a check up will ask for more details then
  3. Do you have a photo? Have you seen eye ulcers before? the eye goes blue usually from a scratch. The reason I know its not a ulcer is she has spent the last few days at the vets specialist. I asked that they check it I will try and take a photo
  4. what causes a dogs eye colour to change? pup is 4 months old had black eyes until a few days ago one is now half blue and half black the other eye is black. Is it lack of nutrients or just a natural occurrence?
  5. November sounds good to me also. Would also be interested in a private lesson if possible please
  6. Size Order Quantity Price Each 12.00 Pack Lamb $20.00 12.00 Pack Beef $20.00 12.00 Pack Rabbit $20.00 12.00 Pack Pork $20.00 12.00 Pack Combination $20.00 12.00 Pack Chicken $20.00 That was off the website you gave when I went to local distributors, would assume they are all around the same price. This is the link I clicked http://www.mobilepetsupplies.com
  7. I realise its major surgery but I sure as hell wouldnt be paying $440-$550 for a desexing As much as I agree with desexing not at those prices. Prices like this explain why so many people wont desex there dogs
  8. Thanks hopefully I will be able to pick on up today. Should have just got the liberty to start with. My girls don't mind the dryer, thankfully
  9. That was what I ordered first @ nearly $1600 delivered
  10. Was looking at liberty mk3 as they seemed to be the best for drying a puli need something to really get the cords dry. I did order a different brand that my old groomer used but never arrived, so went back to the second option Thanks for the link
  11. Does anyone know where in Brisbane I can buy a liberty dryer? I want one today not in 3-4 weeks time if possible. I did order another brand and was told it would take 4-5 weeks before I would get it and now 9 weeks later it still hasn't arrived and they cant find my order.. So I want to be able to just go and buy one Edited as (CSFS)
  12. Anyone got the contact for Runcorn please? Don't like the idea of rough handling or not knowing what is happening in classes.
  13. Thats what I want, thanks heaps and close too thats a bonus. Can you do both nights? Do I just turn up or is there a number to ring?
  14. I am after a dog obedience club where you pay a yearly fee and they train one day a week every week etc. Is there one on the south side of Brisbane? I dont want to pay $260+ for a 5 week course where you only attend once a week. Any help would be great thanks
  15. Glad to hear she is still enjoying life as she is no very much loved and spoilt lady
  16. Nothing major compared to everyone else BUT My dog to stop licking and when you raise your voice, him not to freak out and run away from you. Then having to do a stupid mickey mouse happy voice to get him to come anywhere near you to grab him. How to also handle multiply dogs Editted to add Without snacking him under the chin for licking, this was advised before when we saw a behaviourist
  17. Trisven13 from albury dog rescue had a pup with eye problems similar to what you are describing. I cant find the link but maybe a PM to her as I remember she got loads of advice but I think she had it in general Edit as I got her name wrong
  18. The going price for a hydrobath is around the $1500+ Second hand ones seem to sell super quick. If you can afford one they are worth it
  19. So sorry for your loss Spike was a stunning boy with good looks, personality and an adoring family. Run free young man
  20. My little Yorkie had a retained Testicle and he weights 1.5kilos and cost me $245 to be desexed. You could feel the testie so it wasn't as throe they had to search for it, even the vet said it was easy to find. Extra $35 for pain relief
  21. Anne, I hope Sophie had a good night
  22. Sorry that you have lost your Princess
  23. Thanks everyone, I will look at the Wahl KM2 can I use the blades I have for the oster on them? I get a few extremely matted OES in and groomers want to charge $150 + to clip back and I cant afford that. How I miss my groomer in Melbourne :rolleyes:
  24. Hey Storm, That whole litter love water! Molly will be outside playing in the puddles on a rainy day if she has half a chance. From what I understand all the others are the same. Must be in their genes - not all my Pulis love water like this lot! Whoopi is a complete fruit loop when it comes to water, even when she find a small puddle she dig, try to roll in it and growls at the water. Glad to know she isnt the only one, Even when I have a bath if you dont close the door before you get in she is first in The house is not boring with her thats for sure
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