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100 Days Of Summer


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This was my day 50


And now I'm going to have to bow out after 50 days :) As much as I was enjoying it my poor puppy's obedience career is suffering as I find I'm taking photos/editing photos instead of training. :laugh: Plus I've got a house move coming up and a whole heap of overtime... so I figure it's easier to bow out on a nice number.

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!!

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Nice shots Huga, Sid and Lola have the saddest faces in that second shot! :laugh:

mine just a Meh shot today, still sick and this is my company!

Day 64


Edited by tlc
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Day 68,

this wont be everyones cup of tea, the sunset tonight here was totally amazing, best I have seen for a while, this was a pretty funky edit. I will also post what it really looked like for comparison.


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Epic sky!

Huga, lovely, just love the pool one.

Thanks. It's a bit special actually, because it was the first time he's ever been swimming unassisted. He decided that he didn't need his floaty anymore and just started swimming :eek:







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Wow Huga, special moment, what a brave boy!!

The sky really was epic, like seriously the most awesome sunset I have seen in like forever! Wish I could have been somewhere other than my driveway! :laugh:

Cute Huga, love Mr Black eye! couch shot is cute. What are the neck laces your boys wear are they something special?

Day 69.

I got a special present in the mail today from DOLs very own cocker lover, I was so wrapped.



The photo doesn't do it justice, it is seriously so awesome!!

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