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Exercising Reactive Dogs Thread

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Question: have any of you used rescue remedy? I tried it last night for guests and again for today for dog school - to help with Thistles "left out anxiety" when she sees me leaving with Thyme. She ate her pig leg in the car! and didnt destroy my hat I had accidentally left in the car (previously she was so upset at being left out she ignored the pig leg and ate a seat belt...)


Seems to have taken the edge off, it was particularly noticeable around 2pm when I walked into the lounge and it didn't turn into a spinning whirlwind of bouncing dogs competing for my attention. They both jumped a bit then quickly and politely sat and I was able to reward them for being so well mannered.


Less over excited wagging too (happy tail...)


I'm thinking keeping her on it for about 6 weeks to try and instil a solid calm routine and solidify that she's not going to be "left out".  The earlier ones I gave in her treats, but thinking just adding the drops to the water as it doesn't seem like it should negatively affect the puppy?


What do you guys think?



two dogs who are CERTAINLY not in the kitchen....

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Oh they are so beautiful! I have tried the Rescue Remedy spray both myself (didn't feel an effect but at the time I was both on anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds [Leaxapro] and codeine based pain meds so that doesn't surprise me) and also on a high anxiety shelter dog, who possibly relaxed more than usual but it was hard to judge given the limited time I could spend with her vs a dog I lived with. I've anecdotally heard good results from plenty of people for both dogs and humans though so if it seems to be working I'd go for it, I don't think it would cause any harm.

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Been a long time for an update from me.


Dozer is being his quirky self, he's currently tucked up in our bed under the blankets having a conversation with Bella the German shepherd next door (While still fully under the blankets).


The neighbours on the other side have at least one rude little dog who barks at me through the fence, but Dozer doesn't mind it, and doesn't fence fight.


We're planning on a Bali holiday in November and have checked out a local pet motel. They have three types of rooms, the middle range one looks perfect for Dozer, it's their rain forest wing, where they play soothing forest noises 24/7  and it's specifically designed for anxious dogs.


No mixed play times unless requested either, and the option to add on canine massage or puptails (how can I resist?!). They also offer a variety of different food like raw feeding, dog rolls or their own high quality kibble, or we can send Dozer along with his own food.


Sounds like heaven to me, I doubt Dozer will want to come home.



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Look!! She has never met this person before, this is after only a couple of hours




(and her initial greeting was cautious leaning approach with slow wagging tail versus stiff stare off + growl/barks + putting herself to bed)




previous brave girl. think the training x thyme presence x rescue remedy combo really helping her to relax


also i spilt adaptil the day before, unintended.

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Hope this link works. Your Vet Online is having a Q&A session/discussion with a vet behaviourist. Thought fellow reactive/anxious dog owners might be interested. You can leave your own questions on the page. :) 




ETA ok maybe the link doesn't work. But if you go to the Your Vet Online page you'll find the post.

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This Sunday we are being tested. I am practicing thistles stand for exam as much as I can. I do not think she will pass but one can hope! 

We are good for all other criteria it is the stand we always fail. 


I have signed up fir a rallyo workshop with thistle and have an eye on a tracking workshop for thyme!


our daily life is pretty good. There was a tense few weeks where thistles tail hurt her and thyme was a brat but we have moved past this and everyone learning to communicate with each other. When thistle is cranky with thyme he lays down and crawls under her and this seems to woo her over somehow???


Thymr seems to have mild separation anxiety. It's not getting worse and slowly getting better. It's only in regards to not being with me and not alone without thistle. He's not destructive he just barks for a bit but a random person got upset he was barking in the car while I was in pet store. He stops after a few minutes though so with time he get better. Treats to chew on help. 


i am planning special Saturday in bush for them as not been home as much lately. Must remember us hunting season there! Yellow!!


Past month no Noseworks but we hopefully return next week. Been practicing it is so much fun watching them follow the scent. Clever dogs. 

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