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Advice For A Raw Feeding Newbie


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My dogs (Golden Retriever 7 y.o, Border Collie 6 y.o) have been fed on a kibble/pet meat diet all their lives and I'd really like the switch them to raw. I've researched a bit online but there seems to be so many bits of info from so many different sources, I don't really know where to start. Can any one link me to some useful websites or better yet share their knowledge and what they feed? I'm not quite sure how much to feed, what exactly to feed and how often (once or twice daily)?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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I recently changed mine over to raw as well and have been asking questions

Suggestions include turkey necks, wings; chicken wings, thighs, frames, beef brisket, lamb flaps, roo, goat, duck, rabbit and raw fish. Also offer offal. Mine have their main meal in the morning and if still hungry, they get something in the afternoon (usually they want something, even though it is a smaller meal). I also offer cooked vegies (although my cav only likes carrots lol), small amount of fruit (cav only likes apples), cheese as a treat, yoghurt and scrambled eggs (ideally raw egg mixed into their mince would work but my girl wont eat minced meat lol).

Avoid weight bearing bones as they can crack teeth.

My dogs have heaps of energy (particularly my cav who is a fussy eater) since changing over to raw. Best thing I ever did. :thumbsup:

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