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  1. When he has the dental they ran blood tests before hand. No swelling at all, my thought is it's coming from his gut. I've heard the tripe is supposed to be good for a lot of things but where do I buy it from? Is green the same as regular tripe? No he's not a poo eater thank god lol. I think his jaw was sore after the dental and still seems to be but a lot of weeks have gone by. They gave me anti biotics for him after the dental even though he didn't have any teeth out? I actually took him back a week later as I was worried he just wasn't himself and they changed the antibiotics. I asked why he needed them and they said sometimes they can nick the gums and just in case of infection. I'm not sure if the sore mouth and the bad breath are related as he had the bad breath before. He's always clipped reasonably short around the face, they are groomed every 8 weeks with baths and face trims in between. If this was the case the ABs after the dental would have helped. That does scare me! His teeth look healthy and clean. I will definitely be taking him back to the vets. I'll definitely give that a try, can you tell me what brand it is? Can I get it in the supermarket or health food store? I've just given him a thourough once over and everything looks fine. When I took him back to the vets after the dental he had a good look in his mouth and his teeth etc and all seemed fine. Some days the smell is worse than others.
  2. His bowel habits haven't changed, good well formed poo, I wouldn't say he doesn't eat properly he's on a good quality dry food and he gets extra bits and pieces as well, he's always been a good eater. It's just now he doesn't eat hard treats and will chew on a bone but tentatively.
  3. That's what we thought initially but it was well over a month ago that he had the dental.
  4. He's always eaten RMB up until he had the dental, he will still have a chew on one now but it's slow and takes him forever. He had the bad breath before the dental. He didn't need any teeth pulling out. So your saying he could have a rotten tooth and they can't see it as it's inside the tooth? My thought is it's coming from his tummy but I could be wrong. Pers if it was tonsils would they see it if they looked in his mouth? I've had a look and it all looks fine. What I can't work out is he was chewing hard treats bones etc fine before the dental but not after and nothing changed with his breath. I'm just going to have to take him back to the vets and be more persistent.
  5. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had experience with a dog with bad breath. My boy Bronson is 8 nearly 9, he's always been a very healthy dog but in recent times he's had such bad breath. He's been to the vet and initially we tried plaque off then we decided that it could be his teeth, he had some plaque on his few front teeth so in he went for a full scale and clean and came out with pearly whites. He was seemingly quiet after the dental and since won't eat hard treats at all where as before he loved them. But still the bad breath is worse than ever! I got some pro biotics and gave him them for a few of weeks with no change at all? I've added plain yogurt to his diet with no change. He's been back to the vets and they are perplexed with no clue what to do next. His diet is mainly dry food (meals for mutts it was black hawk.)I changed his food hoping that would make a difference but it didn't. He has sardines twice a week and he will eat the occasional chicken neck or wing but it's like his mouth or teeth are sore? He always loved RMB but now will only chew a bone slowly and it takes him ages to get through one. My other two dogs have perfect breath. I just wonder if I am missing something and thought someone here might know what I could try next?
  6. Never mind I rang the vet.
  7. I don't really want to read a whole thread just want to know if it's the same vaccine?
  8. I'm hoping someone can settle a dispute for me. I'm in discussions with a friend who's vet still vaccinates annually. She said they don't do three yearly as they did a survey in the community and the community still wanted yearly. (Go figure) I just said she could ask could her dogs be done three yearly but she thinks the three yearly vacc is different than the yearly one?? I just assumed they would be the same. Does anyone know?
  9. So sorry Linda, I know how much you adored her. RIP beautiful girl xx
  10. I miss having a "pack" it's so quiet at home now with only the two dogs it's almost unbearable! Without Coop he used to lead the pack, he'd bark they all bark. Lacy and Bronson are really confused at times as to what their roles are. I guess it will take time to get used to it. Pers, I bet you get worried when there is complete silence?
  11. How uncanny Janet, haven't logged in here for months then bam I log in and you have too lol. Is Asha Sat or Sun or is it only one day? I'd love to come and see her shown. Do you have a handler or are you doing it yourself. It's my last day of work at Bunnings on Saturday that weekend. So if anyone knows of any jobs going that may suit me let me know, for the time being I'm having a rest! I'm in Koroit now and loving it, we are on two acres and the dogs think it's heaven!
  12. Gee this thread makes me feel like such an exception to the rule! I have 4 oodles, well trained, well socialised, well groomed, not obnoxious and not bought from pet shops! I also consider myself an experienced dog person and my dogs are all therapy dogs who visit facilities regularly. It's rare that I blow my own trumpet but where my dogs are concerned I do on occasion have a small brag. So they are oodles but if they were any other breed or cross I'd still be saying the same thing. Not all oodle owners are bogans with no clue!
  13. For the dogs I use the 70-20 f/4 for action, I love it and use it a lot for our dog obedience classes, great compression at the 200mm end and a nice sharp lens through the whole range. (Mine is no IS and I haven't missed it at all) The 85mm f/1.8 is a fantastic portrait lens as is the 50mm f/1.4 (mine is the Sigma EX version its awesome but a bit soft at 1.4) I love the primes for portraits, the bokeh and the DOF on both the 85mm and the 50mm is awesome, the 85mm is one of canons better Non L lenses. Sigma also do an 85mm f/1.4 that I have seen awesome images from. I also have the 24-70 f/2.8 (sigma EX version) its amazing I use it If I am shooting big groups or dogs and humans. I have other lenses as well but the ones mentioned above are my go to for dogs and cats especially.
  14. Hey Guys, just a quick msg to ask if anyone knows of anyone who would look after a dog for a month while the owners go overseas. The owner wants the dog to go somewhere that he will be looked after (obviously) be with another dog providing they get on if not it can be a no dog home and he get walked regularly. The dog is Coopers brother so poodle x cocker. He is 7 1/2 years old, nice natured boy. If anyone knows of anyone please let me know. I'd have him myself but it would create havoc adding another one to my pack, I think Coop and Lac would deal with it but the other two would be really put out and a month is a long time.
  15. tlc


    Beautiful boy, so sorry for your loss. RIP Ryan x
  16. I just popped back in to check on how Feather was going, such good news! It's amazing how they bounce back. I was the same with my incident with Tully I thought it was the end of her!
  17. So glad she is walking and eating, hope she goes ok over night, can you put the crate nearby your bed?
  18. After reading and posting here I thought of what happened to us On this day and how I felt so I know how you must be feeling and its awful. Hope Feathers outcome is every bit as good as Tullys was. Isn't DOL great for moral support when we need it, all so like minded and love their dogs and feel for others when they have a bad experience. I'm guessing its stinking hot at your place too which wouldn't be helping!
  19. Oh that's aweful, what a crap thing to happen. They sure have a way if giving us a good scare. I'm sure with you excellent care she will make a full recovery. Hopefully she hasn't done anything to extensive. Fingers crossed she will be feeling better by tonight!
  20. Hi Jess, hope you and the pups are all well, it has been a while since anyone was chatting in here! Last time I spoke to the person who deals with that area (can't remember who they come under now) pretty sure they told me the only part of the beach dogs can be off lead is the main swimming beach and that's only off peak times of the year. It's in this thread somewhere. I'll check back see if I can find it. I know a few local girls who have been going there lately and don't think they have had any trouble. But I noticed a girl on Facebook having a rant about off lead dogs at Killarney trying to get the birds.
  21. :laugh: I know right, they were all very good sports!
  22. Looks like Miah enjoyed her first Aussie day! Great pics guys! Some of my guys, the first one was my favourite! Thought Lacy was so cute in this one with her eyes closed. :laugh: Bronson is usually always smiling but he is taking this job very seriously! :laugh: The girls having a little kissing session! :laugh: Happy Girlies! And of course the Sheriff of Australia day!
  23. Thats pretty awesome! What was your shutter speed for this shot? Just another consideration for the 6D, the max shutter speed is 1/4000, so if you generally use a higher Shutter you might need to choose a different camera. I have never needed to use fasted than 1/4000.
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