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  1. That's no good pie. Hopefully everything is ok soon! cavNrott - munted means broken. It's West Australian English :p
  2. I changed one of mine from LR to MR. He was sold with the agreement that at a certain age he would be evaluated and the change considered. His owners turned out to be fantastic and remained interested in showing, so we upgraded him to MR!
  3. Not to be offensive but I think you'll find your second question is too subjective to get any meaningful data from it. I doubt anyone would answer no as wanting to meet the parents is not the same as needing to meet the parents. As an example of this my older bitch was purchased from interstate, I did want to meet her parents but wasn't able to... So my answer to there question would be Yes, which probably wasn't the data you were hoping for. And just to be helpful too my answers are; Yes Yes Yes
  4. A crash tested crate. There are no retailers in Australia though, so you would need to privately import one. This is the only brand tested in front impact and rear impact collisions: http://www.mim.se/?p=productgroup&i=1&l=en
  5. Do not call 000 for the incidents described above! In WA that is for emergencies only. 131 444 is the appropriate number.
  6. Both of these bolded incidents would have been enough to have a Police vehicle attend when the incident was in progress, as he is causing a public disturbance. If the staffy owner threatened to physically harm either person they can also go into the local station after the fact and make a report. Another option would be to chat to the ranger, tell him this guys dogs are aggressive and let them know the approximate time he is at the park each day. You would think a proactive ranger may arrange some patrols of the park around that time.
  7. I am really pleased you found him too. If it was one of mine my biggest concern would not have been the council but finding him before he was hit by a car or ran into a dog that may not have been so friendly. The dog lovers here care about dogs and believe people owe it to their dogs to keep them safe and ensure they don't harm themselves or others.
  8. This is something I wrote for our breed club's website and explains it pretty well: Why does it matter if my pup is registered with a Canine Association? If someone is breeding unregistered dogs it means they are unable or unwilling to register the dogs. They may be ‘unable’ to because they have dogs that a breeder has given to them on limited registration, so as a pet, and not to be bred from. If they breed from this limited register dog the Canine Association won’t let them register the pups. When you have a deep understanding of canine structure you learn how to recognise small conformation faults. If these faults are combined with another dog with a similar fault could become a major issue. A registered breeder will pay around $25 to register the pup with the Canine Association, which is a drop in the bucket as far as the cost of raising a pup properly goes. If a person has a dog with the proper main registration paperwork but is too lazy to register the pups with a Canine Association you must wonder what else are they cutting corners on, socialization? The sire and dam’s health testing? Microchips? Vaccinations? Proper nutrition? Other reasons that a registered breeder can’t register pups are: -the breeder is a member of the Canine Association but has been banned for breeding the same bitch 3 times in 18 months (so breeding back to back three times without a break) -they have disciplinary sanctions So if it’s a registered breeder but for some reason they are not registering the litter be very suspicious. The same goes if the breeder tells you it costs more for papers.
  9. There are also rescues that act unethically so please ensure you check out all rescues carefully. I'm sure some rescue people on here can advise you what to look for in a good rescue organisation.
  10. Sorry, but I cannot picture a Brittany being content with half an hour of walking a day. After having Border Collies for most of my adult life (and having dabbled in a few other breeds along the way in conjunction), we got a Brittany boy last year as my husband fell head over heels in love with the mother of our boy when she boarded with us (we have kennels).... we had almost no prior experience with the breed apart from that. I have to be completely honest here and say that he is by FAR the the most challenging puppy to own that I've ever had - he is like a little cyclone fueled by Red Bull mixed with red cordial Don't get me wrong, we adore him and he is the sweetest boy really but ohmygoodness is he full on! We are lucky inasmuch as we have a larger property and he has 4 "siblings" (2 x Borders, 1 x French Bulldog & 1 x Whippet) to help entertain him both physically and mentally. We don't walk every day but if our living situation was different I'd say it would be an absolute must.... even now if he's bugging the others too much (he goes a lot longer & harder than the rest of our pack) I'll take him out for a hour or so and that does help a bit, albeit temporarily He loves toys, so we fill up the toy box in the house with various bits and pieces and we find he really enjoys hunting through, and picking out 'today's favourite'... He is a very busy dog, and is rarely still.... I couldn't imagine him in a single dog household where he was alone a great deal of the time! My Borders are MUCH more relaxed and easygoing. After the somewhat black picture I've painted of him here though, I must stress he really is super sweet, lots of fun to have around and makes us laugh every single day and it would be a much less colourful existence without him His breeder is amazing and has been a huge support, even though she did give us the "norty" one Great description of Butch Poo Fong! My first Brittany Zora is a very laid back girl and was quite misleading about the breed requirements for me. In my first litter three of the six pups were very intense whereas the other three were more like mum and better suited for a pet lifestyle. The three intense pups all went to experienced dog and working/showing homes with other dogs as companions. My pup Kite is very much a pup at 12 months, whereas her dam was sensible by 9 months (i.e smart enough to do naughty things like raid bins once I had left the room ). I would definitely say Kite has an off switch but she's very quick to flick that back to 'on' at the slightest sign of action (i.e me standing up or closing my laptop :laugh: ) I was told that the sire of the litter matured at 5 so there is still hope :p
  11. Does anyone have a link available to the thread about the poor family that got a Border Collie from a BYB and it ended up with a fatal genetic disease? A must read if they are considering a Border Collie.
  12. My premium has just been taken out, it was $7 more expensive per month and I did not get any notice... I'm not sure which dog it's for, possibly Zora but I'm sure as they are the same breed and gender and had the same premium before they will go up by the same amount.
  13. Loving all the shots! Especially the portraits and the Melbourne skyline :) I've been taking but not uploading so here is: Week 25 Week 26 Week 27
  14. I'm doing 2016! Zora should be trialling by then and Kite hopefully too!
  15. I find out next week if I'm joining this list. If I can join it will be a very special litter and a long time coming! I started planning this one in 2011.
  16. How exciting your little group has expanded CC :D
  17. I suggest you do some research before you do this. Pups learn important socialisation lessons and bite inhibition by playing with litter mates. There is a reason it is law in a few states and in every Canine bodies Code of Ethics that pups must be 8 weeks old before they go to there new homes. If you are in QLD it is the law that if you give away or sell a pup it must be mircochipped too. Mum will start to tell them no when she does not want them to feed. You can also use a shirt or similar put on mum and stop pups getting to her.
  18. Lovely catching up with all the rising stars! Some very talented pups in this bunch Poo-Fong is doing an amazing job with the handsome and cheeky Butch, making me a very proud breeder :D My rising star is only shown very occasionally as we have been focusing on field work with her first field trial this weekend just gone. She is 1/4 of the way to her title and has been a lot of fun to show. The last show I had pictures taken was the Western Classic where she went RUBOB :)
  19. I would always take responsibility for a pup I bred. I might not be able to take it in personally but I would find a foster home/board the dog etc until something was sorted. I would ensure it found a good home. I care for all the pups I bred and am in contact with all my owners, so would hope they would come to me first anyway. In my state I would help out if a dog in my breed came up and do my best to help with interstate dogs too. Whether that is as small as advising people on my waiting list about the dog or sharing details via my website/social media or a financial donation. I am in the process of starting a breed club in my state which should help provide a safety net for my breed here.
  20. I don't have a name picked yet for any future dogs. I had Zora's name picked before she arrived. Kite was around 6 weeks old when I named her, as I bred her she'd been with me and was named once I knew she was staying. Her name matches her show name (Dawn Flyer) and her personality and habits (never has four feet on the ground!) My next pup will likely also be named a matching show/call name and will be quite a few years away. But it will be another Brittany for sure but maybe a different colored one ;) I also keep lists of themes and names for potential future litters.
  21. Lovely photo Trifecta. Weibritty Clay is too cute! Zora used to fetch the paper at my old house where it was delivered too. She would sometimes struggle with the Sunday paper though. Week 24 (of 2014) and Week 49 (Of Kite) by Astrelis, on Flickr
  22. From another perspective - I have a Utility Gundog, these breeds (Britts, Viszla, GSP, Wei) ARE bred to run all day. In a full days hunting with the range and quartering these guys do they could cover up to 100kms. These breeds are built for endurance and should be lean. There is no way I would hunt my Britt the way a Lab is traditionally used - in and out of icy cold water and waiting in the hide or a boat all wet for long periods between retrieves. That is why Labs have thick coats and a layer of coverage. Modern trialling does not put the same demands on Labs so it is possible to see why the type has changed. The way to preserve traditional type is to continue using the dog for traditional work and select for ability or to use the guidelines created by those people who did (ie breed standards as close to the original as possible).
  23. A stuffed cloth copy of say a BC or boxer. Let the kids run riot with that. Then introduce when older to the living dog. Seriously what awful advice... You really can't put blanket judgements out there like that. Each family should be judged on their own merit. One of the pups from my last litter went to a family with a three year old and two primary school aged children. When I met the family the children were all very good with dogs (even their three year old) and the parents had very good control of their children. They also ticked all my other boxes as far as requirements for a puppy family goes and my now 11 month old pup is thriving with them. I met another family with young children when considering homes for the litter. The way the children acted around my adult dog and parents reaction (or lack of) to the children's behaviour told me all I needed to and I didn't have a pup available for that family. I think Haredown Whippet's list is very good.If you are an active family maybe have a look at Brittanys too.
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