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Brisbane Rspca Million Paws Walk


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sorry i lost this thread :laugh: i enjoyed myself, the area was too small and cramped and i didnt like that we had to walk in a circle, i would have prefered to have a destination :shrug:

i agree about the agility equip, glad you got off a complaint, heard anything back? huski they also had a seesaw and were letting the dogs just walk on and over and it was falling and the dogs were coming off and it was scaring them, i wouldnt even have let raz on that as he has had no training on it whatsoever!! those poor pups

I did

They said that they have never seen numbers of that size before, and that they thought there was plenty of room, to which I replied "I hope you didn't make a lot of sales, because people were so fed up with being squashed in like sardines they didn't buy anything"

They justified the agility by saying that they had their own trainers there who were overseeing the whole thing, and that the crowd loves agility blah blah, I said that of course the crowd would love agility, and I'm not saying the equipment shouldn't be there, but it most DEFINITELY shouldn't be set at its full height, I also said that it was obvious that they were just in it for the money, and didn't have the dogs interests at heart

Last reply I got was "have a good day"

I'm never going again, I dislike the RSPCA for so many reasons, and they just keep adding reasons onto my list

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