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  1. They really are. I fell in love with them after getting to know the two that came to my old dog daycare centre. He is a stunner! They're expecting all colours, and i will take personality over colour any day, but the blue beltons are just extra striking in my opinion.
  2. I'll be chatting extensively with the breeder closer to re. keeping their coats, but did you handstrip your ES? clip or just a good brushing?
  3. VERY EXCITED! I will be getting an english setter pup. They are due in June and one will be joining me after 8-9 weeks. It's been nearly 10 years since I've had a puppy- and it's my first large breed - so would appreciate any words of wisdom or product recommendations. Will definitely be crate training and have already stocked up on enrichment toys, but always happy to hear your favourite puppy suitable ones.
  4. I've never lived with one, but I have a pair that come into my daycare 3-4 times per week and i LOVE them. They've also been added to my list of potential breeds. They are goofy, fun, eager to please and very jovial. The male is larger, has a lot more flew and slobber and i'm not sure how much he has going on upstairs but he is the sweetest dog. His female companion is a lot smarter and more independant. Both VERY birdy. Plus they're pretty to look at
  5. So I totally failed. Again I haven't even been on DOL in eons. But I have looked through everyones posts since when I was last in, and there is some great shots here! @Scottsmum I had quite the laugh at that penis flower!
  6. @Roova Not really planned! But as with animals it doesn't tend to go as planned and the second i had treats they were all there 'helping' me
  7. Thanks scottsmum :D Great shot perse! I've never really gotten a shot of the moon that i love. @teekay I love it!!
  8. @Roova love your turkey! I have a little turkey family incl. babies that has moved in next to my work, they are so hideously adorable. @scottsmum i dont have a duck park anymore, but used to frequent one. I really could watch them all day. Ive loved them since i was a kid! Week 11- a bit of a shameless plug- After barkarica my confidence, and my skills, have improved, so I am going to try my hand at some professional pet photography. It is Tails of Time on facebook if anyone is interested in following along This is the first picture you will see :D
  9. Good to hear! I love my pets warehouse, the service there is great
  10. I buy most of my foods through My Pets warehouse or Pet circle online. Id be surprised if they didnt have it
  11. I met a nova scotia duck tolling retriever and said "beautiful toller" His owner just about wet her pants with excitement that someone else knew the name of her breed
  12. Looks like a tibbie. They certainly are very similar
  13. Week 10- This is a hummingbird from Monteverde, Costa Rica. Lots of places around there had hummingbird feeders, and so many would come visit! They are remarkable birds.
  14. Week 9: This was on my way back from Costa Rica. I had a layover in Miami of about 4 hours- not a huge amount of time. So I headed to Wynwood- http://www.wynwoodmiami.com/ It was a very run down industrial area, that has now been transformed into something completely new- street art on every building. Very hipster little shops, bars and cafes. And there was a food truck market - i had the best taco ever and an ice-cream sandwich
  15. @Roova that is stunning! I love sunsets, and how it does all change so quickly, it really fascinates me.
  16. Week 8 One of my shoots from Barkarica This little guy, Coco Chanel, was the happiest dog in the world- but wont have much longer on earth. His bone on his nose there is infected and is being eaten away, so his nose is completely open, covered only by mesh. His owner drives 1 hour each way three times a week to the vet keep him comfortable and have his gauze changed
  17. Honestly i rarely brush my dogs Just need combing if they run through prickles, and maybe a tiny bit behind the ears to stop those matts. Otherwise, very easy care coats. Cavs do have a tendency to chase shadows, birds etc. and want to greet people, which does mean they can be absolutely terrible off lead and have zero road sense. In saying that, mine are off leash everyday- but have all had extensive recall training that i still practice with them today.
  18. @Roova Love the birds. Just suspended in time! Yes, my bank account wasn't happy with me- but my heart is I don't own a tripod- so all hand holding
  19. It is very highly cropped, and not sure what the rest of the specs are but its f2.8 Shot with my 70-200mm (this lens is new, i bought it for this trip, and I LOVE it)
  20. Honestly, id probably head to the pound and see what adults they have. I wouldnt suggest a pup, but even a few adult working breeds could suit. Cattle dogs, kelpies etc.. though this HIGHLY depends on the individual dogs, and i would do a trial first.
  21. Week 7 This is a monkey, do not ask me what type as i do not know- possibly a squirrel monkey? He was a wild guy hanging around in the trees
  22. Thank you Roova. Though iany action shots i get are sheer luck! I just take a heap and hope that just one has turned out This one was incredibly lucky, because i was actually trying to take pictures of Deniki catching his ball when Kokoda decided to zoom past!
  23. That was definitely our previous trend. Now everyone is getting frenchies or dachshunds.. bonus points if they are weird colours!
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