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  1. Traralgon area.. I get the learning to be calm around other dogs. Maybe I'm old school but I used to enjoy going to the park with 10 or so other owners and working with the dogs on the bacis of sit, stay, having your dog being able to just stay in the sit or drop position while other dogs and the owner weaved around everyone....etc That's what I'll like to start with my dog then go up in levels as we both learn.. I don't learn by just sitting in a room being talked to, I need to do and be corrected if I'm doing it wrong..
  2. I have googled and a few come up, but was wondering if anyone can recommend any? I'm looking for someone that does socialisation as well.. It will be for a large breed. I've done a few and the dogs aren't allowed to say hello to each other etc. The entire classes the dogs had to sit on there mat and we were told what to do.. That's not the obedience I want.
  3. Thanks, the info I could find was old.. I'll pass on the details..
  4. Does any one have a contact for staffy rescue qld please... Have a friend that needs to rehome his dog due to loss of job and housing. I have suggested he talk to rescue first. Dog is desexed and up to date with vet work..
  5. Fantastic effort everyone.. I was hoping there would be a happy ending..
  6. Glad someone else saw it and is sharing it. I hope there's a good outcome for the pets and the gentleman involved..
  7. On my Facebook a message came up,, I don't know how to copy save etc on the iPad .. Pet sitter has had a stroke and has gone into hospital and can't remember where he was feeding the animals. Summer hill (Sydney) or surrounding area. One cat and one dog. Pets have gone atleast 5 days without food and water... Telephone 0412618936 or 0416609836 I can Facebook the page if someone wants the info or visit summer hill vet site.
  8. So many oldies in the pounds, its heart breaking.
  9. Last year someone gave me a couple of names of good behaviourist. I have lost the info. Can anyone help please?
  10. The coat is part of there appeal and admit a OES in full coat is stunning but thats a hell of a lot of work. There nature is also a big draw card. They are lovely dogs. I have clipped my boys feet, under his belly and around his face. As even as a puppy with him playing and being in the dam its hard to keep these part clean. To keep them knot free you need to spend at least a hr each day and that's not for show grooming. Mine loves nothing more then to go swimming, roll in duck or kangaroo poop.
  11. I went to edit and the cat was helping...Hence being deleted. Needed help with 2 things My oes is confused and thinks hes a Newfoundland, he is so water focused hes driving me nuts. I was looking at ways to help get him out of the habit. He cant drink without his feet in the bowl, if hes using the small one or its its a bit bigger he sits in it. He has since found the dam so he either goes swimming or lays in the mud on the bank daily. I cant fence of the dam. I have had his coat trimmed a bit to help buts its made no difference. I want him to be with me inside more but Im sick of having to wash or rinse him off to bring him in all the time He sleeps on a coolmat or he wont come inside. Being a puppy he is full of energy which I try to keep him entertained so he is exhausted but hes just full of energy. He is using the CC and the cats as squeaky toys, he starts to play nicely but gets to rough.. I wasn't sure what was the right way to get him to stop without causing more problems. The last OES I had helped train my last OES pup, I didnt realize how much help he was. Im happy to chat about OES and need to learn about training a puppy again thats the class clown
  12. Esky, is lovely and cares so much for these dog. I loved seeing the photos that were put up of the peks. She has been a wealth of info and help over the years. It must be heartbreaking for the gentleman involved
  13. I have a couple of gallon bottles of grooming bio oil I cant see a use by date on it. Anyone know how long that last for?
  14. I couldnt find any rescue hence why I asked here. HMD I have sent you a message
  15. Is there anyone doing chinese crested rescue in qld?
  16. mine are sitting under the air con, its hit 43 out here at the moment
  17. I have 2 one is a 2yrs old hairy hairless boy. He is very timid and not keen on men. He is getting better but still timid if you raise your voice he runs. The other boy is hes 5mths old and bullet proof nothing fazes this dog, he is a pain in the butt full of personality loves to play, annoy the other one, but learns quick when the other boy growls at him. Both boys hunt anything that moves out side, the neighbours chook's have started to come over but my dogs dont approve and the dogs win. I had a 8ft high pen made out of temp fencing panels and they both climb over it and out. I have found if they can get a footing there over or will jump a 5ft fence, but pool fencing has then stumped at the moment. Mine are both mummies boys and sleep on the bed and never far from me. If I have a bad day and spend it in bed they stay with me. They both love to run zig and zag around the place, IM lucky on a few acres they have plenty of room.
  18. If possible meet the dog in question, I adopted a older yorkie early this year and it was a nightmare. After months of tests and working with a behaviourist, I put him down. It was heart breaking
  19. I remember these 2 and the photos and captions were brilliant. Sorry to hear Ralph isn't well.
  20. Can anyone recommend somewhere around the warragul, morwell area in victoria that is pet friendly dogs must be allowed inside or at least inside in crates. Or decent boarding kennels in the area as last resort. Both are small dogs and desexed. Thanks Storm
  21. Is there anyone that does large breed rescue that has experience with mastiff breeds. At this stage will go in to more details via PM Appreciate any advice
  22. I will be his last home. If we can work with his behaviours we will , if not then he will be given his wings. I refuse to send him back to be rehomed its not fair on him. I take full responsibility it was a bad decission. Im a sucker for a yorkie and my heart over ruled my head. Thanks everyone
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