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Hi guys I'm stuck on what breed I want to get next. I want to get a friend for zorro and I want to start showing. But I'm not sure if I should get another cocker I love them to bits but I also have a few other breeds I have always wanted. A shetland sheep dog a springer spaniel or an English setter anyone else had a cocker with any of these breeds? I'm going to wait till he is a year old or 2 years but I want to start looking at some breeders as there are long waiting lists for some breeds

Thank you

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I have shown & own English Setters.

Very laid back dogs to show but alot of work for the ring ,the long hair part is easy,keeping them white is the hardest task but easily done with dedication .

Mine where bathed twice weekly ,pee feathers every night.

For show prep 2/3 hrs each week .

I groom springers for the show ring & less work than the English but still the same dedication to keeping coat white & in peak condition .

I would suggest going to the Gundog Shows in Queensland ,The English springer club have there champ shows each year .

Shelties you will always see at shows plus Springers.

English Setters not so much,not many shown up there but there is a person who has both springers & english

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